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Maybe because Norway consistently ranks as the healthiest country on the planet, or the modern is awesome, Viking names are a hot commodity.

Whatever the cause of the sudden rise in popularity globally, many names with Norse origins continue to be popular choices for children throughout Scandinavia.

Throughout the years, the majority have experienced varying degrees of popularity swings, both in and out of vogue. The naming tradition can be traced back to the period before this one. But it was during the Viking Age in particular that the names of the Norse gods and creatures from mythology began to acquire ground. 

Vikings frequently characterized their fellow soldiers and raids, so they often gave them nicknames, and famous examples include 'The Stingy with Food' and 'Hálfdan the Generous'.

We have compiled a list of 35 Viking nicknames, which is by no means exhaustive, of things that will not cause your darling young Viking to have an issue with their ax. Let's get going!

Cool Viking Nicknames

A significant portion of these names is derived directly from Norse deities. Although just a small number of these names make it onto Norway's list of the most common names for infant boys, a few are already well-known owing to today's culture.

This list has something for everyone, whether you're looking for a well-known name or one that's less common, including both. Let's have a look at them.

  • Bjørn- Bear is already one of the most awesome names out there. Because this is the literal translation from Norwegian to English, the answer is 'yes,' as in the animal.
  • Coal - It is a dark brown rock.
  • God Thor-  No matter how you look at it, Thor is a pretty epic name for your little guy, whether you think of him as the god of lightning and thunder, who wields a hammer, or as the gorgeous, tight-clad savior of American pop culture.
  • Harold/Harald- Another name for Norwegian kings, such as the current monarch, who goes by the title of Kong Harald V.
  • Ivar- Ivar should be added to the list of names that the Vikings TV series has made popular. The name is associated with a long and illustrious past that includes kings, warriors, and other legends.
  • Knut- Knut has been a well-liked name all around Europe and Scandinavia for quite some time. It is also the name of a popular nautical knot.
  • Loki- Loki is the name given to the male version of Freya, which is the name of every other female husky.
  • Óttarr vendilkráka- Ottar vendilkráka, also known as Vendel Crow, was the legendary monarch of Sweden who ruled during the sixth century AD.
  • Odin- Odin, the most powerful and multifaceted of all the gods described in Norse mythology, was in charge of the realms of art, warfare, wisdom, and death.
  • Wolf- Wolf, is an animal that cannot be domesticated.

Unique Viking Nicknames

These unique nicknames are amazing!

  • Billy Goat- It was a common nickname among Vikings.
  • Erik- This name translates to a mighty ruler.
  • Leif- Leif Ericsson, a famous Nordic explorer who arrived in North America in the 11th century, is credited with popularizing the name. This name has persisted in use worldwide up until the present day, particularly in the United States of America.
  • Magnus- This name was given to a significant number of individuals, including both ancient and modern Scandinavians.
  • Magnús Berfœttr- Between the years 1095 and 1103, he was the king of the south-eastern region of Norway. His nickname was Berfœttr, which means barefoot. The explanation for this nickname is that he was once forced to flee from a trap without shoes on because he did not have time to put them on.
  • Ragnar- Ragnar was already a well-known name among the Vikings in all of Scandinavia, but the success of the television series Vikings.

Best Viking Nicknames

The following is a list, in no specific order, of some of the most common Viking names given to women during that period. Many derive from the titles of Norse Goddesses, and some of these names have even made a comeback in recent years as obvious options for Norwegian parents naming their daughters.

  • Astrid- Although it is not a name exclusive to the Vikings, it is an excellent choice for your most favored young princess.
  • Agatha- Agatha is a Greek name, and its meaning in that language is someone with a good heart. 
  • Brenna- Brenna is a Viking name, and the meaning of the name is 'sword.'
  • Dagny- Dagny means the beginning of a new day.
  • Dahlia- Dahlia is the name of the flower.
  • Ella- Ella is a Greek name, and its meaning in both Greek and English is 'compassion.'
  • Eda- Eda is also of Greek origin, which means poetry.
  • Emma- The meaning of this name is the whole universe.
  • Freya- A wise woman.
  • Freya- The name Freya comes from an ancient language and means' lady' in that language. If you are familiar with Norse mythology, you probably have this name floating around in your head as a possibility for female names.
  • Gunhild- The name Gunhild comes from the terms' war' and 'battle,' making it an appropriate choice for the shield lady in your life.
  • Helga- A divine woman.
  • Ingrid- Ingrid is another name with ethereal origins; it means 'beautiful goddess.'
  • Kari- Kari means pure.
  • Solveig- The original Norse meaning of Solveig is a strong house,' but it can also be taken to mean the daughter of the sun or the sun's path.
  • Sigrid/Sigfrid- The name Sigrid, in its original translation, can be pronounced in several different ways due to dialect differences. Many other meanings can be translated from Old Norse, including victory, wisdom, and beauty.
  • Sif/Siv- In Norse mythology, Siv (or Sif) was the deity of fertility and agriculture. She was also known as the wife of Thor.
  • Saga- This is an instantly recognizable name and is frequently linked to interpreting the words story, tale, or fairy tale.

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