100+ Hand Picked Vulpera Names With Meanings For Your Characters

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The Vulpera race consists of nomadic people who resemble foxes.

The Vulpera reside in the Vol'dun deserts on the planet of Zandalar. They survive by trading and scavenging and travel in caravans across the vast Vol'dun sand dunes.

The Vulpera is a playable race in 'World Of Warcraft' and if you're planning to play as a Vulpera, you need a suitable name. In this article, we'll give you over 100 Vulpera name suggestions. The names we'll suggest include the ones that reflect their fox-like appearance, their desert-like habitat and also their hunting and combat abilities.

What's more? You'll find both male and female names. If you want to find more names, check out Pandaren names and Yuan-ti names.

Vulpera Names For Girls

If you're going to play as a female Vulpera, here are some amazing names for you to consider for characters from various Vulpera classes such as hunter, mage, and warrior. If you're looking for boy names meaning fox, desert, warrior or hunter, skip this section and scroll down to the next ones.

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1. Aine (Celtic origin), the name of the fairy queen in Celtic mythology.

2. Alana (Hawaiian origin), meaning "as sly as a fox during the night".

3. Alcina (Greek origin), the name of a Greek sorceress.

4. Alessia (Italian origin), meaning "defending warrior".

5. Alexa (Greek origin), meaning "mankind's protector".

6. Aloisia (German origin), meaning "renowned fighter".

7. Althea (English origin), meaning "healer".

8. Aradia (Italian origin), the name of an iconic Italian witch.

9. Artemis (Greek origin), the name of the Greek Goddess of wilderness, animals, and hunting; one of the best female hunter names for your female Vulpera character.

10. Auryon (American origin), meaning "hunter".

11. Bendis (Thracian origin), the name of the Thracian hunting and moon Goddess.

12. Brielle (Mexican origin), meaning "hunting grounds".

13. Brigid (Celtic origin), the name of the Celtic Goddess of poetry, forging, and healing.

14. Britomartis (Minoan origin), the name of the Goddess of mountains and hunting in Minoan mythology.

15. Calypso (Greek origin), the name of a Greek island nymph who had delayed Odysseus in returning home.

16. Circe (Greek origin), the name of a demi-goddess in Greek mythology who had exceptional knowledge about potions and herbs.

17. Cyrene (Greek origin), the powerful huntress who was the daughter of King Hypseus in Greek mythology.

18. Chula (Native American origin), meaning "fox"; a unique name that means fox

19. Diana (Roman origin), the name of the Roman Goddess of childbirth, forests, and hunting.

20. Dealla (Irish origin), meaning "protector".

21. Edme (Scottish origin), meaning "protector".

22. Elda (Italian origin), meaning "warrior".

23. Eremita (Spanish origin), meaning "desert"z

24. Flidais (Irish origin), the name of the Irish Goddess of animas, hunting, and woodlands.

25. Hecate (Greek origin), the name of the Goddess of witchcraft in Greek mythology.

26. Hilda (German origin), meaning "woman of battle".

27. Jasmine (Arabic origin), meaning "the jasmine flower", which is known for its aroma and its aphrodisiac properties.

28. June (French origin), meaning "women's protector".

29. Kacela (African origin), meaning "hunter".

30. Kainda (African origin), meaning "daughter of the hunter"; one of the best Vulpera hunter names for female characters.

31. Kelly (Irish origin), meaning "war".

32. Kendra (English origin), meaning "magical".

33. Larissa (Greek origin), the name of a sea nymph in Greek mythology.

34. Malin (English origin), meaning "little and strong warrior".

35. Malou (Dutch origin), meaning "renowned fighter".

36. Marcella (Latin origin), meaning "warlike".

37. Medea (Greek origin), the name of a witch in Greek mythology.

38. Mielikki (Norse origin), the name of the Finnish God of hunting and forests.

39. Minerva (Roman origin), the name of the Goddess of wisdom in Roman folklore.

40. Myla (German origin), meaning "merciful soldier".

41. Neith (Egyptian origin), the name of the Egyptian hunting Goddess.

42. Nujalik (Inuit origin), the name of the Inuit Goddess of hunting.

43. Pythia (Greek origin), a traditional name that the Greek still use to refer to the Oracle of Delphi.

44. Raposa (Portuguese origin), meaning "fox".

45. Rosetta (German origin), meaning "well-known defender".

46. Russhell (French origin), meaning "fox-colored" and "redhead".

47. Sasha (Russian origin), meaning "to defend men".

48. Sharen (English origin), meaning "desert plain".

49. Sharne (Hebrew origin), meaning "desert plain".

50. Sharnelle (American origin), meaning "desert plain".

51. Sharron (English origin), meaning "desert plain".

52. Sinopa (Native American origin), meaning "fox".

53. Skadi (Norse origin), the name of a Scandinavian Goddess of bow hunting.

54. Strega (Italian origin), meaning "witch".

55. Vixen (English origin), meaning "fox-like"; one of the most popular and best fox names that many people in the world still use.

56. Vulpa (Latin origin), meaning "fox".

57. Vulpine (English origin), meaning "like a fox".

58. Wali (Somalian origin), meaning "desert flower".

59. Winda (Swahili origin), meaning "hunter".

60. Zabrina (American origin), meaning "fruity desert flower".

61. Zarola (Arabic origin), meaning "hunter".

Vulpera Names For Boys

If you're playing as a male Vulpera, you'd surely want some suggestions for male Vulpera fox people. This section is where you'll find the most suitable names for male Vulpera.

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62. Alex (Greek origin), the shortened form of the name Alexander, meaning "mankind's guardian".

63. Ansel (Hebrew origin), meaning "protector".

64. Arawn (Welsh origin), the hunting God of Welsh mythology.

65. Aristaeus (Greek origin), the Greek hunting God and the son of Greek God Apollo and Goddess Cyrene.

66. Armando (French origin), meaning "soldier".

67. Artemas (Greek origin), meaning "the hunting Gods"; a good male Vulpera name.

68. Balgair (Scottish origin), meaning "fox".

69. Callan (Scottish origin), meaning "rock" and "battle".

70. Canowicakte (Native American origin), meaning "forest hunter"; another good male Vulpera name.

71. Casey (Irish origin), meaning "one who stays brave during battle".

72. Cernunnos (Celtic origin), the name of the horned hunting God in Celtic folklore and mythology.

73. Charan (Indian origin), meaning "fox".

74. Chase (French origin), meaning "to seize" or "to hunt".

75. Crevan (Scottish, Irish and Gaelic origin), meaning "fox".

76. Duncan (Scottish origin), meaning "dark warrior".

77. Dustin (German origin), meaning "fighter".

78. Ethan (Hebrew origin), meaning "strong".

79. Fowler (English and Scottish origin), meaning "hunters of wild birds".

80. Gahiji (Rwanda origin), meaning "hunter".

81. Grosvenor (Norman-French origin), meaning "great hunter".

82. Gunther (German origin) meaning "battle fighter".

83. Harold (Norse origin), meaning "ruler of the army".

84. Huntley (English origin), meaning "the hunter's meadow".

85. Kane (Welsh origin), meaning "warrior".

86. Lewis (English origin), meaning "well-known warrior".

87. Makya (Native American origin), meaning "hunter of eagles".

88. Marcus(Latin origin), meaning "warlike".

89. Marudeva (Indian origin), meaning "desert lord".

90. Milo (German origin), meaning "merciful warrior".

91. Muawiyah (Arabic origin), meaning "fox".

92. Ned (English origin), meaning "affluent defender".

93. Nyyrikki (Norse origin), meaning "the hunting God".

94. Nodens (Celtic origin), the name of the Celtic hunting God.

95. Oasis (Indian origin), meaning "desert".

96. Opochtli (Aztec origin), the name of the Aztec God of hunting and fishing.

97. Oringo (African origin), meaning "man who loves to hunt".

98. Oscar (Irish origin), meaning "champion warrior".

99. Osmond (English origin), meaning "divine defender".

100. Patton (English origin), meaning "town of the fighter".

101. Raymond (German origin), meaning "men's defender".

102. Reynard (French origin), meaning fox".

103. Rigel (Arabic origin), meaning "left foot of the hunter in the Orion constellation".

104. Roger (German origin), meaning "famous fighter".

105. Rustin (French origin), meaning "fox-colored" and "redhead".

106. Sahara (Indian origin), meaning "support"; also the name of an African desert.

107. Sinai (Hebrew origin), meaning "from the desert of clay".

108. Siwili (Native American origin), meaning "fox's tail".

109. Tokala (Native American origin), meaning "fox".

110. Todd (English and Scottish origin), meaning "fox".

111. Troy (Irish origin), meaning "foot soldier's descendant".

112. Ulpiano (Latin origin), meaning "sly like a fox".

113. Vulpiano (Latin origin), meaning "sly like a fox".

114. Walter (English origin), meaning "army".

Gender Neutral Vulpera Names

If you're looking for gender neutral names for your fox characters on World of Warcraft, this is the section for you.

115. Kayuqtuq (Inuit origin), meaning "red fox".

116. Rubah (Indonesian origin), meaning "fox".

117. Tiqriganiyannig (Inuit origin), meaning "arctic fox".

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