The Best Water Pokémon Names That All Fans Should Know

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best powerful water pokemon names
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All water-type pokemon names are highly sought after by fans who enjoy playing different Pokemon games.

All water Pokemon names and Pokemon water types names are related to the different powers and moves that the Pokemon possesses. Water Pokemon is one of the eight types of Pokemon.

What’s special about them is that they have a variety of moves, including rapid strike, sturdy shells, manipulating rain, and several others.

With 154 total water-type Pokemon, listed below are some of the most famous and best of them. So if you’re thinking about naming your water Pokemon, check out the list and get inspired to name your Pokemon.

Water-Type Pokemon Names

Here is the water pokemon list and names that all fans should know. They are known for their Special attacks and abilities. A Pokemon fanatic would know most of the names as they are the best. 

Blastoise (Japanese origin)is an evolved form of Wartortle and the final evolution of Squirtle. Its shell has rocket cannon that fire jets of water which adds to Blastoise’s ability to be capable of punching holes through thick steel.

Drednaw (Japanese origin) is a portmanteau of ‘dread’ and ‘gnaw’. It may also be a play on the dreadnought. It is a rock as well as water-type Pokemon. It attacks the prey by crashing down on it and ends it with its massive jaws. It is an evolved form of Chewtle, who is also a water-type pokemon.

Kingdra (Japanese origin) is a water and dragon-type pokemon. It sleeps on the ocean floor to gather energy and is said to cause tornadoes when it wakes up. As the name suggests, Kingdra is the king of seadragons. It has a very high stat and great attack abilities and power.

Lapras (Japanese origin), an ice-type pokemon, is one of the most cherished monsters. It can be considered a strong Pokemon with moves such as Dragon Pulse, Blizzard, and Hydro Pump.

Ludicolo (Japanese origin) is a grass and water-type Pokemon who is also known as the Carefree Pokemon. It is known for its style and love for dance.

It gets energetic whenever it hears a nice rhythm. It exhibits a great amount of power in battle. Some of its best moves are Bubble, Razor Leaf, Blizzard, Energy Ball, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Leaf Strom, etc.

Primarina (Japanese origin) is a fairy and water-type pokemon whose voice is the best weapon in a battle.

Psyduck (Japanese origin)is a combination of the words ‘psychic’ and ‘duck’. When Psyduck gets stressed out, its headache gets progressively worse, which allows it to use intense psychic energy to overwhelm those around it. Its abilities include Cloud Nine and Damp.

Squirtle (Japanese origin) is an English name that is a combination of the words ‘squirt’ and ‘turtle’. It is also known as the Tiny Turtle Pokémon; Squirtle attacks the prey while in the water. It is a Pokemon of the blue and red version.

Starmie (Japanese origin) is a psychic and water-type pokemon from generation I; Starmie grows only in a symmetrical geometric shape. It has amazing attack and speed ability. It is also known for its Water gun, Ice beam, Power gem, and Hydro pomp move.

Wartortle (Japanese origin)is a turtle-like Pokémon that is an evolved form of Squirtle; hence both of them have a similar appearance. Wartortle powers up water-type moves when the Pokemon is in trouble. It has one of the cool names for water-type pokémon.

Legendary Water Pokemon Names

In the list of 154 water-type pokemon, there are some pokemon that are considered Legendary. They are the most powerful Pokemon off the list.

Keldeo (Japanese origin)is a mythical pokemon that is known for its fill its body with power and jumping in a way no one can follow.

Kyogre (Japanese origin)is a legendary water pokemon name. Kyogre's name originates from Kai, which means Ocean.

Manaphy (Japanese origin), this Pokemon has the ability to bond with any pokemon it comes across, which makes him a leader. With very high stats, Manaphy has the power of many moves.

Palkia (Japanese origin), in the long list of water-type Pokemon from different generations, Palkia has to be the most legendary water-type Pokemon. It is from generation 4 and appears in mythologies. Its abilities include Dragon breath, Dragon Tail, Fireblast, Aqua Tail, and Draco Meteor.

Suicune (Japanese origin) is known for its ability to purify filthy water. Suicune is the most powerful of the three legendary dogs. It looks mystical and graceful and is very inspiring.

Tapu Fini (Japanese origin) is a dual-type pokemon who is also known as the ‘Land Spirit Pokemon’. It manipulates water in different ways, which its special abilities.

Volcanion (Japanese origin)is a fire and water-type pokemon that has arms on its back. It has enough power to blow away a mountain; hence you know why it is considered legendary. This fire and water-type pokémon is also called the ‘Steam Pokemon’ by its trainer.

water type pokemon names for you

Pokemon Names Water-Type

Water-type Pokémon are incredibly popular with trainers due to their fascinating moves, which can subdue opponents effectively. This is the reason that there are a considerable number of Water-type Pokémon that are known in the Pokemon universe.

Cloyster (Japanese origin)is a combination of clam and oyster. It is a talking shell whose defense stat is through the roof. It is not only a water-type pokemon but is also an ice-type pokemon. It launches its horns in quick volleys when attacked. This water-type Pokémon is known for its frost breath and ice shard move.

Cramorant (Japanese origin) is a combination of cormorant and 'cram', which refers to its special ability, Gulp Missile. Cormorant is a water-type pokemon that is immune to ground-break attacks.

Crawdaunt (Japanese origin) is a red swamp crayfish. This Pokemon sheds its shell regularly and makes it soft and tender. Till its shell is hardened, it hides from attacks. Crawdaunt is known for taking over any water body it chooses. Other than having abilities such as Crabhammer, Night Slash, and Snarl, it also has the super cutter ability.

Empoleon (Japanese origin) has complete immunity from poison to excellent special attack and defense techniques; Empoleon has horns that extend from their beak and attest to their power. It is also known for its metal claw move.

Feraligatr (Japanese origin) is an evolved version of Totodile. It is famous for its blinding speed when it attacks an opponent. Its moves include Crunch, Ice Fang, and hydro pump.

Golduck (Japanese origin) is an evolved form of Psyduck; Golduck is a water-type pokemon. The name, Golduck, is based on the Japanese word Gorudakku, but it guesses 'gol' as 'gold'.

This water pokemon name is ironic as Golduck has a blue body, while in its pre-evolved form, Psyduck has a gold body. It uses telekinetic power to attack the prey.

Golisopod (Japanese origin) is known as the ‘Hard scale pokemon’; Golisopod has claws that they can extend and retract. It has both defense and attack abilities.

Greninja (Japanese origin)has great attack and defense techniques and high speed. Greninja has a hidden ability, Portman, which counts for its versatility. It creates stars from compressed water, which, when thrown at high speed, splits metal into two.

Gyarados (Japanese origin)is an inspiring pokemon that starts off as a little fish but grows up to become a beast with a huge amount of power. Its ability to fly adds up to its strength. Bite, Dragon breath, Waterfall, Crunch, Hydro pump, Outrage, and Twister are Gyarados’s best moves.

Milotic (Japanese origin),from generation III, has to be the most beautiful water critter. The name Milotic comes from a sculpture called Venus de Milo which is known for its beauty. It releases a wave of energy that brings calmness to restless spirits. This water-type pokémon boasts high defense and attack qualities.

Omastar Pokemon (Japanese origin) is known for its spiral shell. Evolved from Omanyte, this water type Pokémon has abilities such as mud shot, water gun, and rock blast.

Pokemon names water-type are listed below. These Pokemon are only known for their water abilities.

Qwilfish (Japanese origin)is a combination of ‘quill’ and ‘fish’. Also known as Balloon Pokemon, this water-type Pokemon has abilities such as Poison sting, Water gun, Acid spray, Aqua tail, Ice beam, Fell Stinger, and Sludge wave.

Samurott (Japanese origin), justlike an emperor, has layered armor and a sharp horn. It can defeat the opponent with just one swing of its sword. Thanks to its fury cutter move, it is known as one of the strong water-type pokémon.

Sharpedo (Japanese origin) originated from the words ‘Shark’ and ‘Torpedo’; this water-type Pokemon is as scary as it sounds. With the ability to tackle at great speed, it also has a devastating thick jaw and poison fangs. It has the ability to damage its prey using its rough skin.

Sobble (Japanese origin) is a combination of sob and bubble or dribble. It is from Generation VIII. When sacred, this pokemon cries, and its tears have the ability to make attackers cry. The only other Sobble move is to drizzle.

Swampert (Japanese origin) predicts storms by the sounds of waves and winds. With the approaching storm, it piles up boulders to protect itself. Its abilities include mud shot, water gun, earthquake, etc. Swampert has the highest stats overall. It has the power to evolve into Mega Swampert, which can boost its stats through the roof.

Tentacruel (Japanese origin)is a combination of ‘Tentacles’ and ‘cruel’. An evolved form of Tentacool, this water-type Pokemon extends 80 tentacles to create a poisonous trap for the prey. It is known for its high attack stats.

Vaporeon (Japanese origin) is a cat but also has gills and fins that allow it to live underwater. It can control water. The name, Vaporeon, is a combination of Vapour and eon.

WishiWashi’s (Japanese origin)strength and power earned it the name ‘Demon of the sea’. This water-type Pokemon from generation VII calls a mass of Wishiwashi around it to fight as a single entity in a battle. The light from its eyes goes up to 25 mi (40 km).

All Water Pokémon Names

Other than the pokemon listed above, there are some more water-type pokemon. These are some of the less favorite Pokemon off the list but do have a few amazing abilities.

Dewgong (Japanese origin) is the evolved form of Seel.

Horsea (Japanese origin) is also known as the Dragon Pokemon.

Kingler (Japanese origin) is the evolved form of Krabby.

Krabby (Japanese origin) is a small pokemon who has a strong outer shell.

Poliwag (Japanese origin),from generation 1.

Poliwhirl (Japanese origin)is the evolved form of Poliwag and is also from generation 1.

Poliwrath (Japanese origin)is the evolved version of Poliwhirl.

Seadra (Japanese origin) is the evolved form of Horsea.

Seel (Japanese origin)is also known as the Sea Lion Pokemon.

Shellder (Japanese origin)evolves to Cloyster.

Slowbro (Japanese origin)is a pokemon that can return to being slowpoke if Shellder lets go of it.

Slowpoke (Japanese origin)is a generation 1 pokemon that lures other fishes in the water.

Tentacool (Japanese origin)is the pre-evolved form of Tentacruel.

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