100 Of The Best Patriotic Names From Around The World

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Humans are bonded all over the world with the feeling of belonging to one another - as a single entity.

Patriotism is one approach that brings every person close to their land and brave home. National belongingness is a bond that people develop if they live in the same country and accepts and follow the cultural principles set down by this country.

Words like a bond, rights, united, country, flag, are what connect the unique individuals in one place. So what are the best patriotic names?

Powerful Boy names like Arnold, Kawan and Thor seem the best choice of baby names and also have a unique sound to them.

Patriotic girl names like Valentia, Bali and Victory also have a uniqueness to them and can be used for a baby to stick to the feeling of patriotism. Here are some powerful patriotic baby names derived from cities, countries, historically prominent people, and so on to make this list worthwhile for your search.

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Famous Patriot Names From History

Historical figures make some of the best patriotic baby names:

1. Abraham (M) (Biblical, Hebrew origin) meaning "exalted father"; referred to Abraham Lincoln, the most influential U.S President.

2. Amelia (F) (German origin) meaning "working, striving"; associated with Amelia Earhart, the famous aviator.

3. Benjamin (M) (Hebrew, Jewish, English origin) meaning "son of the South or to the right hand"; known after the founding father of the United States, Benjamin Franklin.

4. Betsy (F) (English origin) meaning "God is my oath"; associated with Betsy Ross, who was one of the members to make the first American Flag.

5. Columbus (M) (Latin origin) meaning "dove"; associated with Christopher Columbus, the Italian explorer who played a huge part in discovering America.

6. Che (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "God will increase"; associated with Che Guevara, a revolutionary.

7. Galileo (M) (Latin origin) meaning "person from Galilee"; usually known for the famous astronomer Galileo Galilei.

8. George (M) (Greek origin) meaning "farmer"; associated with George Washington, a Founding Father who was the first President of the United States.

9. Indira (F) (Sanskrit origin) meaning "splendid"; known after the first female Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi.

10. Isabella (F) (Italian, French origin) meaning "pledged to God"; associated with Spanish Queen of Castile.

11. Jefferson (M) (English origin) meaning "son of Jeffery"; associated with Jefferson Davis, former President of Confederate States.

12. John (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "graced by God"; associated with the popular U.S President named John. F. Kennedy.

13. Karl (M) (German origin) meaning "free man"; associated with Karl Heinrich Marx, author of Communist Manifesto.

14. Lincoln (M/F) (English origin) meaning "lake settlement"; is also considered as a patriotic first name.

15. Martha (F) (Hebrew origin) meaning "lady"; Martha Washington, wife of George Washington, First Lady of the United States.

16. Martin (M) (Roman origin) meaning "war-like"; associated with Martin Luther King Jr., an American minister and activist and the most prominent leader in the civil rights movement.

17. Mohandas (M) (Sanskrit origin) meaning "servant of God Mohana"; associated with the non-violence revolutionary named Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi.

18. Napoleon (M) (French origin) meaning "people from Naples"; associated with Napoleon Bonaparte, a prominent military leader in the French Revolution.

19. Neil (M) (Gaelic origin) meaning "passionate"; known popularly after Neil Armstrong, the first man to land on the moon.

20. Nikita (F) (Greek origin) meaning "victory of people"; known after Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev, who led the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

21. Peter (M) (Greek origin) meaning "stone, rock"; associated with Peter Salem, a colonial hero from the American Revolutionary War.

22. Phyllis (F) (Greek origin) meaning "green leaves, foliage"; associated with Phyllis Wheatley, a revolutionary intellectual who used her words to wage a war for freedom.

23. Sam (M) (Greek origin) meaning "God has heard"; is short for Samuel. The name is associated with Uncle Sam, a common figure that represents the US Government, created during the war.

24. Seal (M/F) (Cornish origin) meaning "dweller by the small woods"; is associated with the team that apprehended Osama Bin Laden (Navy SEALs).

25. Subhash (M) (Sanskrit origin) meaning "speech"; known for Subhash Chandra Bose, a freedom fighter from India.

26. Thomas (M) (French, German origin) meaning "look-alike, twin"; associated with Thomas Paine, the revolutionary political activist of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Names That Bring The Patriotic Feeling To Life

Baby boy holding Canadian flag with red maple leaf.

Americana names that created history are best for baby names.

27. Colombo (M) (Italian origin) meaning "dove".

28. Disney (M/F) (French, English origin) meaning "coming from the town of Isigny", after Walt Disney.

29. Elvis (M) (Scandinavian origin) meaning "all-wise"; commonly associated with Elvis Presley, the cultural icon of the 20th century.

30. Harley (M) (English origin) meaning "wood clearing"; is associated with Harley-Davidson.

31. Henry (M) (Old English origin) meaning "home-ruler"; associated with Henry Ford, the business magnate and founder of the Ford Motor Company.

32. Isaac (M) (Biblical origin) meaning "one who laughs, son of Abraham"; associated with Isaac Newton.

33. Virginia (F) (Roman origin) meaning "virgin, young maiden".

34. Walt (M) (German, American origin) meaning "powerful army"; associated with the poet, Walt Whitman.

35. William (M) (Old English origin) meaning "vehement protector, helmet"; associated with the famous literary artists from the history namely; William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth.

Unique Patriotic Girls' Names

Here is a list of patriotic baby names that focus on America and other lands and countries for a baby name.

36. Alaska (Native American origin) meaning "great land".

37. Alexandria (Egyptian origin) meaning "someone who defends".

38. Atlanta (Greek origin) meaning "immovable, secure"; is the capital of the U.S state named Georgia.

39. Bell (Middle English origin) meaning "someone residing near a bell"; refers to the iconic Liberty Bell.

40. Canyon (English origin) meaning "a large ravine".

41. Carolina (Latin origin) meaning "strong"; is a U.S state named North Carolina.

42. Chicago (French origin) meaning "onion field".

43. Democracy (Greek origin) meaning "common people, strength".

44. Diversity (Latin, English origin) meaning "diverse".

45. Dixie (French origin) meaning "from the south of the U.S".

46. Eagle (English origin) meaning "sharp-eyed"; is a patriotic symbol.

47. Florence (Italian origin) meaning "blooming flower"; an Italian town.

48. Georgia (Greek origin) meaning "tiller of the soil"; is a country in the region of Eurasia, an intersection between Europe and Asia.

49. Glory (English origin) meaning "happiness or glory to God".

50. Honor (English origin) meaning "reputation".

51. Liberty (American origin) meaning "freedom"; known for the historic Liberty Bell, the symbol of freedom.

52. Olympia (Greek origin) meaning "mountain of Gods".

53. Roosevelt (Dutch origin) meaning "a field of Rose"; associated with Franklin Roosevelt as well as Island.

54. Sydney/ Sidney (French origin) meaning "island".

55. Valencia (Spanish origin) meaning "brave, valor"; city in Spain.

56. Victory (Latin origin) meaning "victory".

Popular Patriotic Boys' Names

Here is a list of patriotic baby names for baby boys inspired by America or other geographies.

57. Arlington (Old English origin) meaning "place name".

58. Boston (Middle English origin) meaning "place name".

59. Denver (French origin) meaning "green valley"; got quite popular after the character name in Spanish series named 'Money Heist'.

60. Devon (Celtic origin) meaning "someone from Devonshire".

61. Essex (English origin) meaning "from the county of Essex".

62. Freeman (English origin) meaning "free human".

63. Hoover(German origin) meaning "owner of a patch of farmland".

64. Houston (Scottish origin) meaning "mind, spirit".

65. Jackson (Scottish origin) meaning "son of Jack"; the capital city of Mississippi.

66. Lucca (Italian origin) meaning "light".

67. Pacific (Latin origin) meaning "tranquil".

68. Richmond (English origin) meaning "protector of the king"; known as the famous city and capital of Virginia.

69. Troy (Hispanic origin) meaning "foot soldier".

70. Vernon (Norman origin) meaning "true image".

71. Washington (English origin) meaning "the intelligent one".

72. West (Old English origin) meaning "western stream".

73. Weston (English origin) meaning "from the west town".

Patriotic Gender-Neutral Names

Cute toddler boy holding russian flag.

Here is a list of unisex patriotic names. These have been inspired by patriotic names for teams and also names of lands and places. Take a look at these unisex patriotic baby names.

74. America (American origin) meaning "country name"; associated with the actor America Ferrera.

75. Anthem (English origin) meaning "rousing or uplifting song"; is taken as a name by quite sporty individuals.

76. Austin (English origin) meaning "great"; is a city in Texas.

77. Bronx (American origin) meaning "place name".

78. Brooklyn (American origin) meaning "broken land".

79. Charlston (English origin) meaning "land of King Charles".

80. Dakota (Sioux origin) meaning "friend, allies"; recently famous for the actor Dakota Fanning.

81. Dallas (Scottish, English origin) meaning "dweller of the meadow".

82. Eden (Hebrew origin) meaning "paradise"; biblical reference.

83. Erie (American origin) meaning "from Ireland".

84. Free (English origin) meaning "a place named Frede"; was also considered a habitational name.

85. Indiana (American origin) meaning "land of Indians".

86. Jersey (English origin) meaning "grassy land".

87. Juneau (French origin) meaning "young one"; is also a city in Alaska.

88. July (Latin origin) meaning "month"; associated with Julius Ceasar as well as the fourth of July is considered as American Independence.

89. Justice (English origin) meaning "doing right by the law".

90. Melbourne (English origin) meaning "place name"; city in Australia.

91. Montana (Latin origin) meaning "mountains".

92. Paris (Greek origin) meaning "pouch, wallet"; is the considered one of the prettiest cities in all the world.

93. Quincy (Old French origin) meaning "estate of the fifth son".

94. Raleigh (English origin) meaning "red or rye fields"; known by the popular place in North Carolina.

95. Rio (Spanish origin) meaning "river"; popular for Rio De Janerio in Brazil.

96. Shiloh (Hebrew origin) meaning "peaceful one".

97. Sojourner (American origin) meaning "traveler".

98. Tennessee (Native American origin) meaning "a gathering place".

99. Yancy (Native American origin) meaning "Englishman".

100. Yosemite (Indian origin) meaning "grizzly bears".

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