Maternity Photoshoot: 51 Tips & Ideas To Make Yours Perfect

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Originally Published on May 26, 2021
feeling overwhelmed by all the pregnancy advice

A maternity photoshoot can be a brilliant way for your family to celebrate your pregnancy before your bump becomes your new baby.

The photos you take will become special memories of your pregnancy if you get them right. Our tips and photo ideas will help you to make sure your pre-baby photography session is exactly how you want it, and that you get the picture you hoped for.

Many people crave motherhood to be captured on film: from the experience of giving birth to your baby bump and how you look in general when pregnant.

You may be feeling overwhelmed by all the pregnancy advice floating around and not sure what is best for your baby bump and what will yield good results when it comes to that perfect maternity photoshoot.

That's why we've put together the biggest list of tips on the internet to create the ultimate maternity photo experience for you.

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What Is A Maternity Photoshoot

maternity photoshoot is an opportunity to take some photos

A maternity photoshoot is an opportunity to take some photos of yourself and your growing bump, to document your baby bump, and to capture the pregnancy experience.

The cost of a maternity photoshoot will greatly depend on how bespoke you want your maternity shoot to be; the more time spent on creating the perfect shots, of course, the more it's probably going to cost you.

You don't have to spend a fortune though, if you or your partner are good at photography you could even do it at home for free. Professional studio shoots normally start at a price point of $225, but as mentioned, this can vary greatly on a number of factors.

Whether it is worth the cost or not is a decision that is purely up to you!

A professional maternity photoshoot should feature a consultation before the big day, which is a chance to discuss what you envision for your special photos. You can take a look at the maternity clothing and accessories available at the session and discuss things like your hair and makeup look.

The best time in your pregnancy to do a maternity photoshoot is between the 28 and 36 week marks, as your bump is already prominent at this point.

Our 51 Tips For The Best Maternity Photoshoot

maternity photoshoot can be a brilliant way for your family

We've pulled together some of our favorite maternity photoshoot ideas to help you plan your portraits and get results you will love for years to come.

1. Find a location that is beautiful and has great lighting, but be sure to check the weather forecast for the day of your photoshoot, just in case.

2. Make sure you have all of your maternity clothes already laid out and ready to go before the session, to avoid any last-minute flustered stress.

3. Try taking pictures from various angles, lying on your side or your back, so you have a better chance of getting a great shot in the studio.

4. Use furniture as props if you want to get creative.

5. One of our favorite photo ideas is to take a photo of mom holding baby shoes in front of her belly, and you can later take another photo of your baby in the shoes as a newborn for a fun comparison.

6. Laugh with your partner and get a little silly in front of the camera. It will make the process much more fun and relaxed and share a lovely insight into how you act as a couple.

7. If you have a stylist, now is the time to use them! They can help with your hair and makeup so that you look perfect for your shoot. A stylist isn't necessary; think of it as an extra special touch if you decide to work with one.

8. Make sure you choose the right person to take your snaps, check out their other maternity photos to get an idea of what kind of pictures you will be able to create.

9. Take more photos than you think you need! The more shots you take, the better chance you will have of getting ones that you love.

10. Take inspiration pictures to your photo sessions. This will give everyone a clear picture of what you are trying to create.

11. Don't get down if you don't get the perfect shot. Photoshop can work magic, and nothing is stopping you from booking multiple photography sessions!

12. Try to relax and have fun. This is the time for you to celebrate your belly and being pregnant, so try not to take yourself too seriously.

13. Do not shy away from asking for what you want! Maternity photoshoots can be nerve-wracking, so if you have special requests, don't be afraid to speak up.

14. Ask for the session to be private if you're feeling the pressure. Not having any assistants with you should help you to relax.

15. Take shots as a couple. Photos with both expecting parents can be a beautiful and cute way to celebrate your growing family.

16. Ramp up the glamour with some maternity photoshoot gowns. A beautiful dress will make an expecting mom feel beautiful and special.

17. Decorate your bump! Some photographers specialize in decorating your bump with flowers and body paint, which can add an individual touch to your maternity photoshoot.

18. Make sure you are clear on permission if you don't want your photos to be shared after your maternity shoot.

19. Bring along some maternity photoshoot props, like flowers and signs for a personal touch.

20.  Choose your maternity photoshoot clothes carefully, it's important to feel comfortable and confident in your choice of outfit.

21. Bring a few outfit options with you. If you're not feeling yourself in one dress, it's a good idea to have another option or three to switch things up.

22. Work with someone who has done maternity photos before. They'll have a better grasp of the best angles to get your photo spot on.

23. Don't be afraid to go nude! Celebrate your pregnant form in all its glory with a nude maternity photoshoot.

24. If you're not sure how to handle your maternity photoshoot, don't be afraid to ask for photo ideas from your photographer. They can help you come up with fun photoshoot ideas that are unique to your needs.

25. Try a location shoot to add some drama to your photos.

26. Research photo ideas. The internet is full of maternity photos of all sorts of styles, so do some research and find styles and ideas that work for you.

27. Don't wait too long! If you plan your shoot too close to your due date, you might end up not being able to do it at all.

28. Involve the whole family. If you're a mom of other kids, get them involved in your maternity photos to celebrate their new baby sibling.

29. Do not be afraid to ask for a refund if you are unhappy with your pictures, but remember that the photographer will have still spent their time and effort creating your maternity photos and it is important to respect this.

30. Pose with your hands on your belly, but pose with them in different places too to mix things up.

31. If you are worried about the price of your maternity session, let the photographer know. Many photographers will offer a discount if you are able to pay in full beforehand.

32. Try your best to remain calm! No matter what happens, try not to get too stressed and frustrated with your session.

33. Check with your insurance company for any coverage on this type of project. If they cover any portion of it, then it is worth every penny!

34. If you do receive coverage from your insurance and the cost is less than what you are paying, try asking for a discount! This may allow you to get more photos taken or even additional ones with different poses and locations.

35. Try to be open to suggestions! If the photographer offers a new idea or something that doesn't appeal to you, don't be afraid to tell them but also don't shoot down possibilities immediately without giving it a second thought. After all, they're a professional.

36. Art shots could offer a classier approach to pregnancy photography, so try black and white for a timeless style.

37. If you're on a budget, ask a friend or family member to take your pics for you. Even a maternity photoshoot done on an iPhone can look stunning.

38. If you're not feeling totally comfortable in your pregnant body, then you might want to use folds in clothing or sheets to disguise any bumps and rolls you're self-conscious about.

39. Smile. Often the photos you will love the most, later on, will show how happy you are in the moment, so try to make sure you take some snaps of how excited you really are.

40. Check out celebrity maternity photoshoot ideas. They've got the budget to go big, so if you're looking for drama you might want to replicate some of their shots.

41. Play with lighting. Taking your pictures during golden hour as the sun sets could give beautiful results during your photoshoot.

42. Accentuate your bump with form-fitting black clothing. It will help you to look slim and bring attention to your angles for a striking and classy effect.

43. Capture parents kissing. It might seem a little bit cringe-worthy at the time, but there is nothing more beautiful than a shot of two parents very much in love.

44. Use props like a whiteboard to document your pregnancy week by week as your bump grows.

45. Take photos with pregnant friends. If you and your bestie are expecting at the same time, why not book a shoot together to commemorate the special bond?

46. A couple on a budget could reach out to photographers to ask if they need models. Maternity photographers are often looking for models, and if you don't mind giving them free rein they might even pay you for your time.

47. Lay out baby shoes or clothes beside you when you take pregnancy photos, and swap these for cute pictures of your little one in the clothes a few months later.

48. One of our favorite maternity photoshoot ideas is to take pictures in a bathtub filled with flowers. It can add something special to your maternity photos and make them stand out.

49. You can take a maternity photo of you in a pair of jeans, and replicate the same photo each week until your bump is too big to fit in them!

50. Taking maternity photos at home can add a personal touch instead of studio shots.

51. Remember, you are beautiful! Your maternity photoshoot is showcasing one of the most incredible things that the human body can do, so enjoy the process and feel every bit of that radiant beauty while you get your shots.

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