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Car Trivia: 60 Questions All Petrolheads Should Be Able To Answer

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Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

Do you rank at the top of your class regarding knowledge about cars? Do you know all there is to know about brand-new wheels? If you're up for the task and give these difficult questions about cars a go, you'll find out in no time. Here you will find 60 automotive quizzes, fantastic information, and interesting tales about automobiles. You may put your knowledge to the test or compete with your friends in a Zoom quiz; either way, you'll come out on top. Get comfortable in the driver's seat and prepare to tackle some challenging questions about cars. Get set to go!

Trivia About The History Of Cars

1. Question: 'De Soto' was a subsidiary of what car manufacturer?

Answer: Chrysler

2. Question: 'The Ultimate Driving Machine' is the slogan for which car company?

Answer: BMW

3. Question: By what name is the Mazda Miata known in Australia?

Answer: Mx5

4. Question: In the 1966 model year, what new technology was standard equipment on the Oldsmobile Toronado?

Answer: Front-Wheel Drive

5. Question: On average, how many parts are there in a car?

Answer: 30,000

6. Question: The most expensive car ever sold was a 1963 Ferrari GTO sold in 2018. How much money was this car sold for?

Answer: $70 million

7. Question: What was the first Chevy small block V-8 motor displacement?

Answer: 265 Cubic Inches

8. Question: What displacement was the first small-block Chevy?

Answer: 265

9. Question: What do the initials BMW stand for?

Answer: Bavarian Motor Works

10. Question: What is the best-selling car of all time?

Answer: Toyota Corolla

11. Question: What is the world's largest automotive company?

Answer: Toyota Motor Corporation

12. Question: What was the first model year for the Corvette?

Answer: 1953

13. Question: What was the last year GM produced the Corvair?

Answer: 1969

14. Question: What was the model name of Ford's retractable hard-top convertible?

Answer: Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner

15. Question: What was the original name of the Porsche 911?

Answer: Porsche 901

16. Question: What year is considered the birth of the modern automobile?

Answer: 1886

17. Question: Which car manufacturer is famous for making the largest vehicles?

Answer: Hummer

18. Question: Which were the only two cars to use General Motors' waffle pattern in their interior?

Answer: 1955 Chevrolet Nomad And 1957 Chevrolet Corvette

19. Question: Which year was Toyota's first sold in the US?

Answer: 1957

20. Question: Who was the first person to patent the first successful windshield wiper?

Answer: Mary Anderson

Chevrolet Corvette in the park

Trivia About Cars In Films & TV

21. Question: All good superheroes must find a way to get around town. What is the super-cool-looking vehicle that Batman drives around in?

Answer: Batmobile

22. Question: Ian Fleming wrote a book about a vintage racing car that could fly. Which famous movie car took the Potts family on an adventure to Vulgaria?

Answer: Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang

23. Question: In 'Arabesque', Gregory Peck tells the taxi driver to 'Follow that car!' What does the taxi driver reply?

Answer: All my life, I have waited for somebody to say that!

24. Question: James Garner has been among the many celebrities who shared a passion for racing. Which racing-themed movie released in 1966 starred James Garner as a Formula One driver?

Answer: Grand Prix

25. Question: Shaggy, Fred, Velma, Daphne, and of course, Scooby-Doo would never have become successful had it not been for their trusty family vehicle. What was the name of the automobile that took Scooby-Doo and his friends ghost-hunting?

Answer: Mystery Machine

26. Question: The silver Aston Martin DB5 was featured in what spy movie?

Answer: Goldfinger

27. Question: What is the name of the 1984 Pontiac Trans Am, which co-stars with David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider?

Answer: KITT

28. Question: What unsuccessful Irish sports car with unusual doors was made famous in the 'Back to the Future' series starring Michael J. Fox?

Answer: DeLorean DMC-12

29. Question: What was the name given to the orange 1969 Dodge Charger in the television series The Dukes of Hazzard?

Answer: General Lee

30. Question: Which movie featured a black customized Chrysler Imperial Crown named Black Beauty?

Answer: The Green Hornet

31. Question: Which movie featured a white Volkswagen Beetle with the number 53 on it?

Answer: Herbie: Fully Loaded

32. Question: Which movie featured the 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor called Ecto-1?

Answer: Ghostbusters

33. Question: Which movie featured the red Alfa Romeo Spider 1600 Duetto?

Answer: The Graduate

34. Question: Which movie featured the yellow Chevrolet Camaro with black stripes? 

Answer: Transformers

35. Question: Which movie features Michael Caine, Mini Coopers, and Turin? 

Answer: The Italian Job

36. Question: Which of the following Autobots is the cool yellow Camaro that befriends Sam Witwicky in the 'Transformer' movie?

Answer: Bumblebee

37. Question: Which title character of a British television series drives a Leyland Car Mini 1000 Mark IV?

Answer: Mr. Bean

38. Question: Which TV series featured the black customized 1954 Lincoln Futura?

Answer: Batman

39. Question: Which was Marty McFly's desired vehicle in 'Back to the Future' (1985)?

Answer: Toyota 4x4

40. Question: Who is the Pixar champion race-car attempting to be the first rookie to win the Piston Cup?

Answer: Lightning McQueen

Trivia About Motorsports

41. Question: At what track did Dale Earnhardt, Jr make his first Winston Cup start?

Answer: Charlotte

42. Question: BTCC: Who won the 2012 British Touring Car Championship?

Answer: Gordon Shedden

43. Question: Danica Patrick was the first female to win an IndyCar race at Twin Ring Motegi, driving for Andretti Green Racing. Which year did this occur?

Answer: 2008

44. Question: Formula One: Sebastian Vettel ended the 2012 Formula One season as a three-time World Champion. How many Grand Prix did the German win during the 2012 season?

Answer: 5

45. Question: In what kind of automobile competition do the driver and navigator attempt to keep to a predetermined schedule between checkpoints over a specified public route?

Answer: Rally

46. Question: In what year did Jackie Stewart win his first Formula One Grand Prix race?

Answer: 1965

47. Question: Barney Oldfield was one of the early stars of auto racing. What was the famous 'number' of the car he drove?

Answer: 999

48. Question: Two sets of father & son have become F1 World Champions. Keke and Nico Rosberg are one set; name the other.

Answer: Graham Hill & Damon Hill

49. Question: What 24-hour sportscar race was originally called the 'Grand Prix de Vitesse et d'Endurance'?

Answer: 24 Hours of Le Mans

50. Question: What does the acronym NASCAR stand for?

Answer: National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing

51. Question: What form of motor racing, which originated in the United States, has two vehicles race side by side from a standing start over a flat, straight course commonly 0.25 mile (0.4 km) long?

Answer: Drag race

52. Question: What is the first race in the NASCAR Winston Cup Season?

Answer: Daytona 500

53. Question: What series did Eric Norris race full-time in 2002?

Answer: Winston West

54. Question: What stock-car racer, nicknamed 'the Intimidator,' won 76 NASCAR Cup races and was a four-time winner of the International Race of Champions?

Answer: Dale Earnhardt

55. Question: Which pair of brothers combined to win the Indianapolis 500 race seven times?

Answer: Al and Bobby Unser

56. Question: Who was the first automobile racer to exceed 200 miles (320 km) per hour?

Answer: Henry Segrave

57. Question: Who was the first Formula One champion?

Answer: Giuseppe Farina

58. Question: Who was the first woman to compete in a Formula One World Championship Grand Prix?

Answer: Maria Teresa de Filippis

59. Question: Who won the very first Indianapolis 500 Race?

Answer: Ray Harroun

60. Question: WSBK (World Superbikes): In one of the closest Championship finishes in history, Max Biaggi beat Tom Sykes by how many points?

Answer: 0.5


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