51 Fantastic Ferret Names For Your New Pet

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Originally Published on Oct 15, 2020
ferret names for your pet dogs

Friendly yet mischievous ferrets can bring a lot of laughter into your life.

Give your fun pet the perfect name that fits his or her characteristics well. Plenty of cute ferret names exist that will work well depending on the colors or qualities of your animal.

Whatever name you choose will be adorable for your long and furry friend. Ferrets can recognize their names and respond to commands, so pick the best name you can for your new ferret friend. Consider all your ferret names for both genders so you have a slew of options waiting to be utilized.

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Funny Ferret Names

Choose some funny and unique ferret names that will fit well for your prankster pets.

1.Bandit - Ferrets tend to be sneaky, hiding and stealing items they like. Many have the facial markings to look like a bandit as well, making this a funny but perfect name choice.

2.Bear - A small, yet feisty dark-colored ferret could inspire an ironic name like this.

3.Feret - This French-sounding ferret name pronounced [Fa-ray] is funny yet sophisticated.

4.Ferry - One of the funny yet cute nicknames for ferrets that works well for either gender.

5.Sass - Some ferrets like to be sassy, making this is a funny but cute name.

6.Sneak - Ferrets are usually sneaky creatures, so this name fits well.

Names For The Friendliest Ferrets

Many ferrets like to cuddle and even give kisses. These friendly ferrets need a name that fits their personality.

7.Baby - One of the cute names perfect for a new pet ferret.

8.Cuddles - A cuddly pet uses this name well. Put Mr. or Mrs. in front for a more sophisticated sound.

9.Kisses - Not all ferrets like to give kisses, but the ones who do would fit this cute name well.

10.Smooches - Another word for "kisses" this cute name works for your smooching pet

Famous Ferrets

Some ferrets names have been mentioned on screen that you can use for your pets.

11.Malfoy - Though he wasn't really a ferret, Malfoy got turned into a white one for a short time in 'Harry Potter'.

12.Pan - From the movie, 'The Golden Compass'.

13.Raventail - A ferret leader from the book series 'Redwall' that was turned into a TV series.

14.Rodolfo - From the movie, 'Along Came Polly'.

Names For Female Ferrets

Plenty of female names work well for a girl ferret.

15.Alaina - Means "precious".

16.Chiquita - Meaning "little one" in Spanish.

17.Ciara - Means "little dark one", this could work well for a ferret with dark fur.

18.Fiorella - Meaning "little flower".

19.Kiki - The name means "new beginnings".

20.Melina - Means "honey".

21.Orsa - A name for a little female bear.

22.Pamina - Means "little honey".

23.Paulina - Means "small".

24.Sonnet - Means "little song".

Names For Male Ferrets

Lots of male name options are available for your boy ferret.

25.Aiden - Meaning "fiery one", it could work well for a feisty ferret.

26.Conan - Means "little wolf".

27.Edan - Meaning "little fire".

28.Eneko - Means "my little one".

29.Madigan - Meaning "little dog".

30.Perkin - Meaning "little Peter".

31.Perran - Means "little dark one".

32.Pequeño - Means "small" in Spanish.

33.Prewitt - A name for someone small, but brave.

34.Ronan - Means "little seal".

35.Santino - Meaning "little Saint".

Names For A Blonde Ferret

Names for ferrets can be based on their color. There's plenty of options for light-haired pets that you can use for name ideas.

36.Amaretto - A name fit for a light-haired pet.

37.Arjun - a Sanskrit word for "white" or "silver".

38.Blanco - the Spanish word for "white".

39.Blondie - An easy name choice for a female ferret who's blonde.

40.Butters - This name works well for a male ferret with blonde or yellow hair.

41.Casper - The friendly ghost name would transfer well to your white-haired ferret.

42.Champagne - This light color works well for a nearly beige-colored girl ferret.

43.Rubia - the Spanish word for "blonde" is one of the pretty ferret names for a girl.

Names For A Dark-Haired Ferret

Some name ideas can stem from your ferret's dark hair color.

44.Blackjack - A cute name for a black-footed ferret.

45.Brun - It means "brown" in Swedish.

46.Carbon - This gray-black color will work well in a list of ferret names for a boy.

47.Chestnut - This warm brown color resembles many ferret's coats.

48.Cinnamon - This color is intended for pets with with reddish-brown fur.

49.Cola - This dark drink works well for a brown or black ferret.

50.Mocha - The dark-colored coffee drink fits well with some ferret's coat colors.

51.Mud - A dark coat may resemble the color of mud.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for ferret names then why not take a look at these nature inspired names or for something different take a look at these spring names.

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