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A teacher becomes one of the most influential guide in our childhood.

Teachers are also called professors, educators, master and guru. They greatly affect a child’s early stages of learning and development. There are many inspirational teachers from real life and fiction to look at and learn from.

Today, we have a wonderful list of first and last teacher names. A great teacher knows how to mentor students and helping them reach their full potential.

If you want some more school inspiration why not look at school names or scientists names.

Real Life Teachers

Here are some great real life teacher names:

1. Albert Einstein - The great scientist served as a professor in multiple universities in Europe as well as America.

2. Anne Sullivan - At only twenty-one, Anne started teaching legendary author Hellen Keller who was blind, deaf and mute.

3. Aristotle - The legendary philosopher had his own school where he taught art, science, politics and philosophy to his class.

4. C.S. Lewis - The most famous teacher and also the creator of the Chronicles of Narnia book series.

5. Christa McAuliffe - This high school educator was selected by NASA to go into space.

6. Erin Gruwell- The wonderful contributions of this teacher name and activist inspired the movie named ‘Freedom Writers’.

7. Frederick Douglass - The historical leader was once an enslaved person later became a writer and then a lecturer. He started educating other enslaved people to read after learning it himself.

8. Friedrich Froebel - One of the most influential teachers, Friedrich introduced us to the kindergarten system of schools.

9. Gabriela Mistral - This poet and writer was a teacher name who started teaching kids in Mexico. After moving to America, she continued teaching in colleges. She later became a Nobel Prize winner.

10. Hanan al-Hroub - Winner of the esteemed Global Teacher Prize, Mrs. al-Hroub starting educating refugee children who suffered from any emotional trauma. She is a strong advocate of peace and nonviolence.

11. J.K. Rowling - The famous Harry Potter author used to be a language teacher in Portugal. She started writing the Harry Potter series after her teaching stint.

12. Jaime Escalante - This inspiring teacher took upon the task to teach troubled students. His story was later turned into the movie named ‘Stand and Deliver.

13. Kakenya Ntaiya - Ntaiya is another inspirational educator and activist who has helped in providing education to Kenyan youth.

14. Laura Ingalls Wilder - Before she became a children’s book author, Mrs. Wilder was a teacher at only fifteen years of age.

15. Maria Montessori - Dr. Maria created unique educational practices for special children. She is the reason many countries around the globe have adopted ‘Montessori’ schooling.

16. Marva Collins - Mrs. Collins started her own school after teaching in public schools for years. She has received multiple accolades for her contribution to the education system.

17. Maya Angelou - The poet, author and activist Dr. Angelou was also a passionate professor at Wake Forest. She taught subjects like poetry, politics, history and literature.

18. Saint Mother Teresa - The legendary nun taught high school girls in India. Eventually, she became the principal of the same school that she taught in.

19. Spike Lee - The Oscar-winning filmmaker became a professor at the New York University. He later started online masterclasses to share his insights about cinema and filmmaking.

20. Toni Morrison - Along with being a renowned author, Toni Morrison also served as a professor at Princeton University.

21. Toru Kumon - The world-famous mathematician Kumon created the revolutionary Kumon Method that encourages children to self-learn as per their capabilities.

Teachers In Movies

African American teacher talking while students are raising hands

These are names for teachers from movies:

22. Albus Dumbledore - The fan-favorite Dumbledore is good-hearted and honest teacher name from the Harry Potter movies.

23. Dan Dunne - Though this character struggles with his own life path, he is passionate about helping young people find theirs.

24. Debraj Sahai - The national award winning character is a teacher who teaches a blind, deaf and mute student to complete her education.

25. Dewey Finn - Played by Jack Black, Dewey dreams of being a star. Though he is rebellious and wild, he is a great teacher to his class.

26. Dr. Larabee - The calm and serious teacher Larabee trains his student Akeelah for a spelling bee in the movie ‘Akeelah and the Bee’.

27. Elizabeth Halsey - Elizabeth from the movie ‘Bad Teacher’ is exactly what the movie name suggests, she's not the best educator.

28. Gerald Lambeau - Another popular teacher name, Professor Gerald is extremely committed to making his students successful.

29. Glenn Holland - Holland is an example of a wonderful teacher who educates himself to understand his students better.

30. Joe Clark - The film ‘Lean on Me’ was based on Clark’s real life story. The movie highlighted how Clark was stern but determined to aid the students’ lives.

31. LouAnne Johnson - In ‘Dangerous Minds’, Professor Johnson introduces unique teaching methods aid the high school students.

32. Miss Riley - Freida Riley is a teacher who values and encourages her students.

33. Mr. Anderson - Bill Anderson from ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ is not only a great high school teacher but also a reliable friend.

34. Mr. Han - This last name idea from the movie Karate Kid is a dedicated, serious teacher who helps discipline the arrogant child, Dre. This is one of the good last names for characters.

35. Naina Mathur - Mrs. Mathur is a teacher who suffers from a speech disability but doesn’t let that get in the way of educating her class.

36. Professor Fletcher - This teacher is the villain from ‘Whiplash’ movie. Fletcher is shown as a cruel, unforgiving educator who doesn’t care what people think.

37. Professor Keating - John Keating is undoubtedly the most famous teacher in cinema. He encouraged his students to be their true selves and rebel.

38. Raj Aryan Malhotra - This teacher from ‘Mohabbatein’ brings optimism and love in the school that was dull.

39. Ram Shankar Nikumbh - This beloved character is a charismatic art professor and goes out of his way to mentor a dyslexic student.

40. Roberta Guaspari Demetras - The legendary actress Meryl Streep played Roberta in the movie ‘Music of the Heart’.

41. Virus - A funny teacher name, Virus is what the stern teacher Dr. Viru Sahastrabuddhe is called by his students. A cool teachers name.

Teachers From TV Shows

Some well known teachers in TV shows are listed below.

42. Annalise Keating - As a law professor, Mrs Annalise is stern and unapologetic, but she is a dedicated mentor.

43. George Feeny - One of the best fictional teacher names, Mr. Feeny genuinely cares about his class and always enlightens them with amazing life lessons.

44. Jessica Day - The zany, sweet Jessica Day is a school teacher who enjoys playing hand bells.

45. Mr. Garrison - The popular school teacher from ‘South Park’ is shown to have multiple alter-egos and even some imaginary friends!

46. Mr. Garvey - The substitute school teacher from ‘Key & Peele’, Garvey is dramatic and has an eccentric way of speaking. One of the best last names for teachers.

47. Mr. Ratburn - Nigel Ratburn is a tough, serious mentor who struggles with new-age technology. One of the funny teacher names.

48. Mrs. Krabappel - Mrs. Krabappel is a cynical and grumpy teacher from ‘The Simpsons’ does not necessarily like children. One of the coolest teacher last names we've seen.

49. Ms. Frizzle - Another funny teacher's name, Frizzle takes her class on magical trips through ‘The Bus’. One of the best female teacher names.

50. Ross Geller - The nerdy and caring Ross from the popular sitcom ‘Friends’ is a Paleontology professor in college.

51. Walter White - From TV’s acclaimed show Breaking Bad, Walter is a chemistry teacher who later becomes a criminal.

52. Will Schuester - Mr. Schue is an extremely gracious, fair and optimistic teacher who loves to sing and dance on stage.

Teachers In Books

The inspirational teachers in books are listed below.

53. Minerva McGonagall - Minerva was a strict and sophisticated professor from the Harry Potter book series.

54. Miss Honey - Matilda’s Jennifer Honey was a reserved but warm nurturer that supports her students.

55. Miss Pointy - An eccentric yet encouraging teacher, Miss Pointy teaches her students to express themselves through journal writing.

56. Miss Stacy - Muriel Stacy is another beloved female teacher name that is a great mentor to her students.

57. Mr. Browne - A school teacher from the book ‘Wonder’, Mr. Browne continuously motivates his class to perform god deeds.

58. Mr. Falker - A student with dyslexia is mentored by the amazing Mr. Falker who teaches Trisha to read.

59. Mrs. Twinkle - Mrs. Delphinium Twinkle is a delightful and optimistic school teacher from the children’s book ‘Chrysanthemum’.

60. Professor Grady Tripp - Another popular teacher name that is a creative writing professor from the novel ‘Wonder Boys’.

Teachers In Video Games

Below are some popular teacher characters in video games.

61. Emiri Kanou - Ms. Kanou is a beautiful young teacher from the video game series ‘Persona 3’.

62. Hideo Shimazu - A disciplined karate master from the ‘Rival Schools’ game series, Hideo is awkward in most social situations.

63. Mr. Wedgewood - Will Wedgewood turns into the superhero Wonder-Red and saves his students in times of crisis.

64. Opalneria Rain - Opalneria is an extremely strict and realistic teacher to her class in a wizard school.

65. Quistis Trepe - An extremely popular character from the ‘Final Fantasy’ series, Quistis is the youngest school teacher. She is introverted and distant in nature.

66. Raine Sage - Raine is a teacher name who does her best to save people but has a hard time when it comes to trusting people.

67. Yuko Takao - This high school teacher doesn’t like living in a world where people are irresponsible and dreams of making the world a meaningful place.

Teachers In Anime

Asian senior male calculus professor is writing on blackboard in the classroom

Below are some anime teacher character names.

68. Bisky - This female teacher name may seem cute, but she becomes stern when it comes to teaching. One of the funny teachers names.

69. Eikichi Onizuka - This manga character is a high school teacher who keeps getting in trouble due to his naivety.

70. Elias Ainsworth - Elias is recluse and emotionally underdeveloped school teacher from ‘The Ancient Magus' Bride’ manga.

71. Glenn Radars - This teacher name loves to eat and sleep. Though he disliked being a teacher, he later becomes fond of mentoring his students.

72. Izumi Curtis - This teacher from ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ is non-judgmental and wise in nature.

73. Kakashi - Naruto’s Hatake Kakashi is a master who may seem emotionless, but he cares about his students and loved ones.

74. Koro-Sensei - An extremely popular anime character, Koro-Sensei was deeply empathetic and cared about his students’ well-being.

75. Master Roshi - A good last name for a character, this ancient master treats his students like his grandchildren.

76. Shota Aizawa - An incredibly talented teacher, Aizawa is observant and deeply attached to his students.

77. Ursula Callistis - Ursula is a quiet and loyal school teacher who always shows up when her students need help.

78. Yukio Okumura - This teacher is great at hiding his emotions but has constant mood swings that affect his relationship with his students. One of the best last name ideas.

Kidadl has many amazing name articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for teacher names then you might like nerdy names for girls or, for something different, try millennial names.

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