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Michael Jordan is a famous basketball player.
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Michael Jordan is among the most popular basketball players in NBA history.

As a basketball player of the Chicago Bulls, he has not only made the team famous but has also made basketball popular as a game. For his gaming skills and popularity, he has been bestowed with several nicknames throughout his playing career, like 'Air Jordan' and 'MJ.'

Michael Jordan is one of the richest basketball players in America and is recognized worldwide for his games. He started playing at a very young age and had a flourishing career.

Let's discover all of Michael Jordan's nicknames that he has received from his fans. Please continue reading for some of the most popular Michael Jordan nicknames, including nicknames from his childhood, nicknames that describe his playing style, and nicknames for Michael Jordan fans.

Popular Nicknames Of Michael Jordan

Get the most famous Michael Jordan nicknames in the list given below.

1. Air Jordan - This title was given to Michael Jordan even before his establishment as a sports personality. Jordan's agent David Falk gave him the name. Falk was the person who advised Michael Jordan to sign the sponsorship deal with Nike instead of Adidas, which proved to be a successful decision eventually.

2. Black Jesus - In the documentary made on Michael Jordan, 'The Last Dance, ' Reggie Miller describes the origin of this nickname. Miller explains that Michael Jordan gives this nickname to himself after beating him in a game. After this incident, Miller never called Michael Jordan by his real name.

3. Captain Marvel - Though the nickname is similar to the comic superhero, we cannot deny that Michael Jordan is nothing less than a superhero.

This basketball player got this nickname when he started influencing his fans with his unbeatable game skills during the NBA Championships. He was popularly known by the nickname 'Air Jordan,' but 'Captain Marvel' was added to the list when he started showing his superpowers in the game.

4. His Airness - His Airness is a well-deserving title that Michael Jordan has received from his fans for his slam dunks and leaps. This nickname came into existence due to Michael Jordan's ability to save his team in critical condition through his slam dunks.

5. MJ - MJ is a popular nickname that we have heard mainly as a short form of the name of the pop star Michael Jackson. Similarly, from the initials of Michael Jordan's name, the name MJ has arrived. This comes among the most famous Michael Jordan nicknames.

6. Money - Michael Jordan's nicknames have a significant meaning, and this one is not devoid of that. Michael Jordan is one of the wealthiest Black basketball players who has made billions out of his basketball career. His brand endorsements also need a special mention here. For this reason, he has got the nickname Money.

7. Mr. June - In the list of Michael Jordan nicknames, we have another unique addition, Mr. June. Though this one is not as popular as 'Air Jordan.'

Nicknames Of Michael Jordan From His Childhood

Michael Jordan was a great player since his childhood, and the ritual of addressing him with different nicknames was started way before he got fame. Here are some of them.

8. Black Cat - Black Cat is one of those nicknames that Michael Jordan used to be addressed with during his childhood in Carolina.

When the vice president of Nike, Tinker Hatfield, was searching for a suitable name for his new edition of sneakers, Air Jordan 13, he came across this name and decided to grab it.

He gave proper justification while choosing the name by adding that Michael Jordan indeed plays like a black cat, smoothly and gracefully, but his strikes are furious like a Black Cat.

9. Magic - 'Magic' is a short term for 'Magic Jordan.' Michael Jordan was called 'Magic' by his friends in his high school.

10. Magic Jordan - 'Magic Jordan' comes from the name of the player Magic Johnson. In an interview with 'Playboy,' Michael Jordan revealed that he was a big admirer of Magic Johnson, and in high school, he used to follow his gaming patterns. He also reveals that his first car's license plate had the name of Magic Johnson.

He expresses his grief that Johnson was a far better player than him, but Johnson was not as successful as Michael Jordan in terms of brand endorsements and sponsorships. He also added that Johnson deserved more publicity than him.

Michael Jordan Nicknames That Describe His Gaming Style

Michael Jordan has a unique gaming style that gives him significance among the great basketball players. 'Air Jordan' and 'Money' are the most famous nicknames that his fans know, but here are some other nicknames that describe his style.

11. Air Apparent - This one is similar to 'Air Jordan,' which describes his ability to give excellent dunk shots.

12. G.O.A.T - G.O.A.T. is the abbreviation for Greatest Of All Time, which is quite relevant as a nickname for Michael Jordan.

The title has been given to him for his remarkable timeless gaming skills. Though the name is controversial because a single player can never be called the greatest of all time. But the fans are not going to step back, and the title still belongs to him.

13. His Royal Airness - Another addition to the list of Michael Jordan nicknames. This one again replicates his airy moves.

14. Mr. Clutch - The way 'Air Jordan' describes his flying abilityMr. Clutch shows the ability to clutch the ball in the air. This one again makes the nicknames list more enriched.

15. Superman - Michael Jordan is no less than a superman when he steps down on the court.

16. The Jumpman - Another title that Michael Jordan justifies to the fullest.

List Of Nicknames For Michael Jordan Fans

If you are a crazy fan of Michael Jordan or are finding nicknames that you can give your friend who is a fan of Michael Jordan, then the list given below is for you.

17. Goat for G.O.A.T. - As we know, nicknames often do not make sense; therefore, here is another option you can use to call the Michael Jordan crazy friend.

18. Jordan-Freak - A freak for Michael Jordan can definitely be called by this name.

19. Jordanian - Michael Jordan undoubtedly has a huge fan following. If you know someone who comes under the count, you can call them a Jordanian. A fan of Jordan can never hate this title.

20. Jordanians - Jordanians will be suitable for a basketball lover gang that calls itself a fan of Michael Jordan. If your team follows Michael Jordan's tactics in his games, then this can be the best title for that.

21. Mad for Jordan - Friends with cute nicknames are very precious. Therefore, this name can make that one friend happy who is a fan of Michael Jordan.

22. Mad for MJ - If the previous one does not allure you, then this will do the job.

23. MJ Lover - A lover of MJ would love this name without a doubt. So, you can use this one as well.

24. Shadow of Air Jordan - If you have a friend who plays brilliantly like Michael Jordan or wants to become like him, what can be a better name than this?

25. Superman - If your basketball partner is as superfluous as superman Michael Jordan, then this name can be given to them.

26. The Air Snout - A name that sounds like a missile.

If any of your friends have the speed of Michael Jordan, then you can call that friend by this name. Jordan was not an ordinary player. His speed and dunks were similar to missiles, and that is the reason a player with similar qualities can be called by this name.

Legends with outstanding history records have always been recognized with unique nicknames from fans. For example, if we talk about Lebron James, he was nicknamed 'The King'.

The nicknames given by fans are the easiest way to show love to their favorite players. Michael Jordan's nicknames describe how his fans have been influenced by his games played for the Chicago Bulls. He will continue influencing the upcoming generation, as his skills are timeless.

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