9 Relaxing Babymoon Ideas In The UK To Book Now

Rachel Garner
Jan 22, 2024 By Rachel Garner
Originally Published on Jul 22, 2020
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A babymoon can be one of the most special and romantic trips that you can take with your partner.

Not only is it possibly the last solo-trip you'll be able to take for a while, but it's also a chance to celebrate your pregnancy and the life that you're about to welcome into the world. A great chance for a last hurrah!

With that in mind, we've rounded up 9 of our favourite luxurious and relaxing spots - perfect for babymoons.

The Gainsborough Bath Spa - Bath

This award-winning hotel is the perfect spot for your special babymoon. Custom furnished to high standards with luxury bedding, large wardrobes, heated floors, and free WiFi- you may not even want to leave your room!

Choose from either a city or courtyard view - or you can even book a bath spa room which comes with alcove roll-top bathtubs and access to natural thermal waters.

Feeling hungry? Head down to the Dan Moon restaurant and taste the impressive food, or why not explore the hotel's gorgeous art-work and architecture? The Gainsborough also gives guests full access to spa treatments, a steam room, and thermal water baths.

The hotel is currently taking bookings for dates after the 30th of July and is working hard to ensure the safety of guests and staff.

Beach Cove Coastal Retreat – Devon

The perfect spot to relax and rejuvenate, you'll be able to experience staying in your very own luxury beach hut. Each hut is unique and beautifully decorated with stunning views of the sea.

Just steps from the beach, you can wander down for a dip or simply use your own personal hot tub.

You can get out and explore the various nearby restaurants and shops, or, if you want to stay in, your hut has fully equipped kitchen and bathroom facilities, along with an area outside to sit and enjoy the sunshine (or sunset).

You can take a  nearby boat trip from the harbour, walk, visit nearby castles and national parks - and maybe even spot a seal!

The Beach Cove Coastal Retreat reopened to the public on the 4th of July with some amenities removed to ensure the safety of guests.

Gravetye Manor - Sussex

This historical hotel makes for a magical stay in the countryside.

Just a quick trip from London, you'll be able to explore 35 acres of land and gardens, and choose from 17 luxury bedrooms. With both contemporary and traditional furniture, painting, period features, and antiques, you'll feel like you just stepped back in time.

Whether you want to relax and explore the gardens, read a book in front of the fireplace, or grab a bite to eat in the glass-walled Michelin star restaurant and admire the views - you'll be sure to leave feeling ever so relaxed and ready for your new baby.

The Gravetye Manor is currently open and taking bookings, although you'll have to be quick as it's very popular!

Woodside Bay Lodge Retreat – Isle of Wight

If you're after a peaceful, relaxing stay this is the spot for your babymoon.

Pick whether you want to stay in a gorgeous lodge (with a fully fitted kitchen) or a unique treehouse-style accommodation (with a kitchenette), and relish in the fact that you're both surrounded by woodland and just steps away from a stunning beach.

The resort is only a few years old and so incredibly modern, with free WiFi, hot tubs, a spa and a restaurant on site. You can even bring your pets along if you'd like!

If you want to do more than just exploring the woods and the coast, a small harbour village named Ryde is just a short trip away - with plenty of local pubs and restaurants to try out.

The Woodside Bay Lodge Retreat reopened on the 4th of July with some facilities closed for the time being, but is still an ideal trip to celebrate your pregnancy.

Gilpin Hotel & Lake House - Lake District

White bathtub on a wooden floor in a bright room.

The Gilpin Hotel and Lake House pride themselves on their friendliness and warmth, making for a memorable stay, and you'll be able to see why.

With 25 bedrooms to choose from - all of which with stunning views of the lake - there's so much to see and do.

From the gorgeous gardens to explore (which you can access directly from most rooms) to the personal hot tubs and spas that come with certain rooms, you'll literally be able to enjoy your own steam room, hydrotherapy tubs, and saunas without stepping foot outside. Alternatively, you can make the most of your stay in the actual lake house.

The hotel has two restaurants, one is Michelin starred and serves British cuisine and the other pan-Asian.

The hotel is currently open and taking bookings subject to availability, but is an easy spot to maintain social distancing and has the most beautiful scenery and relaxing atmosphere.

Cowley Manor - Cotswolds

With 30 bedrooms, an award-winning spa, two heated swimming pools, 55 acres of garden to explore, and the fact that it's super close to the Cotswolds if you want to get out and adventure - the Cowley Manor is the perfect spot to celebrate the end of your pregnancy.

All of the bedrooms are light, bright, and airy with huge bathtubs to take a soak in.

There's also a charming restaurant for lunch, dinner, and afternoon teas - and a terrace for alfresco dining, or even a cup of coffee in the sunshine with great views of the garden and lake.

You can enjoy long walks around the gardens, broken up with benches to sit on and relax, and even get to see a variety of wildlife.

Reopening on the 10th of July to guests - you'd better get booking soon if you want the best room!

Longlands - Devon

This luxury glamping retreat is the perfect romantic break for your babymoon, and will have you feeling like you're in a whole other world.

Simple, cosy, and close to nature - there's a lake for fishing, a beach nearby, log burning ovens to make smores, and a clear sky to look up into at night and spot the stars.

The accommodations come with board game trunks and are perfect to spend quality time together or to simply relax and read a book. There's also a small kitchenette to whip up a romantic meal, a hot tub with great views of the valley, a private deck with seating, and even a spa barn on site.

If you're looking for ideas in the day time, we'd recommend taking a walk on the sand, a dip in the ocean, or even trying out a horse carriage ride nearby.

Longlands reopened on the 4th of July with new procedures in place, and are welcoming guests.

The Scarlet Hotel - Cornwall

This luxury eco-hotel offers guests the best views of the coasts. From the sea to the sky, to the sand, to the cliffs - you'll be able to stare out your window for hours.

Built over different levels, no matter which room you end up going for, you'll be sure to get one with an amazing view!

Unique and relaxing, each room has its own private outdoor space, and are all open plan with bathrooms so that you can enjoy the sea views wherever you are.

The contemporary hotel is beautifully designed with lovely artwork, has incredibly friendly staff, a restaurant on-site with great food, and even a spa with treatment rooms, a heated swimming pool, various treatments, and a steam room. The location is also great if you want to venture out and explore Cornwall a little during your stay.

The Scarlet Hotel reopened on the 4th of July with social distancing and improved safety and hygiene procedures in place to ensure that your hotel stay is still great.

Windfall Cottage - Cotswolds

Escape to a stunning cottage in the countryside, fully equipped and ready for your stay. With lovely views of the surrounding gardens and orchards from inside of the cottage, you don't even have to lift a foot if you don't want to.

If you do want to explore, however, the location is super close to nearby villages with restaurants to try out and shops to take a peek in.

The cottage offers free WiFi, a garden, a patio area to relax on, and is very visually appealing with oak interiors, huge french doors, a log fire, an outside barbecue, and even underfloor heating.

You may even receive some fresh eggs from the hens outside to enjoy for breakfast in the fully fitted kitchen! Windfall Cottage also offers beauty treatments if you book in advance.

The cottage is currently taking bookings as of the 4th of July, but since there's only one cottage available you may have to book well in advance before your babymoon. (Additionally, since the cottage is quite large - you can even bring a few extra people if you'd like!)

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