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135+ Awesome ’80s Trivia Questions: How Much Do You Know?

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The years from the beginning of 1980 and the end of 1989, marked a time of major changes and developments across the world.

The decade made way for several technological advancements, along with a transformation of the music and fashion industry. Although, not everything can go right all the time, so there were some crises too.

Here is a collection of trivia questions and answers on topics like movies, music, sitcoms, and video games. The trivia is a compilation of the '80s, presented in a fun quiz format that you can enjoy playing with your friends or family members. Not only this, the last set of trivia questions will also test your overall general knowledge of the '80s too. While people who lived through it can revisit the time as they read through the trivia, younger readers can also have a fun time quizzing each other and learning about the decade in the process.

'80s Movies Trivia Questions And Answers

This first list of trivia questions and answers is based on some of the movies from the '80s that stood out. You can test your knowledge of the movies of that decade, while also learning about films that you were unaware of. Trying to get the correct answer for each can be great fun, especially for movie buffs.

1. Question: Which Star Wars film released in the '80s introduced the Ewoks?  

Answer: ‘Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi’.

2. Question: Who played the leading role in the movie 'All Dogs Go To Heaven'?

Answer: Charlie. B Barkin.

3. Question: Who is Max's companion in the 1981 movie ‘Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior’?  

Answer: A dog.

4. Question: Name the highest-grossing film of the decade.

Answer: 'E. T. The Extra-Terrestrial'.

5. Question: In which animated movie does the song 'There Are No Cats In America' feature?

Answer: 'An American Tail'.

6. Question: Name the actor appearing in the movie 'The Breakfast Club' who played the character named Andrew Clark. 

Answer: Emilio Estevez.

7. Question: What is the name of the apatosaurus in 'The Land Before Time'?

Answer: Littlefoot.

8. Question: What is the real name of the character named Baby in 'Dirty Dancing'?

Answer: Frances Houseman.

9. Question: How many Star Wars films were released in the '80s?

Answer: Two.

10. Question: Name the 1980 film based on the life of John Merrick.

Answer: 'The Elephant Man'.

11. Question: The Mystery Machine from the Scooby-Doo franchise appeared in which '80s movie featuring a group of kids searching for pirate treasure?  

Answer: ‘The Goonies’.

12. Question: Who directed the 1984 horror film ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’? 

Answer: Wes Craven.

13. Question: Who is the director of the 1982 movie 'Blade Runner'?

Answer: Ridley Scott.

14. Question: What is the name of the main female character in 'The Terminator'?

Answer: Sarah Connor.

15. Question: Who is the famous singer who appears in the 1985 movie 'Desperately Seeking Susan'?

Answer: Madonna.

16. Question: What is the name of the movie based on the 1971 novel 'Mrs. Frisby And The Rats Of NIMH'?

Answer: 'The Secret Of NIMH'.

17. Question: Which movie started the Disney Renaissance Era near the end of the '80s?

Answer: 'The Little Mermaid'.

18. Question: Name a fantasy comedy film directed by Tim Burton, with stars like Michael Keaton and Alec Baldwin.

Answer: 'Beetlejuice'.

19. Question: What was the name of the popular series of workout videos from the '80s led by actress Jane Fonda?  

Answer: ‘Jane Fonda's Workout’.

20. Question: What is the name of the candy that Eliot gives to E.T.?

Answer: Reese’s Pieces.

21. Question: Which movie was Alan Rickman’s first feature film role?

Answer: 'Die Hard'.

22. Question: What was the title of the 1980 film that was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture, and was an American parody?

Answer: 'Airplane!'.

23. Question: What is the name of the first Indiana Jones film starring Harrison Ford?

Answer: 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark'.

24. Question: Name the comedy film released in 1984 that got two Oscar nominations, and was based on the lead characters catching ghosts.

Answer: 'Ghostbusters'.

25. Question: The life of a group of high school students was the subject of which iconic '80s film directed by John Hughes?  

Answer: ‘The Breakfast Club’.        

26. Question: John Hughes directed a movie in the '80s which was a tribute to the city of Chicago. What was the title of the film?

Answer: 'Ferris Bueller’s Day Off'.

27. Question: What is the Prince’s name in the 1987 fantasy film 'The Princess Bride'?

Answer: Prince Humperdinck.

28. Question: What is the name of Jake Ryan’s girlfriend in 'Sixteen Candles'?

Answer: Caroline Mulford.

29. Question: The famous quote “Carpe Diem. Seize the day boys. Make your lives extraordinary!”, is from which film?

Answer: 'Dead Poets Society'.

30. Question: What do Chris Chambers and his friends search for in the movie 'Stand By Me'?

Answer: A dead body.

31. Question: What weapon does Indiana Jones mainly use?

Answer: Whip.

32. Question: What is the real name of the actor in the character of Duckie in the movie 'Pretty In Pink'?

Answer: Jon Cryer.

33. Question: Where does Eddie Murphy’s character work in the movie 'Harlem Nights'?

Answer: Club Sugar Ray.

34. Question: Who plays the main character in the 1988 comedy-drama 'Big'?

Answer: Tom Hanks.

35. Question: Towards the end of the movie 'Say Anything', what song does Lloyd Dobler play in his boombox?

Answer: 'In Your Eyes'.

36. Question: Bob Hoskins stars as Detective Eddie Valiant in which '80s movie?

Answer: 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'.

37. Question: What was Prince’s age when the 'Purple Rain' musical drama was released in 1984?

Answer: 25.

38. Question: Which actor, known for his comedic roles, starred in the iconic '80s movie ‘Ghostbusters’?  

Answer: Bill Murray.

39. Question: Name the spirit that gains control of Sigourney Weaver’s character in the film 'Ghostbusters'?

Answer: Zuul.

40. Question: Which '80s horror movie featured a serial killer possessing an evil spirit that could invade dreams? 

Answer: ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’.

41. Question: Which '80s fantasy film featured a group of kids going up against an evil wizard? 

Answer: ‘The Dark Crystal’.

42. Question: Which beloved holiday movie, set in the '40s but released in the '80s, centered around a young boy's quest to get a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas?  

Answer: ‘A Christmas Story’.

43. Question: In the '80s, Bill Murray starred in a movie adaptation of a Charles Dickens novel. What is his movie called?

Answer: 'Scrooged'.

'80s Sports Trivia Questions And Answers

The '80 was also an eventful period in the world of sports and for several sports professionals. Read through these trivia questions to learn about different sporting events and about several sports professionals who made a mark in their field during the decade.

44. Question: Where was the 1988 Winter Olympics hosted?

Answer: Canada.

45. Question: In which year did Steffi Graf win her first Wimbledon singles title?

Answer: 1988.

46. Question: Which country boycotted the 1980 Summer Olympics?

Answer: United States.

47. Question: Who won the FIFA World Cup in 1982?

Answer: Italy.

43. Question: In 1984, which NBA team was Hakeem Olajuwon drafted to be a part of?

Answer: Houston Rockets.

44. Question: Which NBA team was Earvin Johnson Jr. a part of in the '80s?

Answer: Los Angeles Lakers.

45. Question: Who won the first Rugby World Cup in 1987?

Answer: New Zealand.

46. Question: Who won the Grand National in 1986?

Answer: West Tip, ridden by Richard Dunwoody.

47. Question: Name the coach of the USA hockey team that participated in the 1980 Olympics.

Answer: Herb Brooks.

48. Question: When was the last soccer World Cup of the '80s held?

Answer: 1986.

49. Question: Who won the Heisman Trophy during the '80s?

Answer: George Rogers.

50. Question: Winning 83 gold medals, which country topped the 1984 Olympics medal table?

Answer: USA.

51. Question: In what year did Diego Maradona score his infamous 'Hand Of God' goal?

Answer: 1986.

52. Question: Who won the World Darts Championship both in 1982 and 1989?

Answer: Jocky Wilson.

53. Question: Who won the Tour de France in 1989?

Answer: Greg LeMond.

54. Question: Who won the Formula One World Title in 1984?

Answer: Niki Lauda.

55. Question: Who won the World Snooker Championship at The Crucible in 1986?

Answer: Joe Johnson.

'80s Video Game Trivia Questions And Answers

Pokemon 80s video games

The '80s was also a time of major innovations and creative developments occurring in the video game industry. The trivia questions in this section will take you through some of the iconic video games, game manufacturers, and developers in the '80s who worked to provide children with new forms of entertainment.

56. Question: Which 1981 video game has the same name as a Shakespearean play?

Answer: 'Tempest'.

57. Question: Which video game released in 1982 makes use of a flying spacecraft and isometric projection?

Answer: 'Zaxxon'.

58. Question: What is the name of a 1981 video game series featuring the adventures of a gorilla?

Answer: 'Donkey Kong'.

59. Question: What is the total number of dots on a 'Pac-Man' board?

Answer: 240.

60. Question: Who designed the shooter arcade game known as 'Centipede'?

Answer: Dona Bailey.

61. Question: Name the three missiles in 'Missile Command'?

Answer: Alpha, Delta, and Omega.

62. Question: Name the Atari arcade games from the '80s designed by Dave Theurer.

Answer: 'Missile Command' and 'Tempest'.

63. Question: What is the name of the bomb used to destroy the enemies in 'Tempest'?

Answer: Super-zapper.                                                                                                                          

64. Question: Which game designed in 1981 consists of boxes and floating lines?

Answer: 'Qix'.

65. Question: What is the name of the sequel to the 'Tron' game?

Answer: 'Discs Of Tron'.

66. Question: In which year was the Galaxian game sequel, 'Galaga', released?

Answer: 1981.

67. Question: Name the 1982 video game that allows participants to ride a moon buggy.

Answer: 'Moon Patrol'.

68. Question: Who designed the laserdisc game known as 'Space Ace'?

Answer: Don Bluth.

69. Question: Name the sport where a player is in the role of a knight perched on top of a flying ostrich.

Answer: 'Joust'.

70. Question: What are the names of the ghosts who chase 'Pac-Man'?

Answer: Clyde, Blinky, Pinky, and Inky.

71. Question: What was the name of the game console manufactured by the company Nintendo in 1989?

Answer: Game Boy. 

72. Question: Who is the main character in the popular video game ‘Donkey Kong’, who must rescue a damsel from a giant ape? 

Answer: Jumpman (later named Mario).

73. Question: What was the most popular video game that came bundled with the Nintendo Entertainment System?  

Answer: 'Super Mario Bros.'.

74. Question: Which video game, first released in the Soviet Union in 1984, involves manipulating falling blocks of different shapes?

Answer: 'Tetris'.

'80s Music Trivia Questions And Answers

An '80s trivia quiz will seem incomplete without a section exploring the music and artist of the time. After all, it's one of the most popular decades among music lovers and those who appreciate the classics. Try to find the clues present in these trivia questions and figure out the correct answers.

75. Question: What '80s duet featured Fleetwood Mac and Eagles?

Answer: 'Leather And Lace'.

76. Question: Who became a chart-topper in 1988 through the song 'I Think We’re Alone Now'?

Answer: Tiffany.

77. Question: Which British pop duo was Reverend Richard Coles part of?

Answer: The Communards.

78. Question: Who won the Eurovision Song Contest twice in the '80s?

Answer: Johnny Logan.

79. Question: Who were the opening performers at the Live Aid Concert in July 1985?

Answer: Status Quo.

80. Question: What is the name of the song that made Whitney Houston the UK number one in 1985?

Answer: 'Saving All My Love For You'.

81. Question: Name the 1981 song that was in the UK Top Six in 2009.

Answer: 'Don’t Stop Believin'.

82. Question: Which song by Cliff Richard became Christmas number one in 1988?

Answer: 'Mistletoe And Wine'.

83. Question: Name the song that is played during the opening and closing credits of the film 'The Breakfast Club'?

Answer: 'Don’t You (Forget About Me)' by Simple Minds.

84. Question: Which song was the first UK chart-topper of Kylie Minogue?

Answer: 'I Should Be So Lucky'.

85. Question: Who is the voice behind the 1984 popular hit 'All Cried Out'?

Answer: Alison Moyet.

86. Question: Who is the famous Jamaican singer and musician known for bringing reggae to an international audience in the '80s?  

Answer: Bob Marley.

87. Question: Who was the first inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986?  

Answer: Chuck Berry.

88. Question: Who is the lead singer of the band U2, formed in the late '70s and rose to fame in the 80s?  

Answer: Bono.

89. Question: Name the first video aired on MTV in 1981.  

Answer: ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’.

90. Question: Who is the artist of the best-selling album of the '80s, ‘Thriller’?  

Answer: Michael Jackson.

91. Question: What is the name of Whitney Houston’s 1987 hit single?  

Answer: ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’.

92. Question: Which British band's music video ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’ was filmed in the jungles of Sri Lanka?  

Answer: Duran Duran.

93. Question: The Space Shuttle Columbia was mentioned in which hit single of John Stewart in the '80s?  

Answer: ‘Gold’.

94. Question: Who is known for popularizing rap in the '80s with hit songs like ‘I Can't Live Without My Radio’ and ‘Rock The Bells’?  

Answer: LL Cool J.

95. Question: Who performed the guitar solo in Michael Jackson's ‘Beat It’?

Answer: Eddie Van Halen.

96. Question: Name an ‘80s Madonna song that was written as a ballad.

Answer: ‘Crazy For You’.

97. Question: The band AC/DC's Brian Johnson was known for his unique singing style and what notable fashion trend?  

Answer: Flat cap.

98. Question: The hit song ‘Private Dancer’ provided a big break for which '80s pop star? 

Answer: Tina Turner.

99. Question: Which music video by The Police was notable for its black-and-white, rotoscoped animation?

Answer: 'Every Breath You Take'.

'80s Sitcom Trivia Questions And Answers

Sitcoms grew as a very popular mode of entertainment and recreation during the '80s, especially for adults and family members at home. If you also enjoy watching sitcoms and think you remember some of the '80s classics, try answering these trivia questions about the TV shows of that decade.

100. Question: What is the name of the show that starred a young Ricky Schroder?

Answer: 'Silver Spoons'.

101. Question: In the sitcom 'Cheers', what is the name of Frasier’s dog?

Answer: Pavlov.

102. Question: Which sitcom depicted an alien on the planet Melmac?

Answer: 'ALF'.

103. Question: Who sang the theme song for the sitcom 'Square Pegs'?

Answer: The Waitresses.

104. Question: Which NFL player played a character in the sitcom 'Webster'?

Answer: Alex Karras.

105. Question: Which American sitcom won 18 Emmy Awards in total?

Answer: 'Taxi'.

106. Question: How many episodes did the 'Three’s Company' have?

Answer: 89 episodes.

107. Question: Eddie Murphy, a regular cast member on ‘Saturday Night Live’ in the '80s, frequently impersonated which singer? 

Answer: Stevie Wonder.

108. Question: Which ‘Miami Vice’ star made a guest appearance in the '80s sitcom ‘Golden Girls’?  

Answer: Don Johnson.

109. Question: The turtle brothers from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise made a guest appearance in which animated '80s sitcom?

Answer: ‘The Simpsons’.

110. Question: Which 1987 TV sitcom featured four human-like turtles named after Renaissance artists who learn to fight crime from their rat sensei?  

Answer: ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’.

111. Question: What was the name of the popular '80s sitcom character that was an alien life form from the planet Melmac?  

Answer: ‘ALF’.

112. Question: Which action-adventure television series of the '80s featured a talking car named KITT? 

Answer: ‘Knight Rider’.

'80s General Knowledge Trivia Questions And Answers

This final list comprises a mixed bag of trivia questions to help you test your general knowledge about some key events, trends, and inventions from the '80s. This includes questions about some renowned personalities who made significant contributions during that time.

113. Question: In 1982, which newspaper came out in boxes designed to look like TV sets?

Answer: The Sun.

114. Question: What did thieves steal 1,224,100 of in 1986?

Answer: Cars.

115. Question: Which popular '80s toy became a phenomenon, even causing a shopping frenzy during the Christmas season?  

Answer: Cabbage Patch Kids.

116. Question: What was a popular hairstyle trend in the '80s, often associated with rock bands?  

Answer: Big hair.

117. Question: What was the name of the first space shuttle launched by NASA?  

Answer: Columbia.

118. Question: In which year did the space shuttle Challenger tragically explode?  

Answer: 1986.

119. Question: Which physical media format, introduced in the '80s, revolutionized music storage and playback?  

Answer: Compact disc.

120. Question: Who was the British Prime Minister in the '80s, often referred to as the ‘Iron Lady’?  

Answer: Margaret Thatcher.

121. Question: What was a popular children's toy line in the '80s that featured miniature vehicles? 

Answer: Micro Machines.

122. Question: Who was the first woman to become a US Supreme Court justice in the '80s? 

Answer: Sandra Day O'Connor.

123. Question: What was the name of the volcanic mountain in Washington that erupted in the '80s? 

Answer: Mount St Helens.

124. Question: In which year had Chinese students protested for democratic reforms?

Answer: 1989.

125. Question: What portable device, released in the '80s, dramatically changed communication?  

Answer: Cell phone.

126. Question: Which significant structure in Germany was torn down at the end of the '80s?  

Answer: The Berlin Wall.

127. Question: What personal computer, launched in the '80s, was a milestone in the computer industry?  

Answer: IBM PC.

128. Question: In which year did Mount St Helen erupt?

Answer: 1980.

129. Question: Who was the English prince who famously married Princess Diana in the '80s?  

Answer: Prince Charles (now, King Charles).

130. Question: What was the fashion trend in the '80s that involved bright, neon colors, leg warmers, and oversized sweatshirts?  

Answer: Aerobics wear.

131. Question: Who were the seven crew members tragically lost in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster? Can you name them all?

Answer: Francis Scobee, Michael Smith, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka, Judith Resnik, Gregory Jarvis, and Christa McAuliffe.

132. Question: Who was the influential television journalist who started hosting ‘Nightline’ on ABC in the '80s?  

Answer: Ted Koppel.

133. Question: In 1986, the US Congress confirmed the construction of a memorial for the veterans of which war?

Answer: Korean War. 

134. Question: What was unique about each Cabbage Patch Kids doll sold in the '80s?

Answer: Adoption Certificate.

135. Question: Which political event in the Soviet Union is often credited with influencing the fall of the Berlin Wall?

Answer: Glasnost (Openness).

136. Question: Name the inventor of the first computer that was functional and programmable.

Answer: Konrad Zuse. 

137. Question: What was the name of the popular '80s fashion trend of wearing leg warmers?  

Answer: Flashdance.

138. Question: Which two companies collaborated to develop the compact disc in the '80s?  

Answer: Philips and Sony.

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