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Demigods are the descendants of Greek gods and goddesses due to their union with earthly mortals.

A demigod is a product of a union between a deity and a human. They have extraordinary powers and superhuman qualities but are mortal.

Demigods are said to have abilities and powers that are way beyond human beings but less than that of gods. Children of demigods can also be demigods or mortal depending upon how strongly they inherit their parents’ powers.

The children of a demigod is called a legacy. There is also a difference in opinion depending upon the cultures they are from. Greek demi gods may be mortal or demigods.

On the Roman side, they most often inherit the powers of their parents. In popular culture, they are also used as the names of Greek boys' names and Greek girls' names.

Since they are more powerful than normal beings, they are also called half-gods. They are also said to possess a percentage of power from their parent god.

Even though there are different legends in different cultures regarding a demigod and demigoddess, most of them are considered to be almost indestructible. This is due to the powerful godly lineage that they have. In addition, they also have the protection bestowed by their god father or goddess mother.

In general, you need to have powerful magic and another god backing you to finish them. According to some stories, there are certain mystical weapons that can also slay them.

These demigods are often called to act as Earthly queens and kings for their parents. In general, the term demigods refers to the offsprings of Olympian gods.

They have a wide range of abilities but these depend upon the parent god that they have. Among the list of abilities, the ones most of them share are superhuman strength, intelligence, above-average durability, healing factor and endurance. In the modern day demigods are represented in the popular Percy Jackson series.

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Best Greek Demigods Names

Let us discuss some of the famous ones. Let us first list popular male demigods’ names.

3D Rendering : A portrait of the male centaur.

1. Achilles - Legendary as ‘The Trojan Hero’, one of the demigods, he was the son of Peleus, king of Myrmidons, and a sea nymph named Thetis. He is famous in Greek mythology for his brave acts during the Trojan war.

2. Aeacus - He is the son of Aegina and God of Greek, Zeus. He is the powerful king of Aegina island, an island that is named after his  mother. He judges the dead for their wrongs and goods in the underworld with Rhadamanthus and Minos.

3. Aeneas - He is the son of Aphrodite and Anchises. He was one of the major players in the battle of Troy along with his cousin Hector. According to several other sources and myths, he was then made the leader of Trojan survivors after the end of the war.

4. Amphion - He is the son of Antiope and Zeus. He is believed to have built Thebes with Zethus, his twin brother. According to popular legends, he killed himself after he lost his wife and children.

5. Agenor - He was one of Poseidon’s many children. He was the king of Tyre and a Phoenician. His sons were ancestors of Theban kings, Cilician kings and Pho, Phoenician kings.

6. Arcas - He is the son of Arcas and Callisto. There is a whole country named after him. He was one of the greatest hunters alive in his time. In addition to being a demigod, he is also said to have taught his people how to weave and make bread.

7. Asclepius - He was the son of Coronis of Lapiths and Apollo. Born as a demigod, he was given by Apollo to Chiron centaur to raise after his mother was shot by Apollos’s sister Artemis.

8. Belus - He was the direct descendant of the river god Inachus and son of Libya and Poseidon. He was the king of Libya, a kingdom that he named after his mother and Egypt.

9. Cadmus - He is the son of Poseidon and considered to be the first recorded demigod of Greek Mythology.

10. Castor and Pollux - He was one of the twin sons of Zeus and Leda. Together with his twin brother Leda, they were known as the Dioskouroi. While Castor was the son of a mortal man Tyndareus, Leda was the son of Zeus.

11. Chrysaor - He was the son of Poseidon and Medusa and the human brother of Pegasus. Though little is known about him, he was said to be a solid hearted warrior.

12. Cycnus - He was the son of Pelopia and Ares. He was a bloodthirsty and brutal man who killed all his guests. He was ultimately slain by Heracles.

13. Dardanus - He is the son of Electra and God Zeus. He was married to Bataea who was the daughter of King Teucer who ruled over people later known in mythology as Trojans. He founded a city and named it after himself. Later, this city became Troy which was the name of his grandson.

14. Dionysus - He is the son of God Zeus and Semele. He is one of the youngest as well as the last god to be accepted into St. Olympus. He is famous as the god of fertility, winemaking and grapes.

15. Epaphus - He is the son of God Zeus and Lo. He is also famous as King of Egypt. Conceived due to the touch of Zeus’s hand, many legends state that he is also the founder of Memphis in Egypt.

16. Heracles - He is also the son of Alcmene and God Zeus.

Considered to be one of the greatest and Greek heroes and one of the most powerful demigods of all times, he is famous for his masculinity, strength and courage. He was a terrible enemy and a great friend. He was not very patient or intelligent and was prone to extreme temper flares.

17. Lacedaemon - He is the son of Taygete and God Zeus. According to mythological, he is the famed king of Laconia and the father of Spartan King Amyclas.

18. Minos - Son of God Zeus and Europa, he was king of Crete. After his death, he became a judge in the notorious underworld.

19. Memnon - He is the son of Tithonus and Eos. Memnon was an Ethiopian king who was said to be as skilled as Achilles. It is said that Zeus was deeply hurt after his death and hence granted immortality to him.

20. Neleus - He was the son of Tyro and Poseidon. Since he was born out of wedlock, he was raised by a maid after his mother exposed him to a mountain. He fought with his brother for Iolcus crown but was defeated and banished to Messenia where he became the king of Pylos.

21. Orion - He was the son of Eurale and Poseidon. He was believed to be one of the greatest huntsmen of his times but died due to a bow of Artemis. Later, Zeus sent him to the heavens.

22. Orpheus - This Greek demigod was the son of Apollo and Calliope. He was a great poet and musician.

His music even took him to the Underworld where he went to save his loved one, whose name was Eurydice. In fact, the divinity in his music is said to even charm the lions, tigers and even the stones.

The music from his lyre was so beautiful that it could summon fishes from water, charm the bids from the skies and coax the stones and trees into dancing.

23. Pelias - He was the son of Poseidon, the sea god, and Tyro. He was the king of Iolcus of Thessaly.

24. Perseus - He is the son of  Zeus and Danae. He is believed to have killed the evil Gorgon Medusa. He was a powerful and smart demigod who established the Mycenae kingdom. In addition, he also founded Perseid empire of Danaans.

25. Pirithous - He was the son  of Zeus and Dia. He tried to take away Persephone with Theseus for which he was detained by Hades.

26. Polydorus - This demigod was the eldest son of Harmonia and Cadmus. He was also the king of Thebes.

27. Rhadamanthus - This demigod son of Zeus and Europa was the third judge of the Underworld of dead.

28. Sarpedon - This demigod was the son of Zeus and Europa. According to legends, he fought bravely from the Greek side in the Trojan war.

29. Theseus - This demigod was the son of Aethra, Aegeus, and Poseidon. He was a great reformer and was considered to be wise and powerful. Legends consider him to be the founder king of Athena.

He is said to have killed several villains during his lifetime. However, the most famous and greatest triumph of his includes the killing of the Minotaur owned by King Minos. He was later treacherously murdered by the king Lycomede.

30. Tityos - He was the son of  Zeus, Gaea, and Elara. It is said that Zeus hid his mother Elara underground. However, he grew very big in size and eventually tore her womb. Among the top names on the list of Greek Gods.

31. Zethes - He was the son of the Greek God of cold winter, Boreas and King Erechtheus of Athens' daughter, Oreithyia. Collectively with his brother Calais, they were famous as the Boreads.

32.Zethus - He was the son of Zeus and Antiope. His brother was Amphion who founded Thebes.

Famous Greek Mythology Female Demigods

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In addition to the Greek Gods and Greek demigods, there have been a few female demi goddesses interspersed in Greek mythology. Let us take a detailed look at each demigoddess.

33. Britomartis - This demi Goddess was the daughter of Karme and God Zeus. She is also famous as the virgin goddess of Minoan and primarily worshipped on Crete island. She is also many times believed to be a mountain nymph or the goddess of hunting and fishing nets.

34. Harmonia - This demi Goddess was the daughter of Electra and God Zeus. She is also the immortal goddess of concord and harmony.

35. Helen - One of the most popular demi goddess of all time, she is the daughter of Zeus and Leda.

This demi Goddess was famous as one of the most beautiful women of that time and era in the whole world. It was her face and beauty that caused the famous Troy war. The daughter of Zeus is a well-known name in mythology.

36. Hippolyta - This demi Goddess was is the daughter of Harmonia and Ares. She was also the ultimate queen of Amazons. Ares, her father, gave her a waist belt which had a magical girdle. It was considered to be a great symbol of authority.

37. Semele - This demi Goddess was the daughter of Cadmus, the first demigod, and Harmonia. She is famous as the mortal mother of the famous demigod Dionysus, son of Zeus. She was incinerated in the lightning flames of Zeus when he revealed his true persona to her.

38. Pentheselia - This demi Goddess was the queen of the Amazon women who are said to be the offsprings of Ares, the Greek god of war and a sea God or Nereid named Harmonia. They are superwomen who must mate with males to further keep their lineage.

However, they only bear female offsprings. This makes their power get more and more diluted with each generation. However, they have several mystical ceremonies that keep the flow of their power constant.

Roman Demigods

Roman demigods are a subset of Roman demigods who train at a camp called Camp Jupiter near San Francisco. They are born when a god mates with a mortal being in their roman avatar.

As opposed to Greek demigods who speak Ancient Greek, Roman Gods read and speak Latin. Also, they are trained according to Roman legions instead of training in Greek warfare. Unlike their Greek counterparts, Roman demigods attain adulthood and live in New Rome after the end of their services.

They are also able to start their own families. Some popular names of Roman demigods often mentioned in legends are

39. Bacchus - Among the famous demigods, he was the son of a mortal named Semele and Jupiter. Similar to Dionysus in Greek mythology, he is the Roman god of wine, fertility, and agriculture.

40. Hercules - One of the well0known demigods, he is the son of Alcmene and Jupiter. He has been often portrayed in several popular fiction areas as either a god or a powerful demigod.

41. Turnus - He is the demigod son of Roman goddess Venilia.

42. Romulus & Remus - These demigods are the names of the twin sons of Rhea Silvia and Mars who were the co-founders of Rome.

Norse Demigods

These are born when Norse gods mate with human mortals. Unlike their Roman or Greek counterparts, they do not have any kind of formal training camp.

Also unlike the Olympian Gods, they are not claimed by their parents. Instead, their parentage is revealed to them either by the parent themselves or in Valhalla. Norse demigods also include the children Norse gods have with elves and dwarves.

Unlike in other cultures, Norse demigods consider their divine siblings and parents as their family. Some common names popular as the Norse demigods in legends are as follows.

43. Sleipnir - He was the son of God of mischief, Loki and Svaoilfari.

44. Bragi - Among the famous demigods, he was the demigod son of Odin.

45. Saemingr - One of the well-known demigods, he was the son of Queen Skade and Odin.

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