70 Elvis Trivia Questions: How Well Do You Know The King Of Rock And Roll? | Kidadl


70 Elvis Trivia Questions: How Well Do You Know The King Of Rock And Roll?

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Elvis Presley wasn't simply an American singer, but a cultural icon; arguably one of the most notable rock and roll icons.

If you've ever belted out an Elvis tune and felt absolute joy, you'll surely enjoy this trivia about Elvis and everything surrounding his life! Have fun getting to know Elvis Presley facts that will positively blow your mind.

If you like these Elvis facts, you can check out our other well-curated trivia such as rock and roll trivia and The Beatles trivia and compete with your friends in a fun trivia quiz just like this Elvis trivia quiz! So get ready to learn some facts about Elvis Presley for kids and important facts about Elvis Presley with this Elvis trivia with answers.

Elvis And His Life

Elvis microphone in recording studio

Elvis Presley had a grand life, much like his iconic career. Even his aura was bright and glamorous. It's no wonder that people from all age groups are able to relate to his music and find his life to be quite an interesting affair. Here are some lesser-known Elvis Presley trivia questions about his life; hopefully you'll have loads of fun with this Elvis Presley quiz loaded with interesting facts about Elvis Presley.

1. Question: When was Elvis Presley born?

Answer: 8 January, 1935.

2. Question: Who was Elvis Presley?

Answer: A singer, musician, actor.

3. Question: When did Elvis die?

Answer: 16 August, 1977.

4. Question: What kind of music was Elvis known for singing?

Answer: Rock and roll and pop.

5. Question: What's Elvis's middle name?

Answer: Aaron.

6. Question: What was the name of the king of rock's twin brother?

Answer: Jesse Garon Presley.

7. Question: How did his twin brother die?

Answer: His twin brother was stillborn.

8. Question: How many years' worth was his singing career?

Answer: Presley was an active singer for 23 years.

9. Question: Which film did Elvis first star in and in which year?

Answer: 'Love Me Tender', in 1956.

10. Question: Who did Presley marry in 1967?

Answer: Priscilla Wagner.

11. Question: What did the king of rock name his first debut album?

Answer: Elvis Presley.

12. Question: Among the many Elvis fun facts, here's a tricky one: What color hair did Elvis first have?

Answer: Brown, which he dyed black.

13. Question: Who was Elvis Presley’s co-star in the movie, 'Viva Las Vegas'?

Answer: Ann-Margret.

14. Question: Where was Elvis Presley born?

Answer: Tupelo, United States.

15. Question: The king of rock only ever performed in the United States and one other country. Name the country.

Answer: Canada.

16. Question: When did Elvis Presley file for divorce?

Answer: On his birthday, 8 January . Elvis was born on 8 January 1935.

17. Question: As of 8 January 1973, how many years had Elvis Presley been married to his then-wife, before filing for divorce?

Answer: Five years.

18. Question: Elvis, the king, memorized each and every line from which movie?

Answer: 'Patton', a George C Scott movie.

19. Question: Which year did Elvis Presley's career begin in?

Answer: 1954.

20. Question: Who did Elvis first record his debut song with?

Answer: Sun Records, with producer Sam Phillips.

21. Question: Which year did the king return to doing live performances, after a break of as many as seven years?

Answer: 1968.

22. Question: What's the estimated number of record sales achieved by Elvis Presley?

Answer: Six hundred million units.

23. Question: Here's one of the most interesting Elvis Presley 1950s facts: When did he make his very first recordings with RCA in Nashville, that led to the making of 'Heartbreak Hotel'?

Answer: 10 January 1956.

24. Question: A fun piece of Elvis Presley trivia is his legendary love for a particular type of sandwich. What was this sandwich?

Answer: Peanut butter and 'nanner sandwiches that had peanut butter and bananas.

25. Question: Why did Elvis Presley name his mansion, 'Graceland'?

Answer: The mansion was originally a place of worship and the name came with the mansion itself.

26. Question: How old was Elvis when he bought 'Graceland'?

Answer: 22.

27. Question: Where did the movie 'Love Me Tender' first premier?

Answer: In New York City, at the Paramount Theatre.

28. Question: The production costs for the movie 'Love Me Tender' were recovered within how many days of the release?

Answer: Three days.

29. Question: Elvis Presley is distinctly related to no less than two presidents of the USA. Can you name them?

Answer: Jimmy Carter and Abraham Lincoln.

30. Question: Elvis Presley had a pet chimpanzee known to be quite unruly. What was its name?

Answer: Scatter.

31. Question: Elvis Presley's mansion was almost broken into by somebody who later become a very famous musician himself. Who was this musician?

Answer: Bruce Springsteen.

32. Question: Elvis served in the army after he was already famous. True or false?

Answer: True.

33. Question: How many Grammys did Elvis Presley win in his lifetime?

Answer: Three.

34. Question: Which magazine was Elvis first covered on?

Answer: 'Country Song Roundup'.

35. Question: How many commercial films did Elvis act in?

Answer: 31.

Elvis And His Songs

If this is going to be a hard Elvis quiz, it simply must contain some important fun facts about Elvis Presley and his mesmerizing hits! This trivia quiz is going to be a rollercoaster ride of nostalgia for those who grew up listening to the king of rock, and a challenge for the young ones. Let's see how many can you get?

36. Question: Which Elvis Presley hit song was initially recorded by Ernest Tubb in 1950?

Answer: 'Blue Christmas'.

37. Question: How many songs did Elvis Presley record?

Answer: Around 710 songs.

38. Question: A popular lyric from an Elvis Presley song is: "honey, lay off of my shoes and don't you step on my ________"?

Answer: Blue suede shoes.

39. Question: Which song earned Elvis his first gold record?

Answer: 'Heartbreak Hotel'.

40. Question: Which song did Elvis record after filing for divorce?

Answer: 'Separate Ways'.

41. Question: How many encores would the king indulge in?

Answer: Zero. He never gave any encores.

42. Question: Which ballad became the inspiration for the melody of 'Love Me Tender'?

Answer: 'Aura Lee'.

43. Question: According to the Recording Industry Association of America, Elvis was placed at which rank, based on his album sales?

Answer: Third place.

44. Question: What was the name of the final studio album of Elvis?

Answer: 'Moody Blue'.

45. Question: Who was one of the very first backing musicians for Elvis in his early days of recording songs?

Answer: Winfield Scott Moore.

46. Question: Name the titles on both sides of the first Elvis cut that he had recorded for his mother's birthday.

Answer: 'That's When Your Heartache Begins' and 'My Happiness'.

47. Question: When did Elvis film his 68 comeback special?

Answer: 3 December 1968.

48. Question: Which was the first Elvis recording that was played on radio?

Answer: 'That's All Right'.

49. Question: For the 1968 Comeback show, what was the color of his suit ?

Answer: Black.

50. Question: Which Elvis song marked the end of the Comeback special?

Answer: 'If I Can Dream'.

51. Question: Which Elvis song is actually a combination of three songs on the American Civil War?

Answer: 'An American Trilogy'.

52. Question: Which infamous singer did a lighthearted and hilarious Elvis impersonation of the song, 'Heartbreak Hotel'?

Answer: Johnny Cash.

53. Question: Which movie has the song, 'A House That Has Everything'?

Answer: 'Clambake'.

54. Question: When 'Jailhouse Rock' was released for a second time, which Elvis music piece was added to it, which wasn't there originally?

Answer: 'Treat Me Nice'.

55. Question: Who played guitar for the instrumental music of 'That's All Right Mama'?

Answer: Scott Moore.

56. Question: Who released a music album named after Graceland, Elvis's mansion?

Answer: Paul Simon.

57. Question: When Elvis first started singing his music commercially, he was backed by a two-member group. What was the group popularly known as?

Answer: Blue Moon Boys.

58. Question: What color was the suit of Elvis on the cover of the album: '50,00,000 Fans Can't Be Wrong'?

Answer: Gold.

59. Question: Which Elvis song has the following lyrics: "We had the chance to fall, but fate stepped in to end it all before it could begin"?

Answer: 'Almost'.

60. Question: Elvis sang a song that took inspiration from Italian folk music. Which song was it?

Answer: 'It's Now Or Never'.

61. Question: Elis received a gift on his eleventh birthday that paved the way for his music career. What was the gift?

Answer: A guitar. Elvis had been expecting to receive a gun and a bicycle instead!

62. Question: Which member of the Beatles was known to put on an Elvis record, to uplift his mood whenever he felt low?

Answer: Paul McCartney.

63. Question: Who originally recorded 'The Blue Moon Of Kentucky'?

Answer: Bill Monroe.

64. Question: Which was the first song that Elvis performed on his very first appearance on the 'Ed Sullivan Show'?

Answer: 'Don't Be Cruel'.

65. Question: When did Elvis receive his very first Grammy?

Answer: The year 1967.

66. Question: Which song helped Elvis win his first Grammy?

Answer: 'How Great Thou Art'.

67. Question: Was Elvis Presley scared or confident when he first appeared on stage?

Answer: Very scared.

68. Question: Which category did Elvis win all his Grammys in?

Answer: Gospel.

69. Question: Who used to own Sun Records when Elvis first started recording with them?

Answer: Sam Phillips.

70. Question: Which one of the popular Elvis's songs from the fifties was performed by Queen?

Answer: '(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care'.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everybody to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Elvis trivia then why not take a look at rad rock trivia, or song trivia.

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