110+ Ratfolk Names And Last Names With Meanings For Your Characters

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Character building is never an easy task, especially when you have to get creative with the names.

If you're into gaming and the fantasy world and you want to base your characters on ratfolk, then this is the list for you. With this help of this list, you won't have to think so hard about what to call your cool characters.

Ratfolks are shapeshifters that can transform into a human form from their normal rat form. They are rodent-like humanoids that are usually found in nomadic trading caravans. In their human form, they are usually very skinny, with hair color that matches the color of their fur hair when they are in rat form. Ratfolk tend to live communally and are found in large families or warrens in different locations in the fantasy world. Some of their most common identifying traits include being short and scrawny with rat-like features. They also have a significant amount of rodent empathy. While most are small, some can actually grow to between five feet and 30 feet, becoming a giant rat.

There are different classes of ratfolk as well, from the ratfolk wizard class, to the ratfolk rogue class and the ratfolk alchemist class. In games such as 'Dungeons And Dragons' and 'Pathfinder' you will find all of these classes and more, with the best class for ratfolk being the rogue class.

When it comes to the naming system of ratfolk you will notice that as female tend to have names that traditionally may have been more commonly male names. The practice of giving names regardless of gender is common with the ratfolk fantasy world, where you will often find typically masculine names given to females and vice versa. This means that, although the cool ratfolk names on our list are categorised by gender, there are no rules, and if you want to mix it up naming you male character one of the female names then go for it! You can get creative with your names based on the qualities of your character.

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Ratfolk Names For Girls

You will find the best ratfolk female names on this list for your characters. These characters are equally as strong as their male counterparts so they deserve strong names. Female ratfolk are often merchants and traders who travel far and wide. If you want your ratfolk characters to blend into a crowd, the more human they are they better, as this will help them to blend in easily, especially in large crowds. Here are the best names for your female characters that are strong and resilient, you will certainly find at least one that you love!

1. Apple (English origin) a nice name for a female ratfolk.

2. Ben, a cool name for a female ratfolk, but is common amongst other races too.

3. Bessel (German origin) derived from the name of a river.

4. Cloudy, a name for a moody person.

5. Ember, reminds you of a warm day.

6. Fhar, given to a nomad.

7. Fres, a simple  name.

8. Frost, a name given to an individual born during the winter period.

9. Ghegge, a name for a first born female.

10. Jasper (Persian origin) means "treasure", whilst usually given as a masculine name it is perfect for a female ratfolk character.

11. Jix,  derived from the word 'jinx' which means "a spell".

12. Kitch, is a name given based on physical characteristics or abilities.

13. Kubi, a sweet name.

14. Mifihm, for a strong female character.

15. Nana, is a pet name you call someone you're fond of.

16. Nech, for a small girl.

17. Nehm (Arabic origin) means "grace" or "blessing".

18. Rissi (Italian origin) derived from the Italian word 'ricco' which means "curly"

19. Russet, refers to "a reddish brown color".

20. Sif (Norse origin) means "wife" or "bride," and was the name of the wife of Thor.

21. Telli, this name means "intelligent".

22. Thikka, derived form the  Finish name Tikka which means "woodpecker".

23. Urchin (English origin) means "hedgehog".

24. Veil, refers to the veil used to cover the face or a mysterious person.

25. Vhezzem, given to hardworking female characters.

26. Yarn, refers to a ball of yarn that is spun for clothes.

27. Ziruhm, for a powerful female character.

28. Zitch, generally used to refer to someone who is weak or inferior.

Rat eating wheat as food.

Ratfolk Names For Boys

Male ratfolk are different physically from their female humanoid rat counterparts. Most of the male ratfolk are fighters, and ratfolk, in general, are not always lawful. They do not have any real influence or power, but they do have strength in their vast numbers. This gives them the capacity to overpower and subdue their enemies by working together in combat in combination with the use of their collection of dangerous trinkets. Ratfolk male names are given to suit their traits and characteristics. Most ratfolk have short names which is a necessity when an individual has to call out so many names at once in a large family. They like to keep it short, simple and straight to the point. You'll get names that mean "sneaky", names that mean "rat" and many more, including some funny ratfolk names on the list.

29. Abe, a common male name.

30. Agiz, given to a small ratfolk character.

31. Blackie, is a sweet name for a male ratfolk.

32. Bres, a name that means "beautiful horseman".

33. Brihz, given to a large male ratfolk.

34. Chigveg, given to bold individuals.

35. Dolf (German origin) means "majestic wolf" or "noble".

36. Djir, a good male name for a strong ratfolk character.

37. Drer (English origin) derived from the name Dre which means "gift of God".

38. Grim (English origin) used to refer to someone fierce.

39. Jan (Dutch origin) means "God is gracious".

70. Knoz (Scottish origin) derived from the name Knox.

71. Lefty, is a name given to someone that is left-handed.

72. Moon, given to a ratfolk character who loves the night time.

73. Ninnec, an interesting name for a ratfolk.

74. Ondam, given to a ratfolk with the cleanliness trait.

75. Pearl, an modern name for a male ratfolk, signifying a special person.

76. Rerdahl (Norwegian origin) means "alder valley," and is used as a habitual name for someone who lives near a farmstead.

77. Rikkan, a strong masculine name.

78. Scengeq, not very common among boys, why not pick it so your male ratfolk character stands out?

79. Sehl (German origin) a variant of the name Seele.

80. Shadow, given to a ratfolk character that lurks around at night.

81. Skavvag, given to someone who works hard.

82. Skivven, this name suits s shy and quiet ratfolk character.

83. Tamoq, a strong name for a male ratfolk.

84. Timoc, a creative name for a male ratfolk.

85. Twister, given to an individual who can run at high speeds.

86. Wax, refers to qualities of strength.

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Gender Neutral Ratfolk Names

'Pathfinder' ratfolk characters often have gender neutral names. Ratfolks are not keen on a gender classification naming system, as they tend to have multiple children at one time (such as twins or triplets). This ensures the warren grows into a large family quickly, but it means that a mixture of boys and girls are likely to be born together. To keep things simple, therefore, gender neutral names are often used. The best ratfolk names are on this list to help find the best names for your characters. These rodent names are simple and easy to use.

87. Chagdin, derived from the name Chardin.

88. Creccot, a good name for a male or female character.

89. Dreg (Norse origin) means "yeast".

90. Drez (French origin) used to be a family name but also make a cool first name for any ratfolk.

91. Glannat (French origin) derived from an old French word which means "to enjoy oneself".

92. Gnin, a good name for boys and girls.

93. Irkac, a name given to a wizard ratfolk.

94. Jercohk, derived from the name Jericho.

95. Knicdahk, a cool name for male or female ratfolk.

96. Kot (Polish origin) meaning "cat", this name is often given to families of the nobility.

97. Krat, a common name among ratfolk.

98. Mec, a short name that would suit any ratfolk character.

99. Sarcon, given to a night rodent.

100. Scrak, derived from the word 'schrack' which means "to leap".

101. Skerdihl, given to a stealthy individual.

102. Skrec, a name given to a sneaky ratfolk.

103. Trenihl, a good gender neutral name.

104. Zar (Persian origin) means "neighbour".

105. Zerrir, given to lone ratfolks.

106. Zris, a nomadic name.

Ratfolk Last Names

Ratfolk surnames are usually based on the location of their warren. Large warrens that have their own culture or have ties to previous warrens develop their own naming systems and conventions. Some ratfolk are also born to a human parent, and this can affect their last names too. These individuals are more human in appearance so they are likely to live in cities and fit in more easily. All members of a warren tend to have the same last name because the name is given based on their location (making many of these surnames technically ratfolk place names). Only a few larger, older warrens with ties to other warrens have a different last name system.

107. Caskstride, found among nomadic families or a warren of nomads.

108. Deadstar, refers to a family that is not so vibrant.

109. Fogsky, referring to the foggy sky up ahead, given to ratfolk from a place with clouded skies.

110. Fordreamer, usually given to wizard ratfolk, and often found among individuals who have wizard ancestry.

111. Havenbraid, a combination of the words 'haven' and 'braid', this name might refer to a warren of ratfolk who dwell in a safe place.

112. Mourntrack, the last name is found among the 'Pathfinder' races of ratfolk.

113. Oatsnarl, could be found among alchemist ratfolk.

114. Solidhorn, common among successful merchants who are well travelled with some influence.

115. Sternlance, given to individuals who are firm in their decisions and they are often leaders in their warren.

116. Warbreath, the last name given to a family of warrior or rogue ratfolk.

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