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Heracross is a bug/fighting type Pokemon first introduced in Pokémon Generation II.

Heracross is considered rare and difficult to catch outside its unique territory in Pokémon Go. It has the ability to evolve into Mega Heracross.

Heracross is bipedal, which means it uses two legs for walking. It has unique physical attributes, including a horn of which the tip ends in a cross in a male Heracross and a heart shape in a female Heracross.

It stabs its enemies in the belly with the horn and tosses them over. Heracross's eyes are oval in shape and yellow in color. It also has two antennae which it uses to pick up food scents while searching.

Heracross is enveloped in a blue exoskeleton. Mega Heracross is bulkier than Heracross and has orange markings on its head, shoulders and hands. It has a high body temperature and is found in tropical forests. Its diet consists of tree sap, sweet nectar, and honey.

Cool and Catchy Heracross Nicknames

Here are some ultra-cool and extra catchy Heracross nicknames for you-

1. Alder- a gender-neutral name that means 'old' or someone who lives by an alder tree. It could also refer to someone who clings affectionately.

2. Axxcell- this Hebrew name comes from Scandinavian and German origin, which means 'father is peace.'

3. Battlehorn- this name reflects the powerful and most cherished horn of a Heracross.

4. Blister- Usually, a blister means skin swelling filled with air or liquid caused by burns or shoe bites. Here, the name suggests the blistering speed with which a Heracross moves around.

5. Bombardier- a combination of two old French words, 'bon' and 'par' which means good and equal fellow, respectively, is a great nickname for a friend or companion.

6. Brawlhorn- where brawl means to fight, the second syllable horn adds to the fact that Heracross has a unique horn on its head.

Attractive Heracross Nicknames

Heracross nicknames are trendy these days!

Here are some really attractive and interesting nicknames for Heracross-

7. Bugle- a brass musical instrument that looks like a trumpet. An apt name for the short and hefty physical attributes of a Heracross.

8. Butch- this name has an American origin of 'manly.'

9. Ceres- in Roman mythology, is the goddess of the harvest, agriculture, and fertility. It also means 'related to spring.'

10. Ceros- derived from the ancient Greek language, this cool noun means 'horn.'

11. Champ- is short for the champion. This American-origin baby name means the power and prowess of the name holder.

12. Crossbones- basically a skull and bones image representing the danger sign, reflects the strength of the Heracross.

Funny And Wacky Heracross Nicknames

Let's have some fun in the game with these funny, cool Heracross nicknames-

13. Doodle- doodle is a cool name that originally means a leading spirit.

14. Goliath- a Hebrew word that means 'exile.'

15. Hank- short for Henry or Harry, this German origin word means 'home ruler.'

16. Heraboss- this name is apt for the robust form of the Mega Heracross.

17. Herald- this Biblical name suggests someone who publicly proclaims or is an army commander.

18. Hercules- derived from the Greek name Herakles, a combo of Greek heroes meaning 'warrior' and kleos meaning 'glory,' Hercules sounds quite similar to Heracross, and it also depicts the mega evolution of the Pokemon.

19. Heron- a long-legged bird, the name of a Greek invention and an Egyptian saint.

20. Hersh- a derived form of Hersch, this name means a deer.

Creative Heracross Nicknames

Let's check out some creative Heracross nicknames-

21. Hiero- is originally a name derived from the Greek language, which means 'holy.'

22. Hillary- Hillary comes from the Latin word Hilarius which means 'cheerful,' derived from Greek Hilaros, meaning cheerful or merry.

23. Hind- old English term hind means a female deer.

24. John Cena- this cool name defines the extremely powerful Mega Heracross.

25. Longhorn- Heracross is very proud of its signature horn. Thus, this name could be an apt choice.

26. Rhino- considering a Heracross is known for its horns on the head, this name could be a perfect fit.

27. Weedle- one of the funny Heracross nicknames, Weedle, is a Japanese word.

28. Weevil- is a small, harmful parasitic beetle that feeds on plants and grains.

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