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Bride And Groom Trivia Questions: Who Knows The Couple The Best?

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Step right up, folks! Gather 'round for some wedding fun and games! Weddings are a magical time filled with love, laughter, and a whole lot of celebration. And what better way to add some extra sparkle to the festivities than with a round of bride and groom trivia?

Picture this: you're at a pre or post-wedding gathering, surrounded by friends and family, all eager to join in the joyous occasion. This could be the perfect time to turn up the excitement by putting their knowledge of the happy couple to the test. From their adorable first meeting to their shared passions and quirks, these bride and groom trivia questions will leave everyone guessing, reminiscing, and maybe even rediscovering the lovebirds. But wait, there's more! The trivia questions and answers also cover brides and grooms, and wedding festivities from around the world. This chance to show off your knowledge of wedding traditions and famous duos. Let's find out who is the most informed about weddings.

Trivia About Brides And Grooms In Traditional Weddings

Get ready to dive into the wonderful world of weddings! This trivia game is all about brides and grooms, and traditional weddings. From jumping the broom to colorful processions, these trivia questions and answers will give you a sneak peek into the diverse ways couples say, "I do."

1. Question: What is the common term for the moment when the bride and groom see each other for the first time before the wedding ceremony?

Answer: First look. 

2. Question: At a Western wedding, what is the name for a period between the wedding ceremony and the reception where guests mingle, have drinks, and appetizers are served while the bride and groom take wedding photos?

Answer: Cocktail hour. 

3. Question: What is the wedding event where the bride and groom see their friends and family members for the first time since their engagement usually called? 

Answer: Engagement party.

4. Question: In what culture do couples drink saké during the wedding as a symbol of a formal union? 

Answer: Japanese.

5. Question: At Jewish weddings, what is the canopy under which the couple gets married called? 

Answer: Chuppah.

6. Question: In what geographical region would you find a bride and groom jumping over a broom at the end of their wedding ceremony? 

Answer: North America.

7. Question: What does the bride traditionally toss behind her at a Western wedding ceremony? 

Answer: Bridal bouquet. 

8. Question: What's the official title of the person who assists the bride and groom in a Japanese arranged marriage? 

Answer: Nakodo.

9. Question: In America, who typically gives a speech or toast first at the wedding reception? 

Answer: The father of the bride.

10. Question: What is the name of the pre-wedding event in German traditions, where family members and friends gather and break porcelain to bring good luck to the bride and groom? 

Answer: Polterabend. 

11. Question: What are three words often included in traditional wedding vows? 

Answer: Honor, Cherish, and Love.

12. Question: At a traditional Scottish wedding, who is responsible for ‘creeling’ the groom? 

Answer: A male family member or friend.

13. Question: In Russian wedding traditions, what event involves the groom ransoming his bride from her family? 

Answer: Vykup Nevesty or Redemption Of The Bride.

14. Question: In Victorian times, what month was considered unlucky for weddings? 

Answer: May.

15. Question: Name an ancient civilization where the bride and groom used to exchange rings as a sign of their union and eternity.

Answer: Egyptians.

16. Question: By what event did the tradition of brides wearing a white wedding gown become popular?

Answers: Queen Victoria’s marriage to Prince Albert in 1840. 

17. Question: What food item is thrown at a newly married bride and groom as a symbol of prosperity and fertility?

Answer: Rice.

Trivia Questions About Famous Brides And Grooms

Everybody loves a good love story, don't they? Well, get ready to put your knowledge of celebrity couples to the test with some exciting trivia questions. From Hollywood power couples to royal romances, these questions will challenge your expertise on the most famous duos in the spotlight.

18. Question: Who made Meghan Markle's wedding dress for her wedding to Prince Harry? 

Answer: Givenchy.

19. Question: Where did Bollywood stars Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh have their lavish wedding ceremony in 2018? 

Answer: Villa del Balbianello at Lake Como in Italy.

20. Question: Who was the best man at John Kennedy's wedding to Jacqueline Bouvier in 1953? 

Answer: Robert Kennedy.

21. Question: Approximately, how many people watched the live broadcast of the wedding of Prince (now, King) Charles and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981? 

Answer: About 750 million.

22. Question: Which famous fashion designer created Victoria Beckham's wedding dress for her wedding to David Beckham?

Answer: Vera Wang.

23. Question: Where did Bill and Hillary Clinton get married? 

Answer: In their living room in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

24. Question: Who performed at the wedding reception of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in 2014? 

Answer: Andrea Bocelli.

25. Question: Who married American actress Grace Kelly in 1956? 

Answer: Prince Rainier III.

26. Question: Where did Paul McCartney wed Heather Mills in 2002? 

Answer: A church in Glaslough, Ireland.

27. Question: In what year did Elvis Presley marry Priscilla Beaulieu? 

Answer: 1967.

28. Question: Which supermodel married American football quarterback Tom Brady in 2009? 

Answer: Gisele Bündchen.

29. Question: Who was the maid of honor at the wedding of Hollywood actors Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston? 

Answer: Courteney Cox.

30. Question: Name the couple who had the most expensive wedding of the 20th century, and had 27 wedding cakes.

Answer: King Charles and Princess Diana. 

Personal Questions About The Bride And Groom

Are you ready to plan an epic wedding quiz that will have the wedding party buzzing with excitement? Well, look no further than these questions about the bride and groom that will leave everyone laughing, reminiscing, and maybe even shedding a tear or two. From inside jokes to unforgettable moments, these questions will put your knowledge of the couple to the test.

31. Question: Who is a better cook? The bride or the groom?

32. Question: Which year did the couple spend their first Valentine's Day together?

33. Question: What is the name of the first movie that the couple went to see in a theater?

34. Question: When was the bride and groom's first fight in their relationship?

35. Question: Where did the couple go for their first date?

36. Question: Who is the better driver?

37. Question: How many dates did the couple go to before they decided to get engaged?

How well does the bride know the groom?

Time to test the bride's knowledge about her soon-to-be hubby with these fun trivia questions. From embarrassing childhood stories to quirky habits, these questions will have the bride sharing her insights and making mistakes, leaving the guests in stitches. Let's unravel how well the bride really knows her groom. Get ready for laughter, surprises, and a whole lot of wedding fun!

Bride and groom enjoying their wedding surrounded with family and friends

38. Question: What is his shirt size?

39. Question: Who was his celebrity crush growing up?

40. Question: What is his dream job?

41. Question: What is the groom's most embarrassing moment?

42. Question: When did he pass his driving test?

43. Question: Does he sleep on the left or right side of the bed? 

44. Question: Name one thing the groom carries with him always when he goes out.

45. Question: What year did the groom's father celebrate the first anniversary of his wedding?

46. Question: What exact words did the groom use to propose?

47. Question: What is the last word of his Instagram bio?

48. Question: What is the one weird habit of the groom that he loves?

How well does the groom know the bride?

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to witness the ultimate test of love and knowledge! It's time to see if the groom knows his leading lady. Cheer for the groom as he tries to guess the correct answers about his bride's favorite movies, and pet peeves, and revealing some delightful surprises.

49. Question: What is the full name of the bride's mother?

50. Question: Where does she want to go for her first holiday after the wedding?

51. Question: What was her favorite subject in school?

52. Question: How many children does she want?

53. Question: What is her guilty pleasure?

54. Question: What is the most annoying habit of the bride?

55. Question: What was her first job?

56. Question: Who was her celebrity crush as a teen?

57. Question: What size shoes does she wear?

Relationship Quiz Game

Time to wrap up this wedding extravaganza with a perfect trivia finale - a relationship quiz game. Picture this: the bride and groom, side by side, ready to relive some of their most adorable moments together. let's end this celebration with some laughter, nostalgia, and a little friendly competition.

58. Question: What did the groom wear on your first date?

59. Question: What did the bride wear on your first date?

60. Question: When did the couple have their first kiss?

61. Question: What is the first gift the bride gave to the groom?

62. Question: What is the first gift the groom gave to the bride?

63. Question: What is the first meal the bride and groom had together?

64. Question: What was the bride and groom's first impression of each other?

Hope you've had a blast getting to know the bride and groom on a whole new level. Trivia games like these are a fantastic way to bring joy, laughter, and connection to any wedding event. You should also consider the comfort level of the couple and ensure the questions are light-hearted and respectful. So, whether you're planning a pre-wedding bash or a post-wedding celebration, give these trivia questions a go, and create an unforgettable wedding experience filled with joy and connection.

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