63 Cool Dinosaur Names With Meanings

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Cool dinosaur names are used across the world along with the display of an animal specimen preserved in a museum.

Why Cool Dinosaur Names?

Dinosaurs were diverse prehistoric reptiles, first appearing nearly 245-233 million years ago. They were the dominant vertebrates on Earth throughout the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. About 66 million years ago, the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event wiped off most of the species on Earth.

It also led to the extermination of all non-avian dinosaurs. The avian dinosaurs that survived extinction evolved into all kinds of modern-day birds. Reading about these ancient creatures almost feels like a fantasy.

The dinosaurs were versatile and almost alien compared to the present animal kingdom. Thus, it can also generate curiosity in children to learn about the history of dinosaurs. Kids can gain interest in subjects like history, biology, and geography.

Today, while researchers are fascinated by these creatures, children adore them. While some media productions depict dinosaurs as ferocious creatures, others make them lovable. They feature in films, animations, storybooks, novels, comics, and series.

Cool Female Dinosaur Names

1. Angel - Meaning 'a celestial being', also the name of a hybrid herbivorous Sino-Spino dinosaur from 'Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous'. 

2. Bessie (English origin) - It is a diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning 'my God is an oath'. Bessie was a Stegosaur from the 'Return To Jurassic Park' series of the 'Jurassic World Evolution' video game. 

3. Beta - Refers to the second letter in the series of Greek alphabets and is also a mathematical measure. Beta was an Atrociraptor from the movie 'Jurassic World: Dominion'. 

4. Big Eatie - Meaning 'big feeder', it was the name of a Tyrannosaurus dinosaur from the animated series 'Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous'.

5. Big Momma - Meaning 'big mother', was a giant, Sauropod dinosaur mentioned in 'Jurassic Park Adventure: Survivor', part of a book series by Scott Ciencin. 

6. Blue - Refers to the color blue. Blue was the character name of a Velociraptor in the 2015 sci-fi movie, 'Jurassic World'. 

7. Bumpy - Meaning 'rough' or 'full of bumps'. Bumpy was the name of the female armored Ankylosaurus dinosaur appearing in the animated series 'Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous'.  

8. Chaos - Meaning 'disturbance', it was a theropod Baryonyx dinosaur in 'Jurassic Park: Camp Cretaceous'. 

9. Charlie (English origin) - Meaning 'free', it was a Velociraptor appearing in 'Jurassic World'.  

10. Delta - It is a letter in the Greek alphabet and a mathematical measure. Delta was a Velociraptor appearing in the 'Jurassic World' movies.

11. Echo - Meaning 'reflected sound', Echo was a Velociraptor in several 'Jurassic World' movies. 

12. Edwina (English origin) - Meaning 'rich friend' or 'blessed friend', it was the character name of a dinosaur from the children's picture book 'Edwina, The Dinosaur Who Didn't Know She Was Extinct'. 

13. Ghost - Meaning 'a spirit', Ghost was an Atrociraptor depicted in 'Jurassic World: Dominion'. 

14. Grim - Meaning 'discouraging and forbidding', Grim was a Baryonyx appearing in the second season of 'Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous'. 

15. Hardos Lux - Meaning 'excessive light', it was the name of a genetically-modified Parasaurolophus seen in the video game, 'Jurassic World: Alive'. 

16. Indominus Rex - Related to the Latin name 'Dominus', meaning 'master or lord of the house'. Indominus Rex was a female dinosaur in an antagonistic role in the film 'Jurassic World'. 

17. Jeannie - Derived from the Hebrew origin name 'Jean', meaning 'God is gracious'. Jeannie is a Troodon dinosaur featured in the theatrical show, 'Jurassic World: Live Tour'.  

18. Kim (English origin)- Derived from 'cyne', meaning 'royal', Kim was a Velociraptor from 'Jurassic Park'. 

19. Maiasaura - Meaning 'good mother lizard', they were large, duck-billed dinosaurs of the Late Cretaceous period.

20. Martha (Aramaic origin) - Meaning 'mistress', Martha Griswald is an evolved, humanoid dinosaur from the Marvel universe. 

21. Perry - Meaning 'pear tree', it was a medium-sized, four-legged Sinoceraptop dinosaur portrayed in an advertisement before the movie 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom'. 

22. Randy - is a diminutive of Randolph, meaning 'shielded wolf'. Randy was a Velociraptor in 'Jurassic Park'. 

23. Red - Meaning the color red. Red was the name of a dinosaur bred from Velociraptor DNA, appearing in 'Jurassic World: Dominion'. 

24. Rexy - A nickname for T-rex, given to a Tyrannosaurus rex from the Jurassic Park franchise. 

25. Stiggy - is a nickname for Stygimoloch dinosaurs, meaning 'demon from Styx'. Stiggy appeared in 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom'.

26. Supersaurus - Meaning 'super lizard', they were Sauropod dinosaurs.

27. Susie - A diminutive of the Hebrew origin name Susan, meaning 'lily'. Susie Griswald is the character of a human and dinosaur hybrid in Marvel Comics. 

28. Tango (Germanic origin) - Meaning 'thought' or 'mind', it was a juvenile Velociraptor appearing in Jurassic World: The Ride, a themed ride in Universal Studios Hollywood.

29. The Big One - Implying 'the one in charge' was an alpha female Velociraptor appearing in 'Jurassic Park'. 

30. Tiger - It is a big, cat-like, carnivorous wild animal. Tiger was also the name of an Atrociraptor seen in 'Jurassic World: Dominion'. 

31. Tyrannosaur Doe - Tyrannosaur is a dinosaur. Doe means 'female deer'. It was a T. Rex from the movies 'The Lost World: Jurassic Park' and 'Jurassic World: Dominion'. 

Words used for describing dinosaurs are mostly related to their qualities.

Cool Dinosaur Names For Superhero Dinosaurs

32. Achillobator - Meaning 'Achilles hero'; they were large, feathered dinosaurs. Achillobator can be a fitting superhero name for a character with superhuman strength and bird-like abilities. 

33. Aegyptosaurus - Meaning 'Egypt's lizard'; they were giant, long-necked, long-tailed, and four-legged dinosaurs. Aegyptosaurus can be a fitting dinosaur name for a superhero whose origin is Egypt.  

34. Alectrosaurus - Meaning 'alone lizard', were dinosaurs belonging to the family of tyrannosaurids. Alectrosaurus can be a fitting name for a dinosaur-like superhero who likes to work alone.

35. Anzu (Sumerian origin) - Refers to a bird-like monster from Sumerian mythology. Anzu is also the genus name of a group of Late Cretaceous dinosaurs. 

36. Arachnosaur - Meaning 'spider-like dinosaur'. Arachnosaur is a superhero in the Marvel universe, with the powers of Spiderman mixed with that of a Velociraptor. 

37. Brian (Irish and Breton origin) - Meaning 'noble' or 'high'. Brian Braddock is a Marvel superhero who is a human and dinosaur hybrid. 

38. Daemonosaurus (Greek origin) - Meaning 'demon reptile', an unusual Theropod dinosaur.  

39. Denver (English, Cebuano, and Slovak origin) - Meaning 'passing of the Dane' and 'valley bank'. Denver is the name of a dinosaur with special abilities appearing in the animated series 'Denver, The Last Dinosaur'.

40. Dinobot - The 'dinosaur robot' is the name of a group of superhero characters from the 'Transformers: Beast Wars' franchise.

41. Dino-Thor - The name is a mix of the term 'dinosaur' with the god from Norse mythology, Thor. Dino-Thor is a superhero in the Marvel universe who is a dinosaur-like android. 

42. Dinotorch - Meaning 'dinosaur or fire'; it is the name of a Marvel superhero and original member of the Fantastic Five of Earth-99476.

43. Edmontonia - Meaning 'of Edmonton', a genus of bulky, four-legged, and armored dinosaurs.

44. Electrosaurus - Meaning 'dinosaur with the power of electricity', it is a robotic dinosaur and antagonist in the Marvel universe.

45. Gigantoraptor (Latin origin) - Meaning 'giant thief', it is the genus name of a group of Oviraptorid dinosaurs.

46. Gorgosaurus - Meaning 'dreadful lizard', they were tyrannosaurid dinosaurs.

47. Grimlock - A mix of the terms' grim' and 'lock', implying 'power and danger'. Grimlock is a fictional character portrayed as a robotic dinosaur in the Transformers franchise. 

48. Invisiguanadon - Meaning ‘invisible Iguanodon’. Iguanodon were dinosaurs distinguished for their 'iguana-tooth'. Invisiguanadon is a superhero member of the Fantastic Five from the Marvel universe. 

49. Jaxartosaurus - Meaning 'Jaxartes lizard', a group of Hadrosaurid dinosaurs. It can be a superhero name for a character originating in the land near the ancient river Jaxartes, presently known as Syr Darya. 

50. Magnus (Latin origin) - Meaning 'great'. Magnus Rex is a superhero dinosaur character from the Marvel universe. 

51. Mapusaurus - Meaning 'earth lizard', they were giant, carnivorous, Theropod dinosaurs.

52. Marc (Roman and Latin origin) - Derived from 'Marcus', meaning 'dedicated to Mars'. Marc Devlin is a Marvel superhero: a British soldier with dinosaur DNA.  

53. Marv (English origin) - Derived from 'Marvin', meaning 'marrow and eminent'. Marv is a fitting name for a superhero dog since the name refers to a dog and dinosaur hybrid from the Marvel universe.   

54. Nightstrutter - The name gives a funny meaning of 'one who struts as night'. Nightstrutter is a Marvel superhero who is a human and dinosaur hybrid. 

55. Saichania - Meaning 'beautiful one'; they were herbivorous, armored dinosaurs. Saichania can be a fitting name for a superhero who is a dinosaur and human hybrid. 

56. Saur Fantastic - Implying 'fantastic dinosaur'. Saur Fantastic is a Marvel superhero with mutant powers and the leader of the Fantastic Five. 

57. Sauropod - Meaning 'lizard-footed'. Sauropods were gigantic, four-legged dinosaurs with long necks and small heads.

58. Shuvuuia - Meaning 'bird', it was a small, bird-like, Theropod dinosaur.

59. Starbrand - A mix of 'star' that means 'ball of luminous gas' and 'brand' that implies 'ownership'. Starbrand is a superhero Tyrannosaurus rex with cosmic powers in the Marvel universe. 

60. Stegosaurus - Meaning 'roof lizard', a genus of four-legged, herbivorous, and armored dinosaurs.

61. Triceratops - Meaning 'three-horned face'. Triceratops were Ceratopsid dinosaurs.

62. Tyrannotitan - Meaning 'tyrant titan', they were giant, carnivorous, bipedal dinosaurs.

63. Velociraptor (Latin origin) - Meaning 'swift thief'. Velociraptors were small and fast dinosaurs.

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