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Rowlett Pokemon toy

When it comes to small bird Pokemon names female, the names of fire bird Pokemon emerge at the top of the list.

The Pokemon world is among some of the animated worlds that are loved by many people, especially by young people. While several creatures are present in this epic saga, some of the most loved and adored Pokemon are those of the birds.

The bird Pokémon category includes many types of birds, some that can fly, some that cannot, some of them might even be dragons if we speak strict birds language. Pokemon is meant to provide a break from the real world.

When you encounter any young Pokemon birds on the ground, if it is not known, then you should learn all the moves it is known to possess before you catch it. Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos are the hardest to catch in the games.

After reading the history, it has been discovered that in the middle of fighting, Pokemon can use different powers to subdue the opposite player.

Read on to encounter some of the most interesting blue bird Pokemon names. After reading the list, no need to rest, check out pokemon funny names and Japanese names for Pokemon.

Bird Pokemon Names Starting With C

While there are thousands of Pokemon, we are talking specifically about the bird Pokémon. We will start our briefing with the Pokemon birds that have their names starting with ‘C’. But covering just the names is not enough to identify your favorite pokemon, we will also look at their special features followed by some characteristics.

Charizard (English origin), meaning ‘burning lizard’, is a fire-flying bird pokémon that is in the form of a dragon.

Chatot (American origin), meaning ‘a person of the Muskogean', is a favorite Pokemon with no use in battle but can learn and speak human language, and is a perfect companion to pirates.

Corviknight, meaning ‘combination of crow and knight’, is the coolest Pokemon among the rest with wings of black metal falling in the category of flying Pokemon.

Cramorant, meaning ‘gulp pokemon’, is a royal blue color bird Pokémon that throws fish in a projectile motion at the enemy's body, and is considered a mediocre battle Pokemon.

Crobat, meaning ‘bat Pokemon’, is a Pokemon with a range of tricks to fight its enemies, this favorite Pokemon is discovered to be very useful and can even be considered powerful and fast.

Legendary Bird Pokemon Names

Three legendary birds in Pokemon or as commonly called legendry bird Pokemon is the term that is used in the context of three particular bird Pokemon, Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno.

These three are the initiator of the subsequent legendary trios and are called 'Winged Mirages'. Found in the Kanto Region, these pokemon were introduced in 'Pokemon 2000: The Power of One', where the journey of these three started with fighting each other, and then a whole story around them.

Here are some legendary names from which you can search for the best one for your group.

Articuno (Greek-Spanish origin), meaning ‘arctic and one’, this is because this bird pokemon is a flying type ice Pokemon that freezes the moisture around it by simply flapping its wings. Living in icy mountains, this pokemon can be helpful to lost travelers.

Moltres (Spanish and English origin), meaning ‘lava three’, is a fire-flying bird pokémon that has discovered the ability to heal itself by dipping into the lava of an active volcano.

Zapdos (Spanish origin), meaning ‘two’, indicated its rank in the Kanto legends. This flying electric bird pokemon can cause thunderstorms by the flab of its electric wings.

Pokemon Go Bird Names

Pokemon Go is a mobile game version of the fantastical world in which Pokemon trainers from all around the world can be this game. Some of the bird Pokemon that are part of this animated game is what we are going to discuss in this section of the article.

Aerodactyl, meaning ‘mega evolved Pokemon’, is a very powerful and speed-equipped Pokemon with a rock type category using stone edge as the teaching technique.

Braviary, meaning ‘valiant Pokemon’, this eagle-like Pokemon is supposed to rule the Unova area skies and is a great attacker.

Dodio, meaning ‘triple head Pokemon’, the design of this Pokemon looks like a large coconut with three coconut heads. This was once a very strong Pokemon and preferred by every Pokémon trainer.

Dragonite (English origin), meaning ‘flying dragon Pokemon’, is a flying legendary bird Pokémon and is a similar Pokemon to Salamence.

Ducklett, meaning ‘fifth-generation Pokemon’, is a Pokemon that is a waterbird and a great diver.

Farfetch’d, meaning ‘a flying Pokemon’, is a Pokemon that works on the offensive side with leek as his weapon. The leek used by this Pokemon is different and used in different styles.

Ho-Oh, meaning ‘rainbow Pokemon’, is a beautiful bird Pokemon that believes to make people happy by showing its seven-color wings under the shining sun.

Lugia, meaning ‘psychic-flying Pokemon’, is a speed-equipped Pokemon considered to be a guardian of the seas.

Mandibuzz, meaning ‘Pokemon name’, is an evolved form of Vullaby but has a baby form that is nothing but horrific.

Murkrow, meaning, ‘dark flying Pokemon’, is believed to bring misfortune if seen but is a very lucky Pokemon if you try to ignore the prejudices and use this Pokemon of darkness.

Pidgeot, meaning ‘Pokemon modified name’, is a mediocre Pokemon but with amazing speed as its quality.

Pidgey (English origin), meaning ‘a bird Pokémon’, is a Pokemon that is old and yet very popular. This Pokemon had been trained by everyone at some point.

Rayquaza, meaning ‘a Pokemon’, the biggest weakness of this flying Pokemon is stealth rocks otherwise it’s a difficult Pokemon to kill.

Sigilyph, a ‘fifth-generation Pokemon', is a similar-looking Pokemon to Xatu and can be called a regional variant.

Spearow (English Origin), meaning ‘bird Pokémon’, is a Pokemon that is not liked much and falls outside the line of intelligence.

Swanna, meaning ‘white bird Pokémon’, with the white color swan structure this flying legendary bird Pokémon is famous for its harmonious and graceful aura, often taking part in the swan dance.

Taillow, meaning ‘tiny swallowing Pokemon’, can be called cute birds with easy access that are considered to be brave creatures.

Togekiss, meaning ‘Pokemon name’, is a flying legendary bird Pokémon that can be considered to be a slot machine in the shape of a bird. With so many tricks and attacks under its sleeves, this Pokemon was boosted in the sixth generation.

Wingull, meaning ‘Pokemon name’, this Pokemon can be called a breeze friend that has a simple, and charming design.

Xatu, meaning ‘a mystic Pokemon’, this Pokemon is said to be mystic as it can reveal both past and future. In a battle, the high speed and the attack stats increase due to his ability to see the future.

Baby Bird Pokemon Names

Pokemon just like any other creature is once a baby, that grows into a mature Pokemon after some time.

Trainers often train these Pokemon from the start to draw out their best qualities and let them explore them as they grow up. When it comes to fighting, some Pokémons can use dark powers like ice and fire in the middle of a fight with another player.

Here is a group of bird Pokemon names from which you can search for the best options to select for fighting among this list:

Achamo (Japanese origin), meaning ‘Torchic’, is a chick-type Pokemon with the ability of speed boost which is a fire Pokemon that was introduced in the third generation.

Fletching, meaning ‘bird-like Pokemon’, this Pokemon looks a lot like a bird with three colors combined body. A great catch for a Pokémon trainer.

Mamepato (Japanese origin), meaning ‘Pidove’, is a Pokemon that was introduced in the fifth generation and is a combination of two birds, a dove, and a pigeon.

Piplub, meaning ‘penguin Pokemon’, has is a water-type Pokemon with the Japanese name of Pochama.

Rowlet, meaning ‘grass quill Pokemon, is a generation seven Pokemon that wears a bowtie and is one of the most adored Pokemon birds.

Starly, meaning ‘baby Pokemon’, is a Pokemon that a bird Pokémon trainer would like to keep nearby during their journey.

Vullaby, meaning ‘diapered Pokemon’, is a flying legendary bird Pokémon that resembles a bird wearing a diaper.

Pokemon balls used to catch Pokemons

Japanese Bird Pokemon Names

Japanese watch a lot of manga series and animation is very strong in this region. The history of Pokemon in Japan is very interesting. Here we will be looking at some of the Japanese birds' Pokémon names, with their English translations and what generation they belong to in the game.

Agehanto (Japanese origin), meaning ‘manga name’, is a butterfly-type flying Pokémon of generation two.

Batafuri (Japanese origin), meaning ‘Pokemon name’, while batafuri is the Japanese name, the English name is butterfree which is a first-generation Pokemon.

Hoho (Japanese origin), meaning ‘a Pokémon name’, with the English name as Hoothoot, this Pokémon looks a lot like an owl and, hence this name for the team player.

Neiti (Japanese origin), meaning ‘Pokémon name’, if we look at the English name, it means Natu which is a second-generation Pokémon.

Onidoriro (Japanese origin), meaning ‘manga name’, with the trademark of onidrill, this Pokémon belongs to the first generation.

Poppo (Japanese origin), meaning ‘manga name’, this first generation Pokémon is the Japanese version of the Pidgey Pokémon and is a great team player.

Yorunozuku (Japanese origin), meaning ‘manga character’, Noctowl is what this Pokémon is called in English and is a member of generation-two Pokémon.

Funny Bird Pokemon Names

People who admire Pokémon likes to give names to these animated little characters. Their powers, like fire and ice, can also be included in the name. Here is a list of some funny bird Pokémon nicknames that can be considered when you are searching for a name to give to your Pokémon in games.

Archen, meaning ‘Pokemon name’, was the first-ever bird Pokemon that was designed. Even the baby form of Archen has great attack values.

Azax (Greek origin), meaning ‘eagle’, will make a cute little name for your eagle-like birds Pokemon.

Dartrix, meaning ‘mature rowlet’, is a Pokemon with charm and some very adorable features, packed with power.

Delibird, meaning ‘Pokemon’, this little creature in the Pokemon is considered as the delivery boy which resembles a Santa Claus.

Empoleon, meaning ‘Pokemon Napoleon’, is the Pokemon design that was inspired by Napoleon and looks like a crowned penguin.

Fearow, meaning ‘manga Pokemon name’, is a beak Pokemon with the attributes of the highest attack and speed which comes in handy during combat.

Gliscor, meaning ‘Pokemon’, is a very versatile Pokemon which is why it is loved by many, this is a flying type that is also unpredictable with its move. The look given to its design is that of a dragon and a dinosaur.

Gyarados, meaning ‘dragon type pokemon, this bird pokemon looks like a dragon, flies like a bird, and can even do well with water. A great offensive technician in a combat game.

Hawlucha, meaning ‘Pokemon name’, is considered to be one of the best designs of bird Pokemon in the franchise. It can fly higher than legendry birds and is a good choice in the Pokemon league.

Honchkrow, meaning ‘a Pokemon’, is nicknamed the big boss Pokemon as the murkrow generally follows its command while in the wild for a battle.

Noivern, meaning ‘a Pokemon’, this bird Pokemon is said to be the wicket rapid bat. This is one Pokemon species that is a powerful special attacker.

Obsidian (Latin origin), meaning ‘volcanic glass’, will make a cute name for a dark-colored bird Pokemon like Murkrow.

Prinplup, meaning ‘Pokemon’, this Pokemon looks like a uniformed prince with wings. This Pokemon is rarely found in groups.

Rainbow (English origin), meaning ‘anything arched or bent’, will make a perfect name.

Rufflet, meaning ‘Pokemon name’, is a Pokemon that looks like an eagle and is very brave, but the bravery often puts it in endangered situations.

Skarmory, meaning ‘Pokemon name’, is a bird that is made of OG metal and arrived far before Corviknight. It was the first steel Pokemon that was ever launched back in the second generation.

Snowy (English origin), meaning ‘snow covered’, can be a name given to a Pokemon that has ice as its special quality. Cute name for an icy bird Pokemon.

Staraptor, meaning ‘mature starly’, looks quite adorable in the younger phase, and looks fierce when maturing.

Stunner (English origin), meaning ‘beautiful’, can be the name of a Pokemon bird that uses electricity or current to stun its opponents.

Swablu, meaning ‘fluff ball Pokemon’, this Pokemon is designed to be cute and looks like a fluff ball earning it the name of the cotton bird.

Toucannon, meaning ‘cannon Pokemon’, this Pokemon is more like an angry bird Pokemon.

Yveltal, meaning ‘Pokemon’, is a destructive Pokemon that do not resemble a bird, but has wings and can fry bringing it into the bird category.

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