77 Fun And Interesting Meeting Room Names For Your Company

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Originally Published on Apr 21, 2022
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Why Meeting Room Names?

While meeting rooms may seem like a mundane aspect of office life, choosing creative and engaging names for these spaces can actually have a significant impact on employee morale and productivity. By adding a little personality to your meeting room names, you can create a more engaging and dynamic workplace culture.

And with tools like Outlook 365 and Microsoft Office, it's easier than ever to manage your meeting room reservations and ensure that your fun and interesting names are reflected in your scheduling platform.

Examples of personal spaces in a company are used to create a positive culture and as inspiration amongst employees.

In the corporate culture, board meeting rooms hold a lot of importance as it is the place that offers the chance to create an impression on others. Whether it be a corporate movie, image, software presentation, or blog, all productive activities in the workplace take place in the environment of a conference room.

Read on for some interesting ideas related to conference room name options.

Cool Meeting Room Names

When looking for company names, these cool meeting room or conference room names will come in handy. Some abbreviations are quite common in this technological era.

Always Available is one of the fun name options. Names like this reflect a company's attitude towards employees.

Crescent Club is a cool name for conference rooms that are inspired by New York.

Delta Dazzle is yet another fun and cool name in the corporate world.

Elite Well is one of the great options for conference room names to create a sense of secure environment for every employee.

Green Goddess Zone is a beautiful name for conference rooms that are mostly run by women. It is an inspiration for naming board meeting rooms.

Green Wizard Zone is a name for conference rooms inspired by plant lovers.

Harmony Studio is a beautiful idea for conference-room naming.

Magic Vibes is a sweet name for a meeting or conference room as it promotes the company's values.

Monte Mirage is a name that is created by illusion and is inspired by Spanish culture.

No Diggity means no doubt, that can be a great idea for a meeting room naming.

OMG is an abbreviation of Oh My God, this is one of the funny name options for conference room names.

Options Chamber is a great option for employee conference rooms as it is a place where you talk about options.

Paradise Palace is a cool name for a place that you need to transform into a business meeting space.

Space Creativity is a cool option for conference room names as it promotes having and building creativity.

Titan Quest is an action role-playing game whose name could add character to offices.

Why Fail is a great option for a conference room name, that spreads positivity and asks people to never give up.

Why Give Up is a positive name to spread awareness in the company's workforce.

Church Meeting Room Names

Church rooms are all about spreading positivity and love through the means of coming together. Here are some of the best ones, for your reference.

A Safe Complaint Space can be a great option for a church meeting room name as it is a place where you can file your complaints about your life and be thankful for good things.

Core Values is a place where new values can be inculcated and discussed.

Front Edge could be a great option for a name of a local church meeting room.

Gathering Field is a name for church meeting rooms that are inspired by spaces where local people gather and discuss their issues.

Godly Chambers is a literal name inspired by God and the Almighty, who is present to listen to humans. It could be a great name highlighting the company's values.

Happy Glory is a name that is greatly inspired by being happy with one’s self.

Hear Jesus is more of a religious name for a church meeting room that is inspired by listening to your inner soul.

Real Star is a name that is inspired by people who grieve but don’t give up on their life.

Say it out loud is a fun name to give to your church as it is a great place to hold grief meetings.

The Gateway is a great name for a church meeting room as it is a religious place.

Thinking Space is a great name for a church meeting room as it can be a place to think and talk more clearly.

Treasure Hope is a great name option for the church room as the hope of many humans is there in that room.

Wise Watch is a cool name for a church meeting room, as it means that wiser people, are looking over you.

Creative Meeting Room Names

Let your creative juices flow and check out the most amazing creative names that can help you flow the creative juices. You can also search online to get workplace name ideas in your industry. Check it out!

Business Outlook is a unique name related to the introspection of the company and self.

Daisy Daven Rental is a great name and is unique as well. So try something new!

Employee Happiness is another unique yet great name for a meeting room. It is quite fun and inspires people.

Focus Space, as the name suggests is a place to focus on great ideas.

Fortune is a cool name for a meeting room as it is a place where your team will decide how to make millions in the industry

Foursquare is another creative name related to a meeting room in a big company like Buzzfeed and Facebook.

PBJ is Peanut Butter Jelly, it is unique yet used quite commonly.

Potter is a name that needs no introduction, it is inspired by Harry Potter. A great name for one of the locations where you meet your customers.

Real Ecstatic can be a pun and a literal meaning name where it means enjoyable time.

Secret Weapon is a fun name to give to your meeting room where your search for plans and strategies are formulated.

The Meet And Greet is an example of a unique workplace name for your meeting room as it is the place where you mostly meet all your customers and managers.

Famous Meeting Room Names

There are a lot of companies that have found out and kept some of the best names in the meeting room names. Check them out for your reference. 

Alpha Room is quite a common name amongst people and has a positive effect on the personality of people.

Dothraki Sea is a cool name inspired by the 'Game of Thrones' location, which is quite famous among people for meeting rooms.

Dragonstone is inspired by the location of 'Game of Thrones', which is quite famous.

Fleetwood Mac ‘n’ Cheese is a name inspired by food.

King’s Landing is a place in the series, 'Game of Thrones', inspired by kings, queens, and dragons.

Peacemaker is quite a famous meeting room where all issues are resolved.

Skynet is a fun name that is inspired by the sky and that’s where the limits lie.

The Rolling Scones is a name inspired by food mashed up with musicians and was found by Etsy.

The Sane Room is a funky yet popular name for a meeting room.

A big hall for meeting

Funky Meeting Room Names

Some of the names in this article had to be funky and different as it is the aesthetic nowadays. Check out the list below for your reference. 

Advance Crew is a name inspired by the group of people who are the future and are preparing for the future as well.

Bored Room is the name that is extremely funny for a meeting room, as meetings can be long and boring sometimes.

Community Spot is a sweet name for a spot that is for everyone to come and talk.

Cranium Focus is a name inspired by the skull where our brain is.

Crown Down is a funky name for all employees who put their crown down when they enter a meeting room.

Hospitality Hub is yet another name for a meeting room that provides food and snacks as well.

Learning Loft is a name that is inspired by meetings and how it is the room where you learn about a lot of things.

Metro Marina is another great option to name your meeting or conference room.

New Era is a funky name that inspires people to work for the nearing era that is starting soon.

Noggin Chamber,nogginis the person’s head where all his decision-making thoughts lie.

Noodlin’ Space is a funky name to give to your meeting rooms, where you discuss fun ideas.

Rappin’ Range is yet another funky option that means a place where you rap or talk about new ideas.

Social Sphere is another cool name as it is inspired by the social culture that follows in a meeting room.

Steam Room is a great option for a name as meeting rooms help in blowing off steam.

The Pressure Cooker is a funky name inspired by all the pressure that a meeting can bring to you.

Unique Meeting Room Names

Meeting room names should also be unique so that they can inspire people and also motivate them to be creative. Here are some names that do the same. Check them out for your reference.

Collective Mindful is a great name option, which is greatly inspiring for people to be mindful of their work and efforts.

Creative Mansion means a place that can be used to enhance and work on your creative skills.

Decision Accelerator is a name that is inspired by the work of a meeting room, that is decision making.

Germination Potential is a meaningful name that means generating more and more ideas and potential in an employee’s brain.

Green Grounds Space is a unique and peaceful name that originates from green grass and high winds.

Ideation Zone is a cool name for a place where new ideas are generated.

Mind Expansion Arena is a place where you can think out of the box and be prepared for the future.

NSFW is a fun abbreviation for ‘not safe for work’, as meeting rooms are generally, to blow off steam.

Personification is yet another great and unique name for a meeting or conference room.

Prefrontal Engagement is a fun option and is a unique name to give to a room that requires a lot of engagement.

Team Territory is a cool name to give to a place that is a territory of employees who are there to conquer for the company and their growth.

Visionary Vista is a name for people who are visionaries of the company or the firm.

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