88 Funny Fifa Names For Ultimate Sport Lovers

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Originally Published on Jun 16, 2022
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List of Funny FIFA names will include some cool club names and best team names.
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Selecting funny FIFA names is a fun activity for the fans.

Dukes of Hazard, Pique Blinders, and Blink 1 eto'o are some of the popular name choices. Fans are free to select any names that they can think of.

If you need some interesting name ideas based on pop culture like 'Game of Stones', then here are some funny FIFA names.

Funny FIFA Player Names

FIFA 22 is the upcoming game in the long-running franchise from EA Sports. The good news for us is that the Ultimate Team will make an incredible return, again. Along with that, the creative mode allows us to build our own dream team as well as name it by our choice.

Ctrl Alt De Laet is quite the funny name and punny as well. Ctrl Alt De Laet is one of the funniest team names.

Dukes of Hazard is a good name, and what can be better than Dukes of Hazard?

Dyslexia United is a name no one would expect. Dyslexia United is a great name, especially on a football pitch!

Dyslexia Untied is surely a comical name. Dyslexia Untied is an interesting choice.

Enter Shaqiri is quite a pleasant name. Enter Shaqiri is one of the funniest team names.

For Fuchs Sake is an interesting name. For Fuchs Sake is a good choice for a team.

Giroud Let The Dogs Out, you read that in the exact tune as the song goes, didn't you?

Going Toulouse is a nice name as well.

Kroos Control is a name that hits too close to home. Kroos Control is not even funny at this point!

Krul And The Gang is a cold name. When Krul and the gang pull up on the pitch, everyone else leaves!

Lady Yaya is a rather dangerous name. Lady Yaya can be a great choice for a FIFA team.

Leave My Alona is probably how Neymar felt after Messi joined PSG. Jokes apart, Leave My Alona is a good name as well.

Lord Of The Ings is of course another funny name on this list. Lord Of The Ings should definitely be a choice!

Mean Goals is definitely a funny name and more so during an intense match with time pressure on it. Mean Goals can be one of the fun team names.

Part Vole is an interesting name choice. Do think about Part Vole before you decide.

Pique Blinders is a hilarious name as well. These punny names never get old!

Pjanic at the Isco is another hilarious name and it's quite punny for us music lovers as well. Pjanic at the Isco is a great choice.

Real Sosobad is a great name. Real Sosobad is one of the funniest team names.

The Drogs Ballacks is a simple and easy-to-remember name.

The Ninja Skrtels is another funny name. If there is something better than Ninja Turtles then it's Ninja Skrtels.

Turkish De Ligt is one of the interesting team names. Turkish De Ligt is a popular choice.

Unreal Madrid is another great name that'll make you crack a few laughs. Unreal Madrid could be a great choice for your team name.

What Gattuso Mad is a funny name, especially when you've won the match and it's triggered the opponent.

Zarate Kid is a nice name for sure. Zarate Kid is the ultimate team name.

Funny FIFA Club Names

The most popular players at the present time will of course include the usual players like Karim Benzema, Erling Haaland, and Cristiano Ronaldo. In the game itself, despite their cheap price, the pace rating is what made Waldhof Mannheim and Niklas Sommer a hit in the top-rated tree with a rating of 61.

From this, we can very well conclude that Ultimate Team isn’t always about picking the biggest names in football, but rather realizing which player can outperform their rating.

50 Shades of Given, the more you'll be diving into this list, the crazier the names might get.

Balotele Tubbies is an absolutely hilarious name.

Crouch Potato is definitely not a very football club-ish name.

Fake Madrid, is a great name choice.

For Fuchs Ake is similar to the name we read earlier but there is a slight difference.

Game Of Stones is a pun on the popular TV show 'Game Of Thrones'. Not the best name, but Game of Stones can be a good option for a team name.

HGV Eindhoven is a great name and one of the few names on this list that actually does sound like a club name.

Juans the Mata will surely crack up your opponent into a peal of laughter.

Krul Bat Attitudes is a nice name as well. It's actually quite silly so that people won't forget about it.

Master Batters has a certain ring to the name. It's quite a simple name to pronounce.

Mission Unblock-able is a great name and is quite motivational for the team!

No Kane, No Gain is a hilarious name, especially if your team doesn't have Kane.

No Punt Intended is quite the ironic name considering how it's the epitome of the lamest pun ever!

One Hit Wonders is a great name for the club. In all honesty, it does sound great too.

Pitch Please is a very sassy name considering it's a football club name.

Planet Volleywood is a nice and creative name for sure. It has a mainstream vibe in it which is ideal for impressing their fans.

Puncheon Judy is a nice name that has quite the ring to it. It's quite unique as well.

Real Betis Hotpot is a great name as well and another few of the names that sounds like a real club name.

Special K’s is better than your first kiss!

Tekkerslovakia is a funny and unique name. It is quite the tongue twister to pronounce, but that is one of the reasons people will keep this in their mind.

Thomas Müller Corner, now this is a great name! What can be better than subliminal corners from Thomas Müller?

Uganda Army is a good name for an Ugandan team.

Selecting funny team names can enhance the pleasure of playing the game.

Funny FIFA Ultimate Team Names

Even after reading past the two lists, the most difficult decision for gamers while playing Ultimate Team isn’t which players to go for or what sort of tactics to build your squad around, rather, it's something as basic as picking the team name.

One might want a name that will make some random person on the internet chuckle at your punny team name.

And if the punny team name mentions a player that is actually in your team then bonus points!

Boca Seniors Giroud Sandstorm is a good name too. Boca Seniors Giroud Sandstorm surely deserves your attention.

Delph Safety is a great name choice. Compare Delph Safety and Dirty Sanchez before you decide.

Kingslayers XI is actually a really good name, we're not going to lie.

Kouyate Kid and Lads on Toure is a hilarious name. Kouyate Kid and Lads on Toure certainly deserve your attention.

Krul Bayer Neverlusen is another motivational name with its own twist of funny.

Little Bony Bacuna Matata, is one of the ultimate squad names. Little Bony Bacuna Matata is an interesting choice as the name Little Bony Bacuna Matata sounds great.

Men Behaving Chadli, well it sure may not be easy, but at least, it's Men Behaving Chadli is not impossible.

Multiple Scorgasms is quite an eye-catching name,

Neighmar is quite the ironic name considering how it's the epitome of the lamest pun ever!

Never Wok Alone is one of the funny squad names.

No F in Chance is a funny name and more so when you're matched with a strong opponent.

Rocky & Wolfswinkel is a really cool name, to be honest.

Show Me Da Reus Krispies is a pleasant name. Show Me Da Reus Krispies is a fun name choice.

Sky’s the Limit is a great name considering how the others are on this list. This one is really decent.

Spartack Costco is another punny name and actually quite the lame one and on top of that, it is funny.

The Dirty Sanchez, they did Alexis Sanchez dirty here.

Touch Some Grass is quite the funny name but it might trigger some people as well which makes it even funnier.

Vanilla Weiss is another sweet and funny name.

West Ham Tea Busquets, just one question, Why? Well, West Ham Tea Busquets is a fun name choice.

Wijnaldum Leviosa because it's not leviosa… it's LEVIOSA!

Funny FIFA Team Names

Finally, some more Funny FIFA team names to end this list with a blast!

Baines on Toast is a nice name as well. Baines on Toast is quite simple and easy on top of that.

Basic Pitches is quite the…basic name (pun unintended).

Can’t Cutch This is a great choice for a name if your team has players with mad pace ratings.

Cereal Killers, is a fun name choice. Cereal Killers can be the name for you.

Crass Interference is a nice name.

Easier Said Than Run, because yeah, all sports fans should learn that it's easier said than running behind a ball for 90 mins on a pitch.

Egg Fried is a truly fascinating name.

Fake Madrid, is an interesting pun for a name.

FC Copenbadly is a hilarious name. FC Copenbadly is an ultimate team name.

Fielder of Dreams, are you lost? Well, nothing to be dejected about because you still have your dreams to chase!

I’d Hit That, is a funny name.

I’ll Take That Quarterback is a great name as well.

Major League Clowns is quite the self-deprecating name but look at the bright side, at least it's funny.

Martial Law is quite the hilarious name. Martial Law can be an interesting choice for your team.

McPudlians is another great name that is quite legible to be a team name instead of being outright brazen!

Net-Results is a pleasant name for a club as well.

Real Hazard, is a deep-meaning name for a team.

Sheffield Thursday is a funny name. Sheffield Thursday is one of the funny squad names.

Shooting Stars is a great name for the team as well. Rather than being funny, it's quite decent.

Sons of Pitches is another great name. Sons of Pitches is actually good for asserting that dominance on the pitch.

To Kill a Rocking Serve is quite the punny name.

We Will Block You is a great name for the team but imagine if a team with this name really exists, somewhere!

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