29 Interesting NFL Player Nicknames

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Originally Published on Oct 22, 2022
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NFL player nicknames are interesting.
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Nicknames for athletes, especially while talking about professional football, build a sense of attached emotions in fans.

NFL player nicknames in NFL history are usually seen to be creative, funny, relaxed, and unique. At times, it may also be noted that few players are more famously known by their nicknames rather than their actual names.

Usually, nicknames are assigned according to the personality or character that a person plays in their life or their position in the game, in the case of sportspersons. Here are the most interesting NFL nicknames assigned to the players which are fascinating, especially if you are a fan. This article has become a must-read one for fans.

Creative Nicknames For NFL Players

NFL players are usually physically active and creative with their moves. If you are looking for ways to show your creativity to address an NFL player, here is the list of names you can go through:

1. Cadillac: Carnell Lamar Williams is addressed as Cadillac for his running style.

2. Claymaker: Clay Matthews is termed so because of his role as a leading pass-rusher.

3. Ed Too Tall Jones: Edward Lee Jones or Ed Jones is titled so because of his towering height.

4. Matty Ice: Matt Ryan is tagged so for staying in his cool temperament like ice and not being a short-tempered person.

5. Marion The Barbarian: Marion Barber is allocated this nickname for his ferocious style in the sport.

6. My Favorite Martin: Curtis James was known for this as a play on words from the show named 'My Favorite Martian'.

7. Pillsbury Throwboy: Jared Lorenzen is tagged with the Pillsbury Throwboy nickname during his adult career.

8. The Border Patrol: After the defensive unit that featured Rodney Harrison, Junior Seau, Denis Gibson, and Leslie in 1994 nicknamed the team the border patrol.

9. Wild Man: Thomas Henderson was titled wild man during his college days because of his personality.

Cool Nicknames For NFL Players

Cool players required cool nicknames. Here is the list of all the cool nicknames you can call your NFL friend:

10. Brady: This concise form has been derived from Tom Brady's original name which seems to be cool.

11. Bruise Brothers: The defensive line in the 1980s in San Diego Chargers gave rise to this nickname.

12. Cardiac Cats: In 2003, the Carolina Panthers were nicknamed Cardiac Cats.

13. Galloping Ghost: Harold Edward Red Grange has a dazzling speed that feels like a galloping ghost.

14. Hefty Lefty: Jared Lorenzen has been assigned as hefty lefty signifying his lefthanded play and his heavyweight while playing as a quarterback.

15. Homeland Defense: After winning the super bowl, the New England Patriots were nicknamed homeland defense.

16. Honey Badger: Tyrann Mathieu was given this nickname because of his awe-inspiring gameplay.

17. Joe Cool: The ability to remain cool postseason by Joe Flacco has made his fans call him by this nickname.

18. Night Train: Richard "Dick" Lane was known as the night train as he is seen playing best when everyone else gives up.

19. The Chief: John Chavis, was given this name because of his role as a coach and defensive coordinator.

Unique Nicknames For NFL Players

When confused, go with the unique names of the players.

20. Big Ben: it is fame given to Ben Roethlisberger for his unusual quarterbacks.

21. Boogeymen: Kyle Van Noy, Donta's Hightower, and Jamie Collins Sr. are a few among the important linebackers known as boogeymen for their terrifying performances.

22. Machine Gun: Jim Kelly has an NFL history after kidnapping an oil tycoon.

23. Niner Empire: a nickname given to the San Francisco 49ers.

24. Smash And Dash: It is a nickname assigned to two NFL player duos, Chris Johnson and LenDale White; and Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo William for their team-up.

25. The Ageless Wonder: Darrell Green Ellis is given this nickname for his long and successful career.

26. The Refrigerator: William Perry is known to remain cool like a fridge as nicknamed by his fans.

27. Legion of Boom: Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner, along with others, are tagged so because they can surround the entire defense team.

28. The Sheriff: Peyton Manning is known by his fans for his struggle.

29. The Three Amigos: The team belonging to wide receiver Denver Broncos is nicknamed after the movie that was released in 1986.

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