61 Creepy Halloween Dog Names For Your Cute Little Companion

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List of Halloween dog names will feature some creepy Halloween male dog names and funny girl dog names Halloween.

All the months down comes the most creative, fun, month of the year, October.

Everyone longs for October and the one special childhood and adulthood tantrum it brings, Halloween. It's that time of year when you can get away with a little bit of magic and a whole lot of makeup. Just by hearing the name of Halloween, hearts get filled with joy and a tint of spook.

After all, why it is the season of creepiness, weirdness, and spookiness. And it's all in the spirit of fun. But let's not forget trick or treat!

Halloween was constantly propelled previously known as All Hallows' Eve. For us humans, it is simple, just going around shouting 'trick or treat' in the hopes of getting a lot of candy.

But for others, maybe it is a bit adventurous, has a bit of magic, but definitely is a lot of fun to see the human world decorated and dressed like them and their world.

It was said that the line between our reality and life following death was particularly flimsy around All Hallows' Eve. Harvest time expressly implied before evenings, colder temperatures, and trouble in supporting food, particularly during the Middle Ages.

Demise was continuously hiding around the bend, and spirits were said to wander around during October unreservedly. Therefore, Halloween has the creepy, spooky, but magical air we know and love today.

People dress in a costume of different characters, inspiration from their favorite scary movie, and some of their names go like – Frankenstein, Dracula, Casper, and many more. It is considered to be a 'jargon' of a night.

In these times, one dresses their pets as well. With plenty of cute costumes for pets, is it surprising that dogs are the ones who are dressed the most?

If you are wondering, some of the dog's badass and scary name ideas can be Willow Chucky, Poe Samara, Annabelle Fright, Freddy Tarot, Devil Creeper, Dexter Blade, Rosemary Carver, Skeleton Moon, Fog Fangs, and many more noir themed names. It's such a treat to watch!

Read on for some interesting Halloween dog names to get in the spirit of this spooky holiday.

Spooky Halloween Dog Names

Below are listed some of the spooky names for your little companion during the Halloween season. 

Bloody Mary can be a spooky Halloween dog name, especially after you consider the legend of Bloody Mary.

Candy Corn Fear is an unpleasant emotion 'caused by the threat of danger or pain'. It can be a pretty spooky name for a dog. But did you know that Candy Corn Fear is straight out of a Stephen King book?

Casper HallieBoo means 'Praise the Lord,' which becomes a bit spooky during Halloween. Thus, it is considered a spooky name for a dog on Halloween.  

ChuckyJack Skellington is again a character from the horror movie 'Child's Play.' It can be a perfect name for a pet dog.   

EerieGhost Goblin Gremlin means 'strange and frightening', which can be considered a spooky name for a dog.  

Ghost Pumpkin Dracula is a blood-sucking monster in the late centuries, and it can be considered one of the scary Halloween dog names.  

Gremlin ZombieWitch is a dead human corpse that is revived by witchcraft. Zombie sounds like a pretty spooky name for a dog created by Stephen King.

HulkCarver Skellington is a character from the Marvel comic series and is a spooky name for a dog because of Hulk's fierceness.   

Lucifer Darth Vader, another name for the Devil, the Satan, can be considered a pretty spooky Halloween dog name. 

Nightmare CruellaSpider is again an anti-heroic character, which can be considered a spooky name for a dog.  

Nightmare MonsterJack is a frightening imaginary creature; it can be considered a spooky name for a dog.   

Pennywise is the character from 'It', which feeds off fear, especially from children, and can be quite a spooky Halloween name for one's dog.  

Pumpkin Skull Candy is a bone framework of the brain, which can be a perfect name for a pet dog.   

Halloween Dog Pun Names

Here are some of the funniest Halloween pun names for dogs:

Beowoof Potion is again a pun name for the book 'Beowulf,' this can be a pretty pun name for a dog.  

Godric Gryffindog is a pun name from the book 'Harry Potter,' whose actual name is 'Godric Gryffindor'. One of the Halloween-inspired dog names.

Hairy Paw-ter is again a pun substitute name for the character in the movies and the 'Harry Potter' books. 

Helga Hufflepup is again a pun name for the Harry Potter character, 'Helga Hufflepuff'.  

Hocus Ron Fleasly is a character from the movie Harry Potter, whose original name is 'Ron Weasly'.  

JK Growling is also a substitute name for the actual writer of the book 'Harry Potter', JK Rowling. An interesting Halloween dog name from the famous movie series.

Luna Sherlock Bones is a pun character name for Sherlock Holmes', replacing 'Holmes' with 'Bones'. 

Pocus Bark Obama is a substitute name for the 44th USA President's name, 'Barack Obama'.  

Rowena Ravenpaw is again a Harry Potter character name, for the original name 'Rowena Ravenclaw'. Sounds like one of the Halloween girl dog names.

Salem Dumbledog is a pun name for the actual character, 'Dumbledore' from Harry Potter. 

Spider Salazar Snifferin is a Harry Potter character name for the original 'Salazar Slytherin'.  

Willow Furcules is again a substitute, pun name for the Roman mythological hero, origin 'Hercules'.  

Winnie The Pooch is a pun name for the character in the series 'Winnie the Pooh'. It is one of the unique Halloween-inspired dog names.

Funny Dog Names Halloween

Down below are listed some of the funny dog names for Halloween. 

Broomstick is the witch broomstick, which is made to be a fun name for Halloween.   

Gargoyle is a scary yet fun name, which is a demon-like creature. It is said that some dog breeds, such as French Bulldogs, have facial features similar to gargoyles. 

Hannibal is a scary yet funny name for a dog on Halloween. It is named after the cannibalistic serial killer Hannibal Lecter.  

Haywire, meaning 'erratic, out of control', is considered a fun name for Halloween. 

Hocus Pocus is a fun witch spell used for fun during Halloween. Hocus Pocus can be a good Halloween inspired name for your dog 

HoneyBogey is a sweet and funny name for a dog on Halloween.  

Jack or Jack-o-Lantern is a carved evil-shaped pumpkin famous during Halloween. 

Pumpkin is an adorable yet fun name roused by the season's most pervasive food  

Raven Fang is a large sharp tooth, the canine tooth of a dog or a wolf.  

Snooze, in dog language, means to sleep. Therefore, it is considered a funny name for a dog on Halloween. 

Crazy Halloween Related Dog Names

Listed below are some of the craziest Halloween dog names.  

Bogey Boogeyman is a mythic creature, also considered a crazy name for dogs on Halloween.  

Boo is a classic Halloween expression of shock that serves as a sweet moniker for your new canine. 

Cackles are considered to be crazy yet scary laughter. It can be used as a crazy name for a dog on Halloween. 

Cape Raven is worn by a vampire or superhero. Capes never go out of style on Halloween. 

Clown can be used as fun yet perfect name for a dog on Halloween. 

Cobweb is the web of spiders, which becomes famous during Halloween. Cobweb is an excellent Halloween-inspired name for a dog.

Nightmare, meaning 'a scary dream', can be a great and crazy Halloween dog name. 

Omen means 'an event regarded as a portent of good or evil'. Omen is a cute and Halloween-inspired name for a dog.

Reaper is a personification of death. One usually sees a reaper when it is their time to die. 

Shadow is the black reflection of one person. It is entirely appropriate for dogs always be at your side like a shadow. 

Skeleton is the bone framework of the human body; Skeleton can be a crazy name for a dog during Halloween. 

Werewolf is typically a beast of a creature that transforms into a vicious wolf on a full moon night, called a werewolf. Makes for a great Halloween dog name.

Cool Halloween Names For Your Dog

Mentioned here are some of the cool Halloween names for one's dog.  

Ash, meaning 'the powdery residue left after burning a substance', is a pretty cool name for a dog during Halloween.  

Autumn can be considered a cool seasonal and sweet name for a dog during the season of Halloween.   

Bat sounds like a cool name for a perfect dog with bat-like ears.  

Creeper is a word informally used to describe a person who creeps or crawls. It can be used as a scary yet cool name for a dog.  

Frankenstein is a famous doctor who created the famous green-faced, bolt-necked monster called the Frankenstein Monster. 

Ghost is an apparition of a dead person; it can sound cool for a dog name. 

Ginger, a specific spice used during the month of Autumn, sounds like a cool name for a dog during the season of Halloween.   

Midnight is the hour ticking away at 12 am. This can sound pretty cool for a dog name. 

Skittles, meaning 'a candy', is a cool name for a dog since people go around trick or treating people for candy on Halloween. 

Snape is again a character reference from the books of Harry Potter. Since he was one of the most remarkable characters in 'Harry Potter', calling anyone by his name would make them cool.  

Spider is an eight-legged creature famous during Halloween and a cool name for a dog. 

Trick means'a cunning act or scheme intending to deceive someone', which sounds like a cool name for a dog.  

Voldemort is a reference from Harry Potter, the dark wizard, 'He Who Must Not Be Named', who is evil and the villain of the movie.  

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