105 Great Gyarados Nicknames

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Gyarados' nicknames are quite adorable!
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Among the many amazing Pokémons in the series, this water and flying type sea serpent Pokémon Gyarados is one you don't want to miss out on.

Gyarados is a clever and cool sea monster, as the evolved form of Magikarp. It is rarely seen in the wild and is extremely aggressive in nature, destroying large numbers of cities with its vicious rage.

Once provoked, Gyarados goes on a rampage and does not stop until it wipes out everything in its way and its rage lasts for a very long time.

This clever sea leviathan shoots powerful water jets called whiplash at its opponent at a supersonic speed, leaving the opponent falling on its knees. Gyarados in some regions is called 'Deity of Destruction' because of all its fury and the trail of destruction it leaves behind.

One of the traits of Gyarados is that it only responds to orders from the trainer it trusts, which is not easy.

If you love this violent and aggressive sea beast, you should check out these great Gyarados nicknames.

Unique Gyarados Nicknames

Stand out by using these unique nicknames for Gyarados. Check them out now!

1. Bahamut - The powerful dragon from the 'Final Fantasy' game series, a name quite apt for this serpent beast.

2. Basilisk - The mythical sea monster that can take a life with a single glance.

3. Bluey- Calling Gyarados bluey is apt for its blue body.

4. Bolla - A vicious and powerful mythical Albanian snake-like monster.

5. Brute - This sea creature is a sea brute for its fury and actions.

6. Draco- That is what a mighty dragon serpent is called in Latin.

7. Elliot - A creative and great name to call this hydra serpent.

8. Farley- The name means ‘brave boy’, and Gyarados surely is a Farley.

9. Garnet- A perfect name for a female shiny red Gyarados.

10. Garyados - An experimental, alternative to the name Gyarados.

11. Gyaratres - Why call it in an old way when you can call it Gyaratres?

12. Haku - The blue flying dragon from the anime 'Howl's Moving Castle'.

13. Hydra- A water-living creature, and this leviathan serpent is surely a hydra.

14. Jinbei - The blue fish-man character from the Japanese anime series 'One Piece'.

15. Leviathan- The terrifying Biblical Sea snake that loves chaos, so calling Leviathan is better.

16. Loch ness monster - The large mythical Scottish sea monster.

17. Longboi - A creative name to call a Gyarados, defining its long body.

18. Naga - The queen of the mighty dragons in the 'Fire Emblem Awakening' video game.

19. Ridley - The dragon character from the video game 'Metroid'.

20. Serpentide - Gyarado's serpent body combined with his tide attack.

21. Shenron - The magical dragon from the anime series 'Dragon Ball'.

22. Shiny - That is what a shiny red Gyarados is called.

23. Shipwreck - Keeping in mind that this leviathan serpent loves wreaking havoc, Shipwreck is a name to go for.

24. Storm- The rage and fury of this serpent Pokémon can be compared to a storm.

25. Typhoon - Both typhoons and Gyarados are capable of wreaking havoc.

26. Water King - There is no argument that this hydra monster is a water king.

27. Whiplash - The deadly attack of this deadly hydra monster is a whiplash for its opponent.

28. Tidebringer - Since the massive Pokémon can cause violent waves.

Catchy Gyarados nicknames

These Unique Gyarados nicknames will blow your mind.

Be unique in the crowd by using these Catchy Gyarados nicknames. Here you go.

29. Carnage - The extreme chaos in a battle is nothing less than carnage caused by Gyarados.

30. Cetus - A constellation of stars named after a Greek monster.

31. Charybdis - A huge water monster in Greek mythology.

32. Cuelebre - The giant winged snake in Asturian Mythology.

33. Enron - A catchy and cool name to call a Gyarados, Enron stands for 'cheerful'.

34. Esdeath - A character from the anime 'Akame Ga Kill!'.

35. Guyvern - Guyvern sounds similar to a movie name but with a twist.

36. Gyo - A mythical dragon who resides near mountain waters.

37. Hydro King - Gyarados but glorifying its name to some extent.

38. Katara - The water-bending master from the movie 'Avatar'.

39. king Karp - Having evolved from Magikarp, king Karp is a suitable name for Magikarp and Gyarados.

40. Maelstrom- A powerful sea suction that sinks ships.

41. Neptune - The blue planet and the Roman sea god.

42. Ocean king - A name suitable for someone who rules over water.

43. Ouroboros - The Egyptian symbol of the snake representing eternity.

44. Outrage - means getting engulfed by anger, and Gyarados is always irked.

45. Poseidon - The extremely powerful god of the ocean.

46. Rampage - It goes on a rampage when angry, so quite an apt name.

47. Riptide- is dangerous and sudden and a name apt for Gyarados.

48. Storm Surge - A perfect name for Gyarados that surges sea storms with its fury.

49. Tempest - A fierce and strong sea storm.

50. Tethys - The ancient sea that separated the continents.

51. Tiamet- The goddess of the Ocean of Babylon and a name apt for a female Gyarados.

52. Umi - The Japanese word for 'the ocean', since Gyarados is Japanese.

53. Veldora - The vicious dragon from the anime 'Veldora'.

54. Water Viper - Gyarados is as lethal as a viper, except it's a water viper.

56. Whirlpool - The violent spirals in oceans that sinks boats and ships.

57. Wrath Bringer - No doubt, Gyarados is a wrath bringer if provoked.

58. Zabuza - The skilled swordsman from the anime 'Naruto', uses a powerful water-dragon Jutsu. 

Creative Gyarados Nicknames

Get creative with these amazing names that will make your Pokémon trendy and cool.

59. Blaster - refers to the way Gyarados blasts at its enemies.

60. Bubbie - Now that's a cute name to call a Gyarados.

61. Bubblemaster- A mobile game where the player shoots at the bubbles.

62. Calamity - an event causing sudden and huge damage, and the Gyarados cause a calamity when angered.  

63. Challenger - The NASA Space shuttle.

64. Chimchar - A cute fire-type Pokémon.

65. Cleatus - It stands for ‘illustrious’ or ‘one that shines’.

66. Danger Fish - If you are getting creative, try this.

67. Deathbringer - The way it attacks is a death bringer.

68. del Et - Giving a techno name to a Gyarados sounds good.

69. Drogon - The utterly powerful dragon from the book 'A Song Of Ice And Fire'.

70. Ebb - The ebb and flow of the ocean sound like a good name.

71. Fafnir - A character from the Marvel Universe who turns into a dragon.

72. Falkor - A nickname for a dragon taken from the novel ‘The Neverending Story’.

73. Garadio - A creative and cool name for Gyarados.

74. Gary - Gary stands for a spear, a name quite good for Gyarados.

75. Griffon- The mythical winged creature.

76. Hyper - True to its nature Gyarados is superbly hyper.

77. Nagini - The snake character from the Harry Potter series.

78. Orochi - The legendary eight-headed dragon.

79. Harbinger - since the sight of a wild Gyarados is always a warning sign.

80. Selakus - A creative name to call a Gyarados.

81. Seleucus - One of the greatest Greek Generals.

82. Skullkraken - Gyarados English name, now that's something creative.

83. Smaug - The terrifying fictional dragon from 'The Hobbit'.

84. Snek - A twisted form of a snake.

85. Splasher - since Gyarados splashes water all around when it is on the water's surface.

86. Stevia - A great name for a female Gyarados.

87. Temper - Gyarados is a Pokémon with a short temper.

88. Top Loader - The way it attacks its opponent.

89. Water Sniper - The way it shoots water at its opponent.

Funny Gyarados Nicknames

Get hold of these chucklesome nicknames for Gyarados. You might just come across a couple of your favorites.

90. Blue Boy - A name quite suitable for the blue Gyarados.

91. Bubbles - Bubbles are sweet yet quite funny, so why not stick with bubbles?

92. Crappie - A large fish water fish from North America.

93. Dexter - Quite a good pet name for a Gyarados.

94. Flying Dutchman - The legendary Ghost ship is seen in 'Spongebob Squarepants.'

95. Gardi - A short and funny name for your Gyarados.

96. Gary 2 - The usual name for a Japanese Pokémon.

97. Grover - The blue Muppet character from the children's TV show 'Sesame Street'.

98. Kira - Meaning ‘a beam of light’, a suitable name for a female Gyarados.

99. Pacifica - Means ‘peaceful’; it would be funny to call Gyarados Pacifica.

100. Rage Face- Gyarados's face is always burning with rage.

101. Red Baron - Now you have a cool name for a red Gyarados.

102. Slither - It refers to Gyarados' snake-like appearance.

103. Speed Wagon - With its extreme speed, Gyarados is a speed wagon.

104. Sprite - An elf or a fairy, usually connected to the water, just like the Gyarados.

105. Tsunami - The Japanese name for the long sea waves.

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