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This collection of Gogoat nicknames will help you select some funny and unique names for your hooved Pokémon.
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Popularly known as Mount Pokémon, Gogoat is a Pokémon similar to a goat.

It was introduced in Generation VI and is one of the best additions to the list of Pokémon characters. It has fluffy white fur on its chin and the back of its head is brown.

Gogoat is very docile and is so large that people can ride on its back. When its trainer holds its horns, it develops a strong bond with its trainer's feelings.

It senses subtle changes in grip, and this ability is so strong that it can run as if it and its rider are one person. Although Gogoat is not a super powerful new spirit for X and Y, it is the flavor the game series needed.

Funny Gogoat Nicknames

Gogoat has a base friendship value of 70 in Generation VI and VII. Here are some funny nicknames for your Gogoat companion!

  • Gareth -  gentle.
  • Garrison -  protective.
  • Gideon - a great warrior.
  • Gifford -  brave giver.
  • Glenn -  valley.
  • Graeme -  gravel area.
  • Granger -  worker of the granary.
  • Grayden -  son of the grey-haired one.
  • Green kid -  baby goat and pure grass type.
  • Gowther -  from the anime Seven Deadly sins.
  • Gunnar -  brave and bold warrior.
  • Hoof - a variant of Hoff.
  • Saggar -  son of Sigar.
  • Scapegoat - dupe.
  • Spud -  potato.
  • Sutton -  southern settlement.

Cool Gogoat Nicknames

Child holding Gogoat and other pokemon cards - Nicknames

Gogoat lives in herds in the wild mountainous region, and the leader of the herd is the one who wins the battle with its horn. So, choose some nicknames that are cool and suit the character.

  • Gabriel -  God is my strength.
  • Gage -  pledge, oath.
  • Gallaway -  stranger.
  • Gannon -  fair-skinned.
  • Gatlan -  wandering person.
  • Grazer -  feeds on growing grass.
  • George -  farmer.
  • Grady -  noble, illustrious.
  • Grant -  tall.
  • Gazer - the perfect nickname for goats.
  • Graylen - a miracle.
  • Griffin -  Lord, prince.
  • Hornet -  refers to a large, stinging wasp.
  • Satyr -  denotes a goat in Greek mythology.
  • Serow -  wild Japanese goats.
  • VanGoht -  shining light.
  • Willow -  name of a tree.

Cute Gogoat Nicknames

Gogoat has the empathetic ability to sense the feelings of whoever holds its horns. So, find out some cute nicknames for these adorable creatures.

  • Billy -  resolute protector.
  • Buttinsky -  a troublesome meddler.
  • Gruff -  Prince.
  • Hendrix -  ruler of the home.
  • Keziah -  God strengthens.
  • Holden -  from the hollow in the valley.
  • Hudson -  son of Hudd.
  • Hunter -  a strong name.
  • Ramsay -  wild garlic.
  • Tahkye -  highly attractive.
  • Taiden -  gift.
  • Talon -  bird claw.
  • Tate -  cheerful.
  • Tatum -  light-Hearted, bringer of Joy.
  • Thorpe -  hamlet or small village.
  • Turbo -  a whirling or spinning object.
  • Tylan -  the Great One.

Best Gogoat Nicknames

Gogoat is used as a quick form of transport and was Alexa's first Pokémon. So, find out some of the best nicknames for your large fiery creature.

  • Capricorn -  Apt name and derived from Zodiac sign.
  • Goateran -  Fast form of transport.
  • G.O.A.T -  Perfect nickname of all time.
  • Grassmunch -  Ideal name for the Gogoat.
  • Silas -  Forest.
  • Smith -  Denotes a worker who works with metal.
  • Sorren -  Handsome.
  • Spiro -  Latin origin meaning I breathe.
  • Stewart -  Caretaker or steward.
  • Story -  Tale.
  • Theron -  Hunter.
  • Tiberius -  Near the Tiber River.
  • Timothy -  One who honors God.
  • Turner -  Lathe worker.
  • Tyler -  Full of life.

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