100+ Cute French Pet Names And Terms Of Endearment

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French terms of endearment are well known all over the world.

French words about love can help you express your feelings in the best way possible. French terms like mon petit, mon ange and mon cheri can be commonly heard on the streets of Paris and uncommon terms like mon lapin and mon loup are quickly gaining popularity as well.

A lot of these names like mon loulou can be heard in French movies. These cutest French love words are actually the perfect nicknames in France.

French people call their kids by different terms of endearment and love which have been included in the list below. These names can be used for pets too.

One of these is mon chéri, which means "my dear". If you want to know the French for 'my love' or what mon cheri means, read on to learn more about terms of endearment in French and some nicknames in French.

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Pet Names For Boys

Here is a list of unique pet names for boys which you can use for your cute loved ones if you want to gift them a loving name:

1. Andre meaning "man" or "warrior". André Marie Ampère was a popular French physicist and mathematician. One of the founders of the concept of electromagnetism.

2. Aubin meaning "white" or "bright". Aubin is a small village located southwest of France.

3. Bastille meaning "fortress". Bastille is also common as the name of a fortress in Paris. It was earlier used as a state prison.

4. Beau meaning "sweetheart" or "handsome". This is one of the popular French terms of endearment.

5. Champion meaning "a winner". This is a really famous term and can be a great match for a winner boy.

6. Choupinou meaning "cabbage". Cabbage is a common love word for your boyfriend or girlfriend in the French language.

7. Danton meaning "everlasting". Georges Danton was a well-known French revolutionary. He was one of the major figures to have initiated the revolution in France.

8. Darcel meaning "dark". Denise Darcel is the name of a French movie actress in the early 1900s.

9. Emile meaning "industrious". Émile Durkheim was a famous French sociologist.

10. Filou meaning "little and big mischievous boys".

11. Garcon meaning "a youth" or "a young boy". This is a very common title in France.

12. Gaston meaning "guest". Monsieur Gaston was the Duke of Orléans in France.

13. Henri meaning "ruler". Henri-George Clouzot is regarded as one of the key figures of French cinema.

14. Jean meaning "God is gracious". Jean Reno is a popular French actor.

15. Lyon meaning "lion". Lyon is a city in France.

16. Marvel meaning "wonder".

17. Matisse meaning "gift of God". Matisse is the French version of the name 'Matthias'. Mattise was a well known French artist.

18. Milou meaning "bitter". Tintin's dog, Snowy, was originally called Milou in the original French-language Belgian comic books.

19. Monet meaning "one who is heard". Claude Monet was an extremely popular French painter.

20. Napolean meaning "someone from Naples". Napoleon Bonaparte was a French statesman and military leader who led many successful campaigns during the French Revolution.

21. Olivier meaning "elf's warrior". Olivier Giroud is a French footballer who plays for the Premier League club, Chelsea. Oli is an endearing nickname for Olivier.

22. Paris meaning "son of Priam". Paris is the capital of France. It is a huge city known for its fashion industry.

23. Pierre meaning "rock". Pierre-Joseph Proudhon was a French politician, socialist.

24. Reynard meaning "a counsel". Paul Reynaud was an infamous French politician and lawyer.

25. Tintin meaning "amazing". This is one of the popular French terms of endearment. The Adventures of Tintin is a series of 24 albums and one of the most popular European comics of the 20th century.

26. Voltaire meaning "younger Arouet". Voltaire was a French philosopher.

27. Yves meaning "yew". Yves is a common French male given name. Yves Saint Laurent SAS or Saint Laurent, is a French fashion house.

Pet Names For Girls

Here is a list of French terms like ma petite, mon amour, and mon petit chou that you can use to call your female dear ones.

Handsome Man fetching disc with Happy Golden Retriever Dog on the Backyard Lawn.

28. Aimee meaning "friend" or "beloved". Anouk Aimée was the name of a famous French actress who has starred in some movies in the course of her career.

29. Bébé meaning "baby". It is a common term used by lovers. Mon bébé is a common term of endearment in French meaning "my baby". Many people will refer to a child or partner as mon bébé. Bebe is also a popular women's clothing brand.

30. Belette meaning "weasel". A weasel is a small and cute mammal that is reddish-brown in color. The name is associated with cuteness.

31. Belle meaning "intelligent". Belle is a British period drama film.

32. Blanche meaning "white". The name is often linked to Blanche DuBois, a popular character in the movie 'A Streetcar Named Desire'.

33. Bonbon meaning "good" and "sweetie". This is one of the popular French terms of endearment. It is also a popular piece of confectionery.

34. Brie meaning "from Brie region of France". Brie is a soft cow' s-milk cheese named after Brie, the French region from which it originated.

35. Brigitte meaning "high one". Brigitte Bardot was a popular charming French actor.

36. Celine meaning "heavenly". Celine is a French leather luxury goods brand, known particularly for their accessories. Celine Dion is a famous singer who has also recorded many French songs.

37. Chanel meaning "pipe". Chanel, a French fashion house, focuses on women's high fashion and ready to wear clothes, luxury goods and accessories.

38. Chantal meaning "stone". Chantal Chawaf was a popular French writer.

39. Coccinelle meaning "ladybug". Jacqueline Charlotte Dufresnoy was better known by her stage name Coccinelle. She was a beautiful French entertainer, known for her acting and singing.

40. Coquette meaning "woman who endeavors to gain the admiration of men".

41. Delphine meaning "dolphin". Delphine Giuliano is a French personality, best known for being a YouTuber.

42. Desiree meaning "desirable". Desiree Clary was the love interest of the famous Napoleon Bonaparte,

43. Eclaire meaning "flash of lightning". This is one of the popular French terms of endearment.

44. Elle meaning "she". Elle is a worldwide lifestyle magazine of French origin, famous for its fashion-related articles.

45. Eloise meaning "noble one". Eloise is a famous song from the 1900s sung by Barry Ryan.

46. Esme meaning "esteemed". Esmé Stewart was a French nobleman who was also the first Duke of Lennox.

47. Fantine meaning "infant". Fantine, a fictional character from Les Misérables by Victor Hugo.

48. Felicite meaning "joy". Félicité was a huge French Navy ship.

49. Fifi meaning "Jehovah increases". Jehovah is the Hebrew term for God. It is a common term of endearment.

50. Fleur meaning "flower". Fleur Delacour was a French witch in the Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling.

51. Gabrielle meaning "God gives strength". Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel was a French fashion designer who is known to have revolutionized women's fashion industry.

52. Giselle meaning "bright pledge".

53. Hilaire meaning "cheerful". Hilaire Belloc was a well known French-born poet and historian.

54. Jollie meaning "good looking".

55. Kiki meaning "darling". Kiki recently gained popularity after Drake's famous song.

56. Lili meaning "lily". It is a particularly endearing term for petite women.

57. Manon meaning "the sea". Manon of the Spring is a celebrated French film. It is a very common French name.

58. Mignonette meaning "adorable". Ma mignonette is a common term of endearment in France for adorable kids.

59. Mimi meaning "mignon".

60. Monique meaning "advisor". It is a great way to tell a young child that he or she means something to you.

61. Odette meaning "wealth". Odette Sansom was a popular French spy who worked as an SOE operative in ancient France.

62. Papillon meaning "butterfly". Henri Charrière was also known as Papillon. He was a French writer who wrote a book called 'Papillon' while he was in jail.

63. Pitchounette mening "adorable like pitchoune".

64. Poupée meaning "doll".

65. Renee meaning "reborn". René Descartes was a historic figure, known best for his French philosophy.

66. Sabine meaning "woman of the Sabine people". Sabine Azéma was an admired French actress and director.

67. Violette meaning "purple". Violette Reine Elizabeth Szabo GC was a French Special Operations Executive (SOE) agent during the Second World War. He is known to have shaped France's history during the World War.

Gender-Neutral Pet Names

Here is a list of the cutest French words like mon chou, mon petit, mon amour and mon poussin that you can use to call your loved ones.

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68. Ames meaning "love". This is one of the popular French terms of endearment. It is also a great way to say 'my love' in French.

69. Amour meaning "love". Amour is the French word for love and mon amour is a common French phrase meaning 'my love'. Mon amour is one of the well-known terms of endearment.

70. Ange meaning "angel". Mon ange is perfect for 'my love' in French. It also means 'my angel'.

71. Avignon meaning "from Avignon".

72. Belot meaning "a card game".

73. Cherie meaning "dear one". Mon chéri is one of the common terms of endearment.

74. Chou meaning "cabbage". Mon chou is a common French term of endearment.

75. Coty meaning "a small slope". Coty is better known to be a family name. François Coty was a French businessman, also known for his perfuming skills.

76. Dejah meaning "before".

77. Dior meaning "made of gold". Christian Dior is a famous French fashion house.

78. Doudou meaning "teddy bear". A Teddy bear is a common term of love used in France.

79. Fie meaning "dark of peace".

80. Maine meaning "mainland". Maine is also the name of a traditional French province.

81. Marquette meaning "land owner". Jacques Marquette S.J. was a French -American Jesuit missionary.

82. Michon meaning "one who is like God". Stéphane Michon was a French Nordic combined skier.

83. Myrl meaning "blackbird of the sea".

84. Noe meaning "rest" or "peace".

85. Nounours meaning "teddy bear". French terms that mean teddy bear are common for loved ones. Mon nounours is popular in France.

86. Patrice meaning "noble". Patrice Alègre is a notorious old French serial killer.

87. Petit Chou meaning "little cabbage". Mon petit chou is a common way to call someone 'my little cabbage' which is a common French term of endearment. It also means sweet like bout de chou.

88. Petit meaning "little". Philippe Petit French-born high-wire walker and performer.

89. Poussin meaning "chick". Mon poussin is a common term used by lovers, usually for girls and women.

90. Rusti meaning "red-headed". Although Rusti literally means red-headed, it is used as a romantic word of endearment.

91. Sacha meaning "defending people". Alexandre-Pierre Georges "Sacha" Guitry was a French stage actor, known to be an all-rounder.

92. Savon meaning "soap maker".

93. Sheryl meaning "darling". It is one of the common French words for friends.

94. Simone meaning "someone who hears". Simone de Beauvoir was an eminent French writer.

95. Taylor meaning "to cut".

96. Tre meaning "three".

97. Tresor meaning "treasure". Mon trésor is a sweet and meaningful pet name for your loved one. It is a great way to tell someone they are valuable. Marius Paul Trésor is the name of a French former professional footballer who played as a defender.

98. Valentin meaning "strong". The name is often associated with Valentin Ferron, a popular French cyclist.

99. Wallace meaning "Welshman".

100. Zuri meaning "rock". This is one of the popular French terms of endearment.

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