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Crossing boundaries that ought not to be crossed is probably the easiest way to define what mad scientists are all about.

Inspired by the fictional characters known as 'Mad Scientists' for their unsettling and unusual characteristics, many individuals went ahead to experiment with curiosity about different things.

There are many mad scientists that have once existed in the real world, as most successful scientists were once called mad but now are known as mad geniuses for the discoveries they have made.

So, keep the mad science fanatic in you alive, who knows what you end up discovering in the future years?

Feeling like a mad scientist does not come easily, but one thing that can be made easier is choosing a mad scientist name that goes along with your scientific curiosity. Then there are some incredible mad scientist party food names, mad scientist assistant names, and mad scientist cartoon names that are sought after across the world.

For all science geeks out there, here are some of the best mad scientists names you can choose for yourself!

Funny Mad Scientist Names

Here are some ideas for funny mad scientist names for keeping your spirits up while you continue to answer your curiosity on your own! Of course, you can change the prefix to be a doctor or professor!

Dr. Bogus System is the simplest name for every mad genius who just has not been recognized yet. Hopefully you soon discover something that nobody can call bogus!

Dr. Hazard Father could be your mad scientist name but just remember not to put yourself in any danger while performing your experiments!

Dr. Latter Rubble is the right choice for those experimenting out of scrapes like bricks, stones, and whatnot.

Dr. Louis Hollow for those curious buddies who enjoy making holes first and then finding details later. A name to die for.

Dr. Mishap for the ones who end up with some unexpected results with their experiments.

Dr. Robert Combustion could be the right name for you if you are a mad scientist specializing and experimenting with burning things. A great name for a chemical scientist.

Prof. Injury is the right funny mad scientist name for you if you always end up causing some injury while performing your amazing experiments.

Prof. Nobody Earth is definitely the funny mad scientist professor name you could use once your family starts paying attention to your experiments. Looks like your search for a physicist name as famous as Newton ends here!

Prof. Robert Hools, short for hooligan, is the right name for the young troublemakers with experiments turning a little violent at times.

Prof. Seism Bomb is meant for science lovers who are fanatics about what’s happening in the Earth’s crust. A name that is a great work of personal fiction.

Prof. Storm Story for the mad scientists messing around experimenting with things in their rooms, leaving a post-storm-like situation!

Good Mad Scientist Names

The portrayal of mad scientists may be inclined more towards the antagonist qualities, but we believe there are some good ones as well! Here are some fun and good mad scientist names for curious creatures!

Dr. Bomb Thrill for the one who gets the thrill of life through science.

Dr. Discovery is just the right name for all mad scientists always searching for ways to answer their questions. A great name idea for the online generation.

Dr. Dread is the name for those who have made others fearful of the scientific knowledge and brilliance they possess!

Dr. Possibility for the optimistic scientists always looking forward to the smallest of possibilities.

Dr. Team Trick is the right name for you if you are the one with a lot of scientific tips and tricks in your pocket.

Dr. Wire Theory is the name for those science admirers who love experimenting with electrical appliances here and there. No name generator can create such a title for you.

Prof. Body Bloop for the mad scientists who often make mistakes but can learn from them and do better.

Prof. Computer Daydream is the appropriate name for the one who is always daydreaming about science and mad science experiments. A great name idea for a science student.

Prof. Fingers for the ones who always have their fingers working or experimenting on something or the other.

Prof. German Afterthought is just the name for the mad scientists who experiment first and think later.

Prof. Menu Bones for the brilliant brains in love with anatomy and how the bones in the body work.

Prof. Plastic Site for the ones who have experimented enough with plastic to have great knowledge about its properties as well. One of the funny names to choose from.

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Female Mad Scientist Names

When we think of the most known scientists, females rarely make it to that list. Here we have equal representation for all. Here are some female mad scientist names based on fictional scientist characters played by women.

Abby Yates is the fictional female scientist from the movie Ghostbusters. Even though she proved the existence of ghosts, she could be put in the mad scientist category.

Ada Twist is another female scientific genius featured in the hit children’s book named ‘Ada Twist, Scientist.’

Dana Scully, from ‘The X-Files’ is a fictional female character with brilliant scientific observations.

Dr. Barbara Morse, aka Mockingbird, is a scientist turned superhero of the Marvel Universe.

Dr. Martha Jones is a qualified doctor and British physician shown in the show called ‘Doctor Who’.

Dr. Samantha Carter from the TV Series ‘Stargate’ is a US Defense Force pilot and also the best astrophysicist, fascinatingly shown to blow up a sun on the Stargate Universe in the series 'Stargate'.

Kaiko Nekton is the fictional female mad genius from the comics and show called ‘The Deep’. This character is shown to be a marine biologist as well as a submarine pilot.

Murph Cooper is a scientific genius in the movie Interstellar who shows all her faith in her knowledge of science.

Nurse Cohort, an antagonist who can make Captain Man incapable of his indestructibility, is another beautiful addition to the category of the female mad scientist.

Nytoa Uhura, from ‘Star Trek,’ is an amazingly qualified character who plays the Chief Communications Officer and specializes in cryptography, philology, and linguistics.

Pearl Forrester is a lead mad scientist on the series 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'.

Poison Ivy, actually named Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley, is a fictional character of DC Comics and one of the prominent enemies of Batman.

Names Meaning Mad Scientist

The fictional portrayal of mad scientists around the world always focuses on a similar set of characteristics. Some of these personality features include insanity, madness, chaos, eccentricity, clumsiness, and wickedness. Here are some names that have meanings similar to these qualities and traits. 

Aiden (Irish origin) meaning ‘fiery and little’ is a great name for young female mad scientists.

Alvah (Arabic origin) meaning ‘evil’.

Breaker (English origin) meaning ‘trouble’ has a funny essence to it for a mad scientist.

Danger is certainly an appropriate mad scientist name for the kind of experiments that most mad doctors perform.

Hecate (Greek origin) meaning ‘not a good omen’ also refers to the Goddess of witchcraft and necromancy; very suitable for a mad scientist!

Jezebel (Hebrew origin) meaning 'an impure follower of the idol’is a unique name.

Keres (Greek origin) meaning ‘evil spirits’ is a suitable name for evil mad scientists.

Lilith (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘ghost’ or ‘night monster’.

Molly meaning ‘bitter’ and can be a suitable name for mad scientists who have a similar personality.

Nerezza (Italian origin) meaning ‘darkness’is an Italian name for female mad scientists.

Persephone (Greek origin) meaning ‘to destroy’ is something that mad scientists may do in order to discover something!

Raven (English origin) represents a black bird as well as the fierce superhero who is part of the 'X-Men'.

Kid Mad Scientist Names

Most of those who are in love with science start right from their childhood in school. Kids are certainly more curious than adults and hence, they deserve a mad scientist name of their own! Here are some fun kid mad scientist names inspired by fictional mad scientists.

Doc Brown is the fun mad scientist from the 'Back To The Future' trilogy. This one managed somehow to steal the plutonium and in order to not get caught, time-traveled and also invented the first time machine to ever exist.

Dr. Clayton is the name of a fictional character appearing in the television series 'Mystery Science Teacher 3000'.

Dr. Death is another one of the mad scientists who turned into a supervillain against Batman, created by DC Comics.

Dr. Doom, also called Dr. Victor Doom, is one of the mad lab scientists of the Marvel Universe who ended up becoming a supervillain in thirst of power and control.

Dr. No is the fictional mad scientist cum villain who was featured in the Bond film ‘Dr. No’. This mad genius lost his hands while experimenting on atomic energy but had bionic hands replaced instead.

Dr. Octopus, also known as Otto Octavius or Doc Ock, is one of the most liked mad scientists cum supervillains of the Marvel Universe.

Dr. Wu is the first mad scientist from 'Jurassic World' who discovered a new dinosaur species by merging the DNA of over 10 different species.

Frankenstein is one of the most famous fictional characters from Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ and more than 30 shows and movies are based on Mary Shelley's strange Frankenstein character.

Harley Quinn is the famous female supervillain featured in DC Comics. This character is shown as a psychiatrist named Dr. Harleen Quinzel who falls in love with the supervillain, Joker.

Lex Luthor is one of the most renowned mad lab scientists cum supervillain to come up against Superman in DC Comics.

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