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Snorlax is one enormous Pokémon! Its two preferred activities are eating and sleeping.
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Since Snorlax is a relatively popular Pokémon, we have compiled many creative Snorlax nicknames based on its characteristics and traits.

Continue reading and choose the best for your Snorlax today! It likes to rest and frequently sleeps in awkward places, such as small pathways and roadways. However, one can wake up this snuggly Pokemon by playing the Poké Flute in its vicinity.

Snorlax is one of the most well-known Pokémon, perhaps due to his prominence in television. The combination of 'snore' and 'lax' in this Pokémon's name aptly describes its personality. However, the origin of the Japanese word for Snorlax is somewhat unusual.

Snorlax is based on a real person, game designer Koji Nishino, who resembles this fictional character. It was an internal joke because Nishino would eat expiry food, which some could deem moldy, and thus the Pokemon was given the name.

Even though Snorlax has such an awesome name, many players are inclined to give it a creative moniker for a personal touch. Nicknames such as Meatball and Teddy or Sandman and Chillax are reliable options. Read on to find a good nickname for your Snorlax.

Funny Snorlax Nicknames

Snorlax is a chubby little Pokemon that can make you laugh with these little acts. This fellow certainly deserves the funniest nickname.

Below are some of the most amusing nicknames for the awesome Snorlax that is part of your family.

  • Beefcake-Used to describe Pokemon with massive muscles.
  • Belly Drum- A funny nickname for the Pokemon with a huge belly.
  • Chunky- Used to describe adorably round animals, plump, chubby, and heavy.
  • Chubbs: Adorable nickname for chubby Pokemons.
  • Cuddles: A cute nickname for this cuddly Pokemon.
  • Gardo: A funny name deriving from the Spanish word meaning 'fat.'
  • Napster: Ideal nickname for Snorlax as it sleeps a lot.
  • Pudge: Defense of the ancient character who is a bloodthirsty melee-strength hero.
  • Tubbs: Used for someone who doesn't know how to talk to the opposite sex.

Popular Snorlax Nicknames

Snorlax, first debuted in Generation I is a large Normal-type Pokémon frequently discovered in a deep sleep. Thus, it seems natural that you would want a good nickname that is as adorable and powerful as the character.

Here, we offer you our services by providing a list of popular nicknames inspired by movies, games, and anime. Head down for popular Snorlax nicknames.

  • Forty Winks: A short afternoon sleep. This snooze requires no position.
  • Gandalf: 'Lord Of The Rings' character known for the phrase "You shall not pass."
  • Hodor: Hodor is a simple-minded Winterfell servant from 'Game Of Thrones'.
  • Juggernaut: A Marvel comic character who is nearly invulnerable and can make mountains crumble with a fingertip.
  • Kingpin: Kingpin is a powerful crime boss from the Marvel series.
  • Sandman: A legendary deity that sprinkles enchanted sand on sleeping humans to induce pleasant dreams.
  • Totoro: Draw inspiration from this giant, fluffy cat/raccoon/owl from a Japanese animated film.

Unique Snorlax Nicknames

If you genuinely adore your Snorlax (or its soon-to-be-born offspring), you'll want to give it a catchy and unique nickname. But who has the time to think of more creative names than Thicc or Chonkers? Not you, probably.

Therefore, we are offering you a list of good nicknames for your Snorlax that are unique in their way. Head down and select the one that best fits your awesome Snorlax.

  • Augeas: Character from the Greek mythology whose name's meaning is 'Bright.'
  • Baymax: A marvel character from 'Big Hero' that is huge and chubby.
  • Blob: A drop of a viscous liquid or material.
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy: Appropriate nickname for this snugly Pokemon.
  • Gigalax: A super fun and cute nickname for Snorlax.
  • Grizzly: It is a giant species of brown bear native to North America.
  • Kabigon: It is the Japanese name for Snorlax.
  • Panzer: A German armored tank that is powerful.

Clever Snorlax Nicknames

Is your Snorlax cleverly awesome? If so, then not just any nickname would do for this mountain, like Pokemon. Thus, we are providing you with some clever nicknames for Snorlax that will do justice to this image, traits, and characteristics.

  • Chunky: A word used to describe bulky and solid things.
  • Fluffy: Snorlax is a big snuggly Pokemon.
  • Jello: Funny nickname as Snorlax is fluffy like a jelly.
  • Munchy: Snorlax loves to eat during the day.
  • Snackums: It is any junk food one eats past midnight.
  • Snuggles: To settle or move into a warm position.

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