75 Gardevoir Names For Your Psychic Pokémon

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The Gardevoir is one of the most elegant Pokémon ever designed as they are Ralts that evolve into Gardevoir at level 30. Gardevoir can predict the future and they have telepathic powers. To protect the trainer, they will even play their own lives.

Gardevoir are III-generation psychic/fairy Pokémon with super awesome moves. There are lots of nicknames for Gardevoir but everyone wants the ‘different’ one. You can pick any quirky or fun nickname or something that defines your Pokémon the way it is! So what have you named your favorite humanoid Pokémon? Need help?

Here is a stack of some Gardevoir evolution names as well as Gardevoir alternate names. Afterward, also check funny Pokemon names and Pokémon trainer names.

Male Gardevoir Names

Gardevoir has feminine features and a graceful appearance yet there can be male Gardevior too! Males are called Gallade. These Pokémons have all the intelligent and smart moves, like teleporting and shadow ball. For Gardevoir’s most fascinating attacks they deserve personalized nicknames.

So scroll down to find a befitting name for your favorite psychic-fairy shiny mega Pokémon.

Albert (German origin) meaning ‘intelligent’, is a special name for your shiny mega Gardevoir Pokémon for his future prediction skills.

Anakin (American origin) meaning ‘warrior’, this name is keeping up with Gallade's main task as a Pokemon!

Aristotle (Greek origin) meaning ‘excellent’, will be a suitable name for a superb Pokémon like Gallade.

Assassin (English origin) meaning ‘killer’, conveys that your shiny Gardevoir Pokémon will protect you at any cost.

Asterisk (English origin) meaning ‘the sign’, denotes Pokémon that signals any danger to his master.

Boyfriend (English origin) meaning ‘beloved’, can be your adorable nickname for a shiny Gardevoir.

Enchant (Latin origin) meaning ‘charming’, does suit Gallade's entrancing personality and beautiful dress.

Godfather (English origin) meaning ‘influential man’, is supposed to be a dominant Gardevoir's personality.

Hoku (Hawaiian origin) meaning ‘star’, is one of the fancy names for your fairy-type Pokémon.

Jim (English origin) means ‘adventurous’, this name suits Gallade for his special attack skills that he performs impeccably.

Kendrix (Welsh origin) meaning ‘greatest champion’, is suitable as your shiny Mega Gardevoir has to be the champ!

Lucas (Italian origin) meaning ‘light’, conveys that your Pokémon is luminous.

Ned (English origin) meaning ‘protector’, is the name that says it all!

Punto (Spanish origin) meaning ‘point’, this fun and unique name is perfect for Gallade's sharp moves.

Spear (English origin) meaning ‘ sharp’, can be assumed as an intense and shiny Gardevoir.

Sultan (Arabic origin) meaning ‘ruler’, is the shiny mega Gardevoir who is going to win the game.

Throca (Arabic origin) meaning ‘quick thinker’, is a real fighter skill for your main Pokémon Gardevoir.

Weapon (English origin) meaning ‘object of fighting’, is said to be the ideal name for Gallade's amazing battle skills.

Female Gardevoir Names

Gardevoir is famous for its astonishing moves. She is a psychic fairy and that too is a beautiful one! Her hair covers her face like a mask and her gown-like body mesmerizes us all.  So read some suitable names for this graceful Pokémon here:

Aliza (Arabic origin) means ‘joyous’, this good name suits Gardevoir for her attractive looks and personality.

Amelia (Latin origin) meaning ‘work’, is supposed to be an anime character who is a workaholic in life.

Ameya (Indian origin) meaning ‘boundless’, is a name for someone that extends beyond imagination. Your Pokémon Gardevior creates black holes, boundaries don’t exist here, so this name suits best!

Catherine (Greek origin) meaning ‘pure’, is a very common yet suitable name for Gardevoir.

Clara (Latin origin) meaning ‘bright and clear’, is a name given to Ralts who are sure to win.

Fiamma (Italian origin) meaning ‘flame’, is a very unique name for your Pokemon life.

Foxy (English origin) meaning ‘attractive’, is a befitting name for your elegant and beautiful Pokémon like Gardevoir!

Godmother (English origin) meaning ‘influential woman’, is a woman who is powerful. The name would make for a great trivia.

Hazel (English origin) meaning ‘hazel colored’, can be given to Gardevoir for her twinkling hazel eyes.

Kalpana (Indian origin) meaning ‘imagination’, can be used for a person who exists in fantasy. Gardevoir's beauty is fantastic so this name suits her well.

Khalisee (Created name) meaning ‘queen’, is a very popular name among 'Game Of Thrones' fans.

Margo (French origin) meaning ‘pearl’, is another beautiful name for a shining fairy-like Gardevoir.

Priscilla (Latin origin) means ‘venerable’, this name can be given to a Gardevoir as she is psychic and she also can teleport.

Raza (African origin) meaning ‘hope’, is said to be given to someone from whom you expect for the best defense.

Superwoman (English origin) meaning ‘superior woman’, this name represents the dominant woman personality such as Omega ruby.

Tatiana (Latin origin) means ‘fairy queen’, this name suits Gardevoir Mega as she is already a fairy Pokemon and also a queen on the battlefield.

Vishakha (Indian origin) meaning ‘unconquered’, this name represents a message that no one should mess with the beauty queen!

Grass-typed Pokemon called Leafeon, evolved from Eevie.

Cool Gardevoir Gaming Names

To make you look cool, and your game interesting, you have to give some meaningful yet cool names to your Pokémon. Find some gaming names for your Gardevoir friend here.

Ambrox (Greek origin) meaning ‘immortal’, is a fancy name for your forever Pokémon.

Aquila (Latin origin) meaning ‘eagle’, this name suits your Pokémon as she has that badass attitude of fighting.

Armani (Latin origin) meaning ‘protector’,is a very suitable name for a Gardevoir, as she protects the trainer.

Aurora (Latin origin) meaning ‘dawn’, is said to be someone who rises above.

Casey (Irish origin) meaning ‘ brave in battle’, is the perfect name for a Gardevoir as she is a kind of battle queen!

Confetti (Roman origin) means ‘bitter sweet’, this male Gardevoir name is lovely.

Frida (German origin) meaning ‘peace’, can be given to someone who associates with peace and grace.

Glittery (English origin) meaning ‘shining’, is another flashy name for a Pokémon like Gardevoir.

Gravadain (Arabic origin) meaning ‘explorer’, is for someone who likes to explore new things and go to new places.

Jaguar (English origin) meaning ‘wild cat’, is a cool name for your psychic Pokémon.

Jupiter (Latin origin) meaning ‘a planet’, is also a cool name for your Gardevoir.

Loveberry (English origin) meaning ‘ fruit of love’, is a name given to someone you love.

Scorpio (Greek origin) meaning ‘a zodiac sign’, is a unique name for a Pokémon with secret powers and passion for you!

Sonia (Indian origin) meaning ‘gold’, is a name given to someone that you value more.

Spike (English origin) meaning ‘sharp’, can be called to be the one that is accurate at his moves.

Tusselmaster (English origin) meaning ‘giving tough fight’, is an appropriate name for a Gardevoir as she fights to protect her trainer.

Yori (Japanese origin) meaning ‘reliable’, is a cool Pokémon name that represents dependable nature.

Zendya (African origin) meaning ‘to thank’, is a name that is given to someone you are thankful for.

Funny Names For Gardevoir

Sometimes, funny names that are not related to Pokémon are purposely given to make your game more happening. Find your choice of Pokémon name here.

Annabelle (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘grace and beauty’, is a famous horror movie character.

Bambi (Italian origin) meaning ‘child’, is another cute name for Gardevoir's pokédex entries.

Bizarrie (English origin) meaning ‘bizarre’, is a funny name for a Pokémon that can predict the future.

Bubble (English origin) meaning ‘ball of air’, is a cute name for a Pokémon with a strong protective shield for evolution.

Cake (English origin) meaning ‘sweet delicacy', is a common nickname given to our close ones.

Candy (English origin) meaning ‘sweet’, is a worthy name for a Gardevoir Pokemon.

Catzy (English origin) meaning ‘cat animal', is a funky name given to someone who is quick.

Electra (Greek origin) meaning ‘sparkling’, is said to be someone who shines. Gardevoir can unload dazzling gleam in one of her moves, so you definitely can call her Electra!

Girlfriend (English origin) meaning ‘beloved female', is a funny way to address the Pokémon you love.

Hakuna-Matata (Swahili origin) meaning ‘don’t worry', is another funny name usually assigned to someone who always stays happy.

Jam (English origin) meaning ‘sweet food item’, is an adorable name for a teleportingPokémon like Gardevoir with the ability to attack opponents.

Kittygirl (English origin) meaning ‘a cat’, is a name that can be given to cute yet spiky Pokémon from the fairy world!

Lettuce (English origin) meaning ‘a leafy vegetable’,  is a funny name that you can give to your Pokemon. Gardevoirs have a green and white appearance, so they can be called lettuce!

Loki (Greek origin) meaning ‘god of fire’, is a great name for the magnificent male character of Gardevoir.

Mickey (English origin) meaning ‘teasing’, is a very simple and funny nickname for your Pokemon.

Mirchi (Indian origin) meaning ‘spice’, is an uncommon and unique name for psychic Pokémon that spices up the battlefield.

Nancy (English origin) meaning ‘grace’, is a popular name for Gardevoir's personality and ability to attack.

Ninja (Japanese origin) meaning ‘excellent’, is a great name for a Gardevoir for the way she performs her moves.     

Peanut butter (English origin) meaning ‘food item’, is a lovely name usually given to your strong and sweet companion.

Senorita (Spanish origin) meaning ‘unmarried girl’, is such a lovely name for a Gardevoir Pokémon.

Shadow (English origin) meaning ‘cast against the sun’, is a short name that can be given for the Gardevoir pokédex entries.

Shampoo (Indian origin) meaning ‘a cleaning agent’, is said to be a unique nickname for a fantasy Pokémon.

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