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90s Music Trivia: 40+ Questions About Pop, Rock, And One Hit Wonders

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The 90s was the decade that properly established pop culture as we know it today with all the new albums and music.

Our music trivia questions give you a revisiting experience to the 1990s pop culture and let you meet the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC once again. It just doesn't stop with the Backstreet Boys, you will feel the rhythm of Michael Jackson, Bryan Adams, and Christina Aguilera once again with our 90s pop culture quiz.

Our 1990s music quiz is a perfect mix of all the pop, rock, and one-hit wonders that cherish 1990s culture. Everyone enjoys the nineties classics which was elite. So, one can not try our 90s song trivia and not have fun. If you loved our 90s Movie Trivia and 90s Trivia, we are sure you will love this one!

90s Pop Culture Trivia

90s pop music was an extraordinary combination of reggae, contemporary R&B, and urban classics, which blended with styles such as funk, jazz, and soul, resulting in fusion genres such as neo-soul, hip hop, new jack swing, and g-funk. Prove you are a hardcore fan of nineties pop culture by answering as many questions as you can from this 90s pop music trivia quiz.

1. Question: R Kelly’s 'Don’t see anything wrong with a little ____'?

Answer: Bump ‘n’ Grind.

2. Question: What is the other language that Celine Dion regularly sang in throughout the 90s?

Answer: French

3. Question: Which tool-themed MC won best rap video and best dance video at the 1990 MTV Awards?

Answer: MC Hammer

4. Question: Which 90s girl group is the second best-selling group after the Spice Girls?

Answer: TLC

5. Question: Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, and others contributed to which musical movement in the late 90s?

Answer: The Latin explosion

6. Question: Who was the best selling musical artist in the 90s?

Answer: Mariah Carey.

7. Question: What was Seal’s second-biggest hit of the 90s?

Answer: 'Killer'

8. Question: Which 90s boyband's name was an amalgamation of all the members final letter of their first names?

Answer: NSYNC

9. Question: The only member of the Spice Girls with a name that was an actual spice?

Answer: Ginger Spice/Geri Halliwell

10. Question: Jamiroquai’s ‘Deeper Underground’ featured in which poorly-rated Hollywood movie?

Answer: 'Godzilla'

11. Question: Who won a Grammy for best reggae album in 1995?

Answer: Shaggy

12. Question: In 1995, Robbie Williams began a famous solo career after leaving which band?

Answer: Take That

13. Question: Which holiday hit in 1994 was written by Mariah Carey in 15 minutes?

Answer: 'All I Want for Christmas is You'

14. Question: In 1997, the race to Christmas number 1 was between the Teletubbies and who?

Answer: Spice Girls

15. Question: Lauryn Hill’s 1998 hit 'Doo-Wop' was also known as?

Answer: 'That Thing'

16. Question: What was the age of Britney Spears when her hit song ‘Baby One More Time’ came out in 1998?

Answer: 17

17. Question: Michael Jackson’s performance of 'Earth Song;' at the 1996 Brit Awards was disrupted on stage by?

Answer: Jarvis Cocker

18. Question: Christina Aguilera got her first hit with the song?

Answer: 'Genie In A Bottle'

90s Rock Trivia

CD Inside Portable Cd Player

Grunge, a new brand of rock, became exceedingly popular in the 90s along with Punk, nu-metal, and ska. Grunge and Alternative went on to become a global phenomenon. Know where you stand with your rock music knowledge with this best music trivia and answers.  

19. Question: Which riot did the Cherry Poppin' Daddies have in the '90s?

Answer: Zoot Suit Riot

20. Question: The band that considers you to be a "Kool Thing" while wearing your "Dirty Boots"?

Answer: Sonic Youth

21. Question: In which year was the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ 'Give It Away' released?

Answer: 1991

22. Question: Which 90's alternative rock band was famed for playing a "basitar" and a "guitbass"?

Answer: Presidents of the United States of America

23. Question: Billy Corgan is the lead singer of which band?

Answer: Smashing Pumpkins

24. Question: Who is the lead singer of the Hole band?

Answer: Kurt Cobain’s wife, Courtney Love

25. Question: The Alternative rock band from Massachusetts was?

Answer: Godsmack

26. Question: What was the most successful song in the 90s?

Answer: Nirvana, 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'(1991)

27. Question: In which Bob Jovi singles did the characters Tommy and Gina feature?

Answer: 'Living on a Prayer' and 'It’s My Life'

90s One Hit Wonders

The nineties hosted for some major one-hit wonders that got us moving like never before. But it’s easy to forget often some of the one-hit wonders in the charts. Let’s see how many questions you can get right in this nineties song trivia questions quiz.

28. Question: Who sang 'Save Tonight'?

Answer: Eagle Eye Cherry

29. Question: Which singer sang 'Torn'?

Answer: Natalie Imbruglia

30. Question: The band which sang 'You Only Get What You Give' is _____.

Answer: The New Radicals

31. Question: Which group told the world, "I’m too sexy for another hit song”?

Answer: Right Said Fred

32. Question: 'What Would You Do' was sung by which band?

Answer: City High

33. Question: Which band sang 'Heaven'?

Answer: Los Lonely Boys

34. Question: Who sang 'Oops (Oh My)'?

Answer: Tweet

35. Question: who sang 'Crazy For This Girl'?

Answer: Evan & Jaron

36. Question: Who sang 'Lullaby'?

Answer: Shawn Mullins

37. Question: 'Steal My Sunshine' was sung by?

Answer: Len

38. Question: Who sang the song 'Barbie Girl'?

Answer: Aqua

39. Question: 'Crush' was sung by?

Answer: Jennifer Paige

40. Question: Who sang the song 'Mambo No.5'?

Answer: Lou Bega

41. Question: Who sang the song 'Stacy’s Mom'?

Answer: Fountains Of Wayne

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 1990s music trivia questions and answers, then why not take a look at 2000s trivia or 80s trivia.

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