69 Fire God Names From Greek Mythology That Are Worth Knowing

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List of fire god names are mythical names for a fire god derived from Greek god names.
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Bright flames of a fire are the personification of knowledge that is sacred and shines bright in the search for related truth.

Fire has played an important role in the advancement of human civilization. Every menu across restaurants features numerous dishes that require fire for preparation. The awe and significance it commands have given it a sacred status in various mythologies around the world.

In different cultures, flames of fire are associated with different deities. In Hawaiian culture, fire is associated with volcanoes. In contrast, in Hindu culture, fire is used to complete rituals and rules related to festival celebrations and to ward off enemies.

When it comes to religion names, god of fire or goddess of fire are extremely popular name meanings. Fire has an important role in Japanese, Celtic, Lithuanian, Hindu, Egyptian, Aztec, Roman, Norse, and Greek mythology. Read this article further to know gods' names across the Earth.

Afterward, also check water goddess names and sun goddess names.

Male Fire God Names

Looking for some names for the god of fire that exude heat and brightness, then read on to know more: -

Abraxas (Greek Origin), meaning 'Supreme deity'. Sounds like an impressive name.

Achelous (Greek Origin), meaning 'shapeshifting river god'. This name also resembles one of the Greek's longest rivers.

Achilles (Greek Origin), meaning 'thin-lipped'. He is known as a powerful warrior and one of the most famous Greek heroes.

Adonis (Greek Origin), meaning 'god of attraction and beauty’. He's the human admirer of Aphrodite. He was gutted by a wild pig and accepted to be the god Ares.

Adonis (Greek Origin), meaning 'lord. This name resembles the amazing masculine beauty.

Aeson (Greek Origin), meaning 'Father of Jason'. He was said to be resurrected as a young man.

Aether (Greek Origin), meaning 'god of light'. He is the one who is responsible for the life's light spark in each and every creature.

Agni (Indian Origin), meaning 'sun'. According to Hindu Mythology, she is the powerful god who can use fire to burn her enemies and is the guardian of the south east. In the south east, Agni is a highly revered God.

Apollo (Indo - European Origin), meaning 'manly beauty'. According to the Bible, the biblical name of Apollo means the destroyer.

Argo (Greek Origin), meaning 'argue'. The boat's name that Jason cruised on his quest for the Golden Fleece.

Grannus (Celtic Origin), meaning 'sun, fires, etc'. Grannus is a god associated with spas, the sun, fires, and healing thermal and mineral springs.

Helios (Greek Origin), meaning 'sun'. He is regarded as the sun's embodiment, or, in other words, Sun God. He is one of the most popular gods.

Hephaestus (Greek Origin), meaning 'The Greek god of fire'. The Greek lord of fire manufactures, metalworking and innovation, Hephaestus was a child of Zeus and the mother goddess Hera.

Kagu - tsuchi (Japanese Origin), meaning 'to shine'. He is also known as Ho - musubi or Hi - no - kami.

Mixcoatl (unknown), meaning 'cloud serpent'. This name is because he used to change shape to take the form of moving clouds.

Prometheus (Greek Origin), meaning 'forethinker'. Prometheus plays an important role in Greek mythology. Prometheus is known as a champion for humankind in the city.

Ra (Egyptian Origin), meaning 'sun'. Ra was the lord of numerous things, known as the 'maker of the paradise' including earth, fire, sun, light, etc. Makes for a great middle name.

Shango (African Origin), meaning 'to strike'. Shango is also known as the god of thunder and legendary.

Vulcan (Roman Origin), meaning 'to flash'. Blacksmith god Vulcan was the child of Zeus and mother Hera.

Zhu Rong (Chinese Origin), meaning 'god of fire'. He was very much constructed and insightful, with a red face and a hot attitude.

Female Fire God Names

The heat from fire has an important role to play in Japanese, Celtic, Lithuanian, Hindu, Egyptian, Aztec, Roman, Norse, and Greek cultures. Here are some popular female fire god names: -

Agneya (Indian Origin), meaning 'born from fire'. Her father was Agni; therefore, she is also referred to as the child of the fire deity Agni from Hindu culture.

Aguya (Russian Origin), meaning 'mistress of fire'. This name resembles the mistress of fire.

Aine (Celtic Origin), meaning 'brightness'. A great name for a daughter whose thunder will scare of the enemies.

Aithne (Irish Origin), meaning 'fire'. This name can be perfect for a red-headed baby girl.

Alectrona (Greek Origin), meaning 'rooster'. She is known as the Greek goddess who is the daughter of a son or morning.

Alethea (English Origin), meaning 'truth'. This name refers to the person whose personality is to follow all the rules.

Amaterasu (Japanese Origin), meaning 'sines from heaven'. She's additionally loved as a kami goddess of creation.

Antheia (Greek Origin), meaning 'flower or blossom'. Antheia was the goddess of marshes and extravagant wreaths.

Arpina (Armenian Origin), meaning 'rising of the sun'. This name can be given to a baby girl born at the perfect time during the rising of the sun.

Athena (Greek Origin), meaning 'goddess of wisdom'. This name refers to the people originating from Greek mythology.

Bedelia (Celtic Origin), meaning 'strength'. This is the name of the goddess of fire in Celtic mythology. 

 Bridget (Gaelic / Irish Origin), meaning 'power, strength'. This name is after the Irish goddess of fire.

Brigit (Irish Origin), meaning 'strength'. This is the name of the Irish goddess of fire and poetry and also represents the sacred flash.

Chantico (Aztec Origin), meaning 'one who dwells in the house. Also, she is closely related to other things like health, abundance, and fertility.

Feronia (unknown), meaning 'Roman goddess of fire'. Lightning, anything like a candle or gas stove, would originate Feronia's energy.

Hestia (Greek Origin), meaning 'goddess of fire'. She was also known as the oldest of the 12 deities of the sacred fire.

Oya (African Origin), meaning 'lace'. While coincidentally finding troubles, ladies approach her and petition God for her security.

Pele (Hebrew Origin), meaning 'miracle'. Also called Madam Pete, she is the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes and sacred fire.

Vesta (Latin Origin), meaning 'pure'. vesta is known as the Roman goddess of hearth, fire, home, and family across the Earth.

Wadjet (Egyptian Origin), meaning 'papyrus colored,' was the serpent goddess. Initially, the serpent goddess was viewed as the defender and authority of Lower Egypt.

Names of gods and goddesses across the world relate to fire.

Names That Mean Fire God

The fire gods from different mythologies are something that is so exciting to hear. Here are some names that mean fire god.

Adara (Hebrew Origin), meaning 'fire'. This can be the most beautiful, meaningful thing for a child.

Adeen (Gaelic Origin), meaning 'little flame'. It is an indirect Quranic name for boys and girls that means obedient and righteous.

Aed (Irish Origin), meaning 'to burn'. In the Dindshenchas, he is given the sobriquet of the breeze quick ponies and called Aed, signifying huge shins.

Agnimitra (Indian Origin), meaning 'friend of fire'. This can be considered the feminine version of the name used for Agni.

Aidan (Celtic Origin), (meaning small but fiery). It means one who listens to what is said.

Aine (Irish Origin), meaning 'fire or joy'. This customary yet one-of-a-kind Irish name sprinkled all through Irish old stories as an early Celtic goddess of summer and flourishing.

Anala (Hindi Origin), meaning 'fiery'. This can serve as a beautiful baby name.

Aodh (Gaelic Origin), meaning 'fire', was a normal name in early Scotland.

Azar (Iranian Origin), meaning 'fire'. It denotes the ninth month of the Persian solar year.

Ebo (African Origin), meaning 'born on Tuesday'. It is a powerful African name used by the places.

Ebo (unknown), meaning 'primacy fire'. Another cute, simple word for your baby to name.

Gedi (American Origin), meaning 'goat,' is the fire and fertility god. Fire and fertility helped humankind to utilize fire.

Jacawitz (unknown), meaning 'fire mountain'. He was the benefactor of the Ajaw Kʼicheʼ ancestry and was a buddy of the sun god 'Tohil'.

Kojin (Japanese Origin), meaning 'hearth and kitchen'. This name refers to the god of fire.

Sampson (Hebrew Origin), meaning 'fire'. Furthermore, as God safeguarded Israel, so did Samson look after it in his age, passing judgment on individuals even as did God.

Sekhmet (Egyptian Origin), meaning 'one who heals all wounds’. She is also referred to as the goddess of sun and fire.

Shennong (Chinese Origin), meaning 'antecedent of fire'. A highly recommended name for babies.

Tatewari (unknown), meaning 'grandfather fire'. He is the god of fire in the Huichol folklore

Zuhrong (Chinese Origin), meaning 'god of fire'. China has declared the name of its first Mars meanderer as Zhurong, which in Chinese practise implies the legendary divine force of fire and war.

Greek Fire Gods Name

Why name ordinary names to the kids when here is an amazing list of all Greek fire god names. 

Adrenus (Latin Origin),meaning 'son if Adria'. A Roman family name signifying Hadria. Hadria was a city in northern Italy close to the Adriatic Sea.

Atara (Hebrew Origin), meaning 'crown'. This is the son of God in Persian mythology.

En (Egyptian Origin), meaning 'goddess of fire'. En which is the short form for Enji js found in the Albanian Pagan mythology

Gibil (unknown), meaning 'god of fire'. According to Sumerian mythology, Gibil is the ancient god of fire.

Ishum (English Origin), meaning 'habitational name from a spot in Northamptonshire named Isham'. A cute and beautiful name for your little babies.

Mama Nina (English Origin), meaning 'mother of fire'. According to Quechua, she is said to be the goddess of fire, light, and volcanoes.

Nusku (unknown), meaning 'vizier of the chief Sumerian God'. God of heavenly and earthly fire and light, and patron draft of the arts.

Shapash (unknown), meaning 'goddess of the sun'. In antiquated Mesopotamian religion, sun goddess. In the pattern of fantasies recuperated from Ugarit.

Surtr (unknown), meaning 'black'. According to Nurse mythology, he is the ancient god of fire.

Verbt (unknown), meaning 'goddess who controls storms'. This ancient goddess has the power to control storms and other natural calamities.

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