129 Popular Meat Names And Types From Around The World

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Originally Published on Jun 01, 2022
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List of animals and their meat names includes pork meat names, meat company names, and Korean bbq meat names.

Names of meat of animals are extremely important for anyone who likes eating different meats.

This is the reason that animal meat names and meat pieces names are highly sought after by people interested in the consumption of different types of meats. Production and consumption of meat for eating purposes are one of the biggest industries in the world.

Read on for some interesting red meat names and meat pastry names related to different types of meat.

Goat Meat Names

Here are some of the popular goat meat names.

Cabrito is the name for goat meat in Portuguese-speaking countries.

Chevon is the name of the meat from an adult goat in the USA.

Mutton is the name of goat meat in Asia, several countries in Europe, and Caribbean countries.

British Meat Pie Names

Whether it is sweet, salty, or spicy, brits enjoy eating pies on any kind of special occasion. Some of the popular brit meat pies are listed below.

Chicken and leek pie is one of the delicious classic pies that has been more popular over the decade.

Gala pie, the gala pie is made using the pork pie slices with a perfect half-sized boiled egg placed in the middle of the meat.

Lamb shanks pie, a tasty lamb shanks pie should be seasoned with many herbs like rosemary and thyme.

Pork pie, the pork pie is made by roughly chopping, seasoning, and moisturizing the pork with pork jelly. It is listed as one of the most traditional British pies.

Sea bass puff pastry pie, to make a fish theme, add the dish to the prawns with a small quantity of tarragon to enhance the taste of sea bass.

Horse Meat Names

Speaking of meats, here are some of the popular horse meats that are high in protein and are fit for human consumption.

Cavallo In Italy, horse meat is called cavallo.

Cheval, In France horse meat, is usually called chevaline or cheval.

Chevaline is a name that is most popular in Asian and European countries as it works as a substitute for a portion of beef and is also inexpensive. 

Popular Names Of Meat Cuts

There are tendifferent types and cuts of meats available all over the globe. The meat cuts differ from country to country. Let us check out the interesting ten meat cuts below.

Abbacchio Romano, it refers to either a male or female lamb found within the Lazio region of Italy.

Agneau de Lait des Pyrenees, these milk-fed lambs are found in Pyrenees Atlantiques and offer ample nutrition after the meat is cooked.

Agneau de Pauillac, this variety of fresh lamb meat is used for making sausage.

Agneau de sisteron, this variety of meat comes from the young lambs found in the regions of France.

Agneau du Limousin, this lamb meat is sold as fine meat cuts or carcass found in France’s region.

Agneau du Perigord, it is fresh lamb meat, born and raised in the regions of France.

Agneau du Périgord, this fresh lamb meat will be tasty and originated in France’s Dordogne region.

Agneau du Quercy, it is one of the lamb meat varieties found in the Quercy region in France.

Agnello del Centro Italia is meat from the lamb breed named Apennine, raised in the regions of Italy.

Agnello di Sardegna, it is one of the ancient sheep breeds found in the natural environment of Sardinia, Italy.

Alcatra, it is one of the special cuts in top sirloin (a part of beef cut). It is one of the most popular kinds of meat.

Angus Beef, Angus beef comes from the Aberdeen Angus cattle and is consumed as ground beef for its rich nutritional value. One of the best cuts of beef.

Ankole Long-Horned Cattle, it is one of the risk variety cattle breeds that are becoming extinct found in the regions of Uganda.

Ansim is one of the most prestigious cuts of meat done in South Korea.

Argentine Beef, it is one of the highest qualities of meat that arrived in Argentina with the Conquistadors.

Arnaki Elassonas, this lamb variety is one of the Greek breed varieties in Greece’s regions.

Arnaki Thassou, this lamb variety is originated from the island of Thassos in Greece.

Bareges Gavarnie, it is found in the mountain regions of France, and this is the meat from adult sheep.

Bareges-Gavarnie, this adult sheep’s fresh meat originated in the mountain regions of France.

Bazna Pig, it is one of the rare varieties of pigs and is found in the district of Sibiu.

Bison, Bison is mainly found in the United States of America and the native place of bison in North America.

Bistecca Alla Fiorentina, it is more often referred T-bone steak; the Florentine-style beef steak can be prepared using this cut.

Boeuf de Bazas, this beef breed is from Bazadais and is found in the Landes regions in France.

Boeuf de Chalosse, this fresh beef meat is found in the regions of Aquitaine, France.

Boeuf de Vendée, this fresh meat is found in the French regions of Vendée and is rich in nutrition.

Boeuf de Vendee, this fresh meat is found in the Vendee region of France.

Borrego Serra da Estrela, this lamb is found in the Coimbra districts of Portugal.

Cap Nach, it is a unique black pig variety and originated from the Sapa region of Vietnam.

Capon de Vilalba, this chicken variety originated in the Galician province and is known for its white meat.

Carnalentejana, this meat is taken from a cow variety mainly found in t Santarem, Lisbon, and Portalegre, Portugal.

Carne Arouquesa, in the best beef category, this meat has won two awards in Paris Exhibition.

Carne Barrosa, this cow variety is mainly found in the regions of Braga, and Viana do Castelo in the northwestern part of Portugal.

Carne de Avila, it comes as a crossbreed between two cross varieties of Avilena, Negra Iberica and Charolais, Limousin breeds.

Carne de Bisaro Transmontano, Bisaro pigs is the supplier of meat that is raised in the regions of northern parts of Portugal.

Carne de Cantabria, this variety of beef breeds comes from Asturian, Highland brown, and Monchina.

Carne de Morucha de Salamanca is beef meat from the Morcha breed and is popular in the United Kingdom. This roast beef is widely enjoyed.

Carne de Porco Alentejano, it is one of the pork varietiesfrom Portugal.

Carne dos Acores, the meat comes from the cow variety Portuguese Azores in the regions of Portugal.

Carne Mirandesa, it is one of the long-populated cattle breeds found in Portugal.

Chateaubriand, it is a popular cut of beef in France. The beef tenderloin can be grilled or roasted with a thick cut.

Chianina, it is one of the ancient cattle breed varieties and is found in the regions of Italy.

Cinta Senese, it is considered the progenitor for all varieties of Tuscan pigs. It is mainly found in the Tuscany region of Italy.

Connemara Hill Lamb, it is a lamb breed found in the western part of Connemara, Irelands.

Cordero de Extremadura, this lamb variety is found in the Extremadura region of Spain.

Cordero Manchego, it is a lamb variety mainly found in the provinces of Ciudad, Toledo, and the Real regions of Spain.

Cordero Segureno, this lamb variety originated from the provinces of Jaen, Spain.

Elk, it is a member of the deer family originating from Montana, United States of America.

Emu meat, it is one of the red meat varieties rich in low fat and cholesterol content and is found in Australia.

Entrecôte, entrecôte is the cut between the ribs of the beef. This cut is more popular in Europe and France.

Fatback has become most popular in the South for its affordable range.

Fraldinha, this cut is done in beef that includes connective tissues. It is a more traditional cut in churrasco.

Ga Den, this chicken variety is one of the most famous foods in Vietnam, mainly in the Sapa region.

Gall del Penedes, it is a rooster variety found in Catalonia, Spain.

Greater Rhea, this bird is considered one of the largest birds found in the Chaco province of Argentina.

Huacaya alpaca, it is a type of alpaca with low calorie, carbohydrate, and fat content.

Kangaroo Meat, it is one of the low-content beef varieties mainly found in the regions of Australia.

Katsikaki Elassonas, the meat of Katsikaki is taken from young goats.

Kintoa, due to the slower growth of this pork variety, it consists of more saturated fat content.

Kobe Beef, Kobe beef denotes the Tajima-gyu breed of Japanese cattle breed variety.

Lakeland Herdwick, this fine, grained meat from either lamb or sheep originated from Cumbria, England.

Licka janjetina, this meat comes from the lamb breed Lika Curly and is mostly found in Croatia.

Magyar Szurkemarha Hus, it is one of the unique grey cattle varieties, and its taste will be similar to game meat.

Matsusaka beef, it is a type of beef originating from Japan and is one of the popular cuts of beef cooked with olive oil.

Mountain Hare, it is one of the uncommon varieties in the world. It is found in the mountain regions of Scotland.

Navajo, Churro Sheep, this sheep variety was found in the regions of New Mexico’s Rio Grande Valley in the 16th century.

Ogyeopsal, in South Korea, Ogyeopsal is traditional pork meat cut rich in fatty acids.

Omi Beef, it isone of the Japanese beef varieties mostly raised in Shiga Prefecture.

Paska Janjetina, it is one of the local lamb varieties found on the island of Pag.

Picanha, it is a more popular and high-priced type of cut in Brazil. Above the butt of the animal, picanha is located on a fat cap.

Porc d’Auvergne, this variety of pig meat is quite tasty found in the French regions of Auvergne.

Porc de Franche-Comté, it is a fresh form of meat from pigs that are reproduced in the regions of France.

Porc de Normandie, it is a pork variety that originated from the Eure in France.

Porc du Sud-Ouest, this pork meat is born and raised in the southwest part of France.

Porc noir de Bigorre is one form of old pig meat found in France’s region which has a rich fat content.

Red meat all types of livestock are called red meat, including pork, goat, beef, mutton, lamb, and venison. Read meat must be consumed in regulation. Excess red meat consumption can cause some health issues.

Samgyeopsal is one of the most expensive meat cuts in South Korea. It consists of only pork belly and became so popular in the '60s.

Scotch Beef, this is one of the special beef breed varieties found in the regions of Scotland.

Scotch Lamp, this variety of meat lamb is originated in Scotland.

Sea meat, sea animals whose meat is widely consumed are sea meat, including crab, lobster, oysters, mussels. This meat is rich in amino acids.

Shetland Lamb, this lamb is sold as cut meats or whole meat.

Suri alpaca, Suri alpaca is considered one of the rarest varieties in alpaca.

Tapir, it is a wild animal, and the hunting of tapir is strictly prohibited in the region of Ecuador.

Taureau de Camargue, it is the meat of a bull that is deep red found in the regions of France.

Ternera de Aliste, this cattle breed between 8-12 months is found in Castilla Y Leon, Spain.

Ternera de Extremadura, this variety is raised in the community of Extremadura, Spain.

Ternera de Los Pirineos Catalanes, this cow variety is found in the homogenous geographical area of Spain and France.

Ternera de Navarra, it is a crossbreed variety from two varieties of cows, Asturiana de Los Valles and Asturiana de La Montana, and is found in Spain.

Ternera Gallega, it is a veal of both Rubia and Morena Gallega that are found in Galicia.

Turopoljska svinja, this pig breed is named by its origin place Turopolje.

Veau d’Aveyron et du Segala, it is a young grass-fed calf meat born in the regions of Cantal, Tarn, and Aveyron regions of France.

Veau du Limousin, this is a calf variety that comes from the Limousine breed found in the regions of France.

Visayan Spotted Deer, is an endangered species found in the Philippines.

Vitela de Lafoes, this meat comes from two cross breeds of cattle named Mirandesa and Arouquesa.

Vitellone Bianco dell'Appennino Centrale, is one of the popular types of meat from grass-fed cows.

Volaille de Bresse, it is one type of bird with blue feet and a red crest found in the regions of France.

Volailles de Bourgogne, this poultry is one of the popular types of meat.

Volailles de Bretagne, this poultry is found in the French region, Bretagne.

Volailles de Gascogne, this variety of poultry meat is white and tasty found in the regions of France.

Volailles de l'Ain, this poultry consists of chicken, turkey, and other poultry. Chicken meat is one of the cheapest raw meat types.

Volailles de Normandie, is one of the popular types of meat coming from poultry.

Wagyu, it is one of the varieties of beef in Japan. It is popular as grain-fed beef.

Welsh Black Cattle, this variety will be black and contain black-tipped horns found in the regions of Wales.

Welsh Lamp, Welsh Lamb is a meat variety of sheep raised in the regions of Wales.

Welsh mountain sheep, it is found in the mountain regions of Wales, and so it is called mountain sheep.

West Country Beef, the fat of the meat is white to yellow is mainly found in southwest England.

White meat is also known as poultry, including chicken, turkey, and duck. White meat is considered healthier than red meat.

Zagorski Puran, it is one of the traditional turkey breeds found in the regions of Zagorje.

Different types of meat are enjoyed by people in different countries.

Italian Meat Names

Speaking of meats, here are some of the most popular cured Italian meat names.

Bresaola isair-dried beef and flavored with the necessary elements. Known for its nutrient profile.

Cacciatore, is one of the smallest forms of Italian meat famous for its size and its spicy flavor.

Coppa, is an Italian cut of ham (pork) and is popular for its nutrient content. Roast ham is extremely delicious.

Culatello, this is one of the important Italian meats, for its nutrient content.

Guanciale, it is made from cured pork jowl. It is one of the traditional Italian meat varieties around the world.

Lardo, is made with the fat in the backside of cured-cut pork and is most popular in the northern side of Italy.

Mortadella, it is one of the most famous Italian red meats.

Pancetta, this Italian meat is done with the belly part of pork. It acts as a substitute for bacon.

Pepperoni, it is made from nicely chopped beef or pork. It is another type of salami.

Salame is one of the popular red meat varieties from animals like pork, venison, beef, boar.

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