71 LEGO Piece Names You Must Know

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You would probably be looking to find more information on official categories of LEGO sets before you make a purchase decision.

Some of the popular official pieces or a 'brick' you would need to create the complete sets are thin plates, horizontal clips, bar and antenna, Light Reflector, Technic Full Pin, and several others. LEGO sets are categorized into age groups from one to three years or two to four years based on the type of complexity.

This categorization helps make a purchase decision when inside a store or an online site. Want to know more about the different LEGO pieces?

LEGO Technic Piece Names

These are some technical parts of LEGO pieces that you must know. Knowing these parts will help you use the LEGO pieces effectively and join the blocks creatively into something powerful and unique, whether your child is in the age group of 1-3 or 2-4.

  • Axle (English Origin), meaning 'a rod or spindle.' The split axles permit the wheels to turn at various rates. An important technic element along with plates.
  • Beam (English Origin), meaning 'a long, sturdy piece of squared timber or metal used to support the roof or floor of a building.' A top technic element used in LEGO sets.
  • Bushing (English Origin), meaning 'a usually removable cylindrical lining for an opening.' A bushing connector is utilized to associate a couple of bars together and to a pivot.
  • Connector (English Origin), meaning 'a thing which links two or more things together.' Use to connect and support plates.
  • Crankshaft (English Origin), meaning 'a shaft driven by a crank.' The driving rod is the foundation of the gas-powered motor. A critical top technic part type.
  • Cross Block (English Origin), meaning 'mechanical thinning of sugar beets or other crops.' Used to connect blocks in a crossway.
  • Disk (English Origin), meaning 'widely used in computing contexts.' Discs are regarded as top technic parts.
  • Figure accessories (English Origin), meaning 'a subordinate or supplementary part, object, or the like, used mainly for convenience, attractiveness, and safety.'
  • Flexible cable (English Origin), meaning 'continuous-flex cables.' These are specially designed and are helpful with tight bending radii and physical stress and offer the necessary support.
  • Gear (English Origin), meaning 'a toothed wheel that works with others to alter the relation between the speed of a driving mechanism.'
  • Link (English Origin), meaning 'a relationship between two things or situations.' Players of any age group can use this, be it 1 -3 or 2-4.
  • Panel (English Origin), meaning 'a flat or curved component.' Design is ideally suited for those mind-boggling with varying points of view.
  • Pin (English Origin), meaning 'a thin piece of metal with a sharp point at one end and a round head at the other, used for fastening pieces.'
  • Shock Absorber (English Origin), meaning 'a device for absorbing jolts and vibrations.
  • Standard (English Origin), meaning 'a level of quality or attainment.' Standard is the bushing wheels or connecting parts used to connect other pieces.
  • Steering (English Origin), meaning 'the action of steering a vehicle, vessel, or aircraft.' Steering is used to move the car or vehicle pieces in LEGO.
  • Technic Pin (English Origin), meaning 'studless construction.' This pin empowered shafts to be associated together safely. It can be called an excellent technic part type.
  • Turntable (English Origin), meaning 'a round spinning plate supporting a record as it is played.' This creation is made to look and work like a bag/Briefcase turntable.
  • Wedge (English Origin), meaning 'a piece of wood, metal.' Wedges are utilized to part stone!
  • Wing (English Origin), meaning 'a modified forelimb that bears large feathers and is used for flying.' LEGO wings are used to make flying objects.

LEGO Wheel Guard Piece Names

It is on wheels where the vehicles can move from one place to another, so it is essential to know the parts of the wheels to make a perfect LEGO model.

  • Arc with an edge (English Origin), meaning 'line joining a pair of nodes.' It has a relation with wheels to connect.
  • Black tires (English Origin), meaning 'rubber tires.' It is a popular part in a LEGO group.
  • Brick with wheel arc (English Origin), meaning 'brick with an arc for attaching the wheel.' This brick is used to make a LEGO model with wheels in several sets.
  • Car mudguard (English Origin), meaning 'a car part.' It is the front part of a car model in several sets.
  • Car mudguard with curve decoration (English Origin), meaning 'a car part.' This is also the front part of the car model but a little fancy with decorations.
  • Large red wheel (English Origin), meaning 'red-colored wheels.' These wheels are used in vehicles made in LEGO.
  • Mudguard (English Origin), meaning 'a curved strip or cover over a vehicle's wheel.' Mudguard is where more than one piece is joined together.
  • Mudguard with flame and taillight (English Origin), meaning 'a car part.' This is also a part of a car with a taillight and flame.
  • Mudguard with overhanging headlights (English Origin), meaning 'mudguard having the facility to put the vehicle's headlight.'
  • Square Axles (English Origin), meaning 'axles in square shape.' These axles can also be used in tires for various purposes.

LEGO Ninjago Piece Names

Initially getting ready for a long-term life expectancy, this year marks ten years of the LEGO NINJAGO establishment.

  • City docks (English Origin), meaning 'city model.' An easy model to search for.
  • City gardens (English Origin), meaning 'city garden models.'
  • Destiny's bounty (English Origin), meaning 'ship model.' It can be called an extreme essentialDragon Pit (English Origin), meaning 'dragon model.' A popular LEGO group.
  • Movie Destiny's bounty (English Origin), meaning 'ship model.'
  • Ninja Dojo Temple (English Origin), meaning 'temple model.' The set is complicated to search for.
  • Ninjago City (English Origin), meaning 'city model.' The city is brimming with detail from start to finish.
  • Samurai x Cave Chaos (English Origin), meaning 'Samurai and cave model.'
  • Temple of Airjitzu (English Origin), meaning 'temple model.'
  • Temple of the ultimate weapon (English Origin), meaning 'temple and weapon model.'

LEGO Star Wars Freeco Speeder Piece Names

LEGO has those star wars models for children to play with and join many bricks to create a complete model. See some names you want to know more about before putting a set from the stores or an online site.

  • Ahsoka Tano (English Origin), meaning 'character model.'
  • Armored assault tank (English Origin), meaning 'tank model.' The AAT has heaps of sensible subtleties to rouse fun and inventive play.
  • Boba Fett's throne room (English Origin), meaning 'Boba Fett's Throne Room buildable playset.'
  • Darth Vader helmet (English Origin), meaning 'helmet model.' This is a model of the helmet of a character called Darth Vader from star wars.
  • Darth Vader meditation chamber (English Origin), meaning 'chamber of meditation of Darth Vader.'
  • Defense of hath '(English Origin), meaning 'war weapon model.'
  • Imperial probe droid (English Origin), meaning 'LEGO star wars model.' Another LEGO model from star wars.
  • Imperial Shuttle (English Origin), meaning 'fly shuttle model.' It is a fly shuttle model with an imperial officer in the cockpit.
  • Imperial star destroyer (English Origin), meaning 'fighter weapon.' This goliath imitation catches every one of the legitimate subtleties of the starship.
  • Luke Skywalker (English Origin), meaning 'Luke skywalker helmet model.'
  • Mandalorian Starfighter (English Origin), meaning 'fighter plane model.'
  • Millennium Falcon (English Origin), meaning 'fighter plane model'. It is a fighter plane model from star wars.
  • Mos Eisley Cantina (English Origin), meaning 'spaceport model.'
  • Republic Gunship (English Origin), meaning 'gunship model.' Reproduce the legendary fight of Geonosis with this Ultimate Collector Series.
  • Snow trooper battle pack (English Origin), meaning 'gun models.'
  • The bad batch attack shuttle (English Origin), meaning 'it is an attack shuttle model from star wars.'
  • The Mandalorian helmet (English Origin) means 'helmet model.'
  • The Mandalorians N-1 Starfighter (English Origin), meaning 'starfighter model.'
  • The razor crest micro fighter (English Origin) means 'fighter model.' It is a fighter model from the star wars movie.
  • Yoda (English Origin), meaning 'character of star wars.' An itemized, block-fabricated Jedi Master Yoda.

Unique LEGO Piece Names

Many people always look to learn more about popular LEGO pieces before buying a new LEGO set. Here are some unique LEGO pieces names that help you quickly make your LEGO models.

These parts may seem small, but they play a major role in LEGO models. See the names of unique pieces here.

  • Bracket (English Origin), meaning 'a LEGO part'. This is an instrumental part of a LEGO model without which you might get stuck.
  • Brick (English Origin), meaning 'the LEGO model's basic unit.' Bricks are the basic units of the great LEGO model from which a new model is created, from start to stop.
  • Double cheese (English Origin), meaning 'a LEGO part.' It is a possible sloppy part for the LEGO models.
  • Flower plate (English Origin), meaning 'a plate with a flower shape.' This is a small plate piece in a LEGO model, a flower shape.
  • Panel with columns and arch (English Origin), meaning 'a panel for LEGO model.'
  • Plate corner (English Origin), meaning 'corner part of the LEGO model.' It is a great part used in the corner part of the LEGO models.
  • Quarter (English Origin), meaning 'LEGO piece.' This is a tiny LEGO piece, but it is used in many different LEGO models.
  • Sole curved (English Origin), meaning 'a LEGO part.' The left and right sides have separate features used in LEGO models. Different parts have always been used over the years for building connections.
  • Technic Driving Ring Connector Smooth (English Origin), meaning 'a technical LEGO part.' This can be used when you want a bigger axle connector.
  • Technic Link Tread with Beveled Edge (English Origin), meaning 'a LEGO piece.' It is a small part that connects other LEGO parts in a model.
  • Tiles (English Origin), meaning 'abasic LEGO model unit.' Just like bricks, these are also basic LEGO model units.' One of the many great items that you cannot do without.

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