45 Sailor Nicknames

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A sailor is also known to work as a crew member in a commercial or a naval ship, and there are many sailor nicknames available for you.
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Several sailor nicknames have different meanings with various sounds.

A sailor, mariner, salt, and seaman are the terms for one who leads a seafaring life. A sailor builds an occupation on board at sea, and he is also known as a crew member just below the rank of officer.

He is the one who follows the business of navigating ships or other vessels and who has practical knowledge of ship management. A sailor lives, travels, works on the sea, and could also serve in the navy.

Female Sailor Nicknames

There are several female nicknames for sailors and each of these has different meanings. Usually, women were allowed to serve the navy as full-time crew members. In naval slang, women sailors are still informally known by the nicknames Jennies or wren. Many women have been in the United States Navy for over a century.

1. Boater: One who works on a boat, especially as a captain.

2. Hearty: This is the perfect name for a good comrade.

3. Jacky: A diminutive of a female given name, Jacqueline.

4. Jennies: This is an informal nickname for a female sailor.

5. Limey: A nickname for British or English people who have been sailing for a long time.

6. Middy: It is a nickname for a woman who works as a sailor. This is in reference to a kind of blouse worn by women with a sailor collar.

7. NUB: This name is in reference to a new sailor who is called NUB as they are a non-usable body who have not crossed the equator.

8. Panama Hat:  The word Panama is of Ecuadorian origin.

9. Tarpaulin: A kind of cover made of a material such as canvas that is covered with tar, wax, or paint. This is a name commonly used for a highly experienced sailor.

10. Wrens: An informal nickname for women sailors.

11. Yachtswoman: One of the nicknames for women who own or sail a yacht.

Funny Sailor Nicknames

There are many funny nicknames for a sailor that sound quite hilarious.

12. Adventurer: It means the one who explores without fear.

13. Bluejacket: A seamen of a British warship.

14. Coxswain: This meaning of this nickname is an officer who takes care of a ship.

15. Jacktar: This is a well-known nickname for a sailor who is in the Royal Navy.

16. Leghorn: This is the town of Livorno in Italy.

17. Navy Seal: The meaning of this nickname is a member of the sailing or naval forces. This is one of the best nicknames for Navy people.

18. Oarsman: This is a good nickname for the one who rows in a racing crew.

19. Salt: Salt or Old Salt is a nickname used for an experienced sailor.

20. Sea Bee: The nickname means the member of construction battalions in the US navy.

21. Seadog: The meaning of this nickname is 'experienced sailor'.

22. Shell Back: This is the perfect name for an old experienced sailor with multiple skills.

23. Straw Hat: This is a flat visorless hat worn by sailors.

24. Whaler: A member on a ship occupied in whale fishing.

Navy Sailor Nicknames

The nicknames of navy sailors are completely related to their work. They are the ones who operate and maintain the vessel and deck equipment. People who serve in the navy call themselves Navy Seals, and they also call each other shipmates.

25. Boatman: A person who can be hired for official work with boats.

26. Frogman: A member who is trained with scuba apparatus.

27. Matelot: This nickname is in reference to a seafaring man.

28. Naval Cadet: A member of sailing or naval forces.

29. Pilot: The one who sails a ship through dangerous waters.

30. Sea Man: One who holds the rank of a seaman.

31. Tar: This is a dark, thick, and sticky liquid with a strong order. This nickname is short for the nickname Tarpaulin.

32. Waves: This nickname can be used for anyone who likes waves.

33. Windsurfer: One who plays propelled water sports which is a combination of sailing and surfing.

Submarine Sailor Nicknames

Submarine nicknames sound very different with different words, and marines call sailors ‘Squids’.

34. Able-bodied Seaman: A trained seaman who is highly skilled.

35. Boaster: This nickname is called a person who is very Boastful.

36. Crewman: Who carries goods from one place to another in small boats.

37. Gob: This word is synonymous with the word 'sailor'.

38. Jack: One of the popular nicknames for a sailor.

39. Landlubber: A person with less experience.

40. Lascar: A sailor or an army servant from Southeast Asia or India.

41. Mariner: A mariner is the one who navigates or assists the ship.

42. Midship Man: A naval officer whose rank is between naval cadet and sub-lieutenant.

43. Navigator: This is the one who assists in the directions of the ship.

44. Sailor Boy: A person in the navy.

45. Seafarer: A seafarer is a person who travels by sea.

46. Sea Captain: The captain of the ship.

47. Yachtsman: One who owns or sails a yacht.

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