80s Movie Trivia: 40+ Questions And Answers About The Best Decade In Film | Kidadl


80s Movie Trivia: 40+ Questions And Answers About The Best Decade In Film

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Do you think you're a bit of a film expert?

Test your expert knowledge with this '80s movie quiz, full of the best '80s trivia questions (and answers)! From forgotten '80s movies to the most famous and loved '80s films, this quiz has questions about them all.

Ranging from questions about the best movies of the '80s to funny '80s movies and even some 'Ghostbusters' trivia questions and answers, we have curated the coolest '80s quiz for you to play.  There are some crazy trivia facts here that you won't believe. For example, did you know that Bill Murray wasn't the first choice for Venkman? No? Us neither, that has to be the craziest piece of 'Ghostbusters' trivia around!  Play this quiz with friends and family to find more crazy '80s movie trivia.

If you love these '80s pop culture trivia questions and answers and are looking for more trivia from the decades, you might also want to check out these '80s trivia questions and this '90s movie trivia.

So, what are we waiting for? Let's get playing this '80s quiz!

Easy '80s Movie Trivia

This easy movie trivia is just a warm up. Can you solve these '80s movie trivia questions and answers and score the highest?

1. Question: Name the highest grossing film in the '80s decade.

Answer: 'E. T. The Extraterrestrial'

2. Question: Which actress played the main female role in the film 'E.T.'?

Answer: Drew Barrymore

3. Question: Name the character portrayed by Robert De Niro in the '80s film 'Raging Bull'.

Answer: Jake LaMotta

4. Question: Who played the role of a lawyer in 'The Money Pit'?

Answer: Walter Fielding

5. Question: What is the color of Slimer in 'Ghostbusters'?

Answer: Green

6. Question: Which one of the following did Patrick Swayze act in: 'Dirty Dancing', 'E.T.' or 'Top Gun'?

Answer: 'Dirty Dancing'

7. Question: Which '80s movie had six sequels and a TV series?

Answer: 'Police Academy'

8. Question: Which production giant produced 'Batman' in 1989?

Answer: Warner Bros

Movie Quotes Trivia

Do you remember your favorite movies word for word? Here are some famous quotes from movies to test your knowledge of popular '80s movies. Why don't you read them out in the character's voice as a clue for players who are finding it difficult?

9. Question: Name the film which this dialogue is from: "You wanna hear somethin' crazy? Last night I... I dreamed that we were walkin' along, and we met your father..."

Answer: 'Dirty Dancing'

10. Question: "What are you interested in? Nothing." Name the film from which this quote has been taken from.

Answer: 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'

11. Question: Who said this line in 'Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi', "We have powerful friends. You are going to regret this."?

Answer: Princess Leia

12. Question: Which one of the following dialogues did Mookie from 'Do The Right Thing' say?

(A) "Ma, you have been bad." (B) "No, you da man."

Answer: (B) "No, you da man."

13. Question: Which movie had the line, "Say hello to my little friend"?

Answer: 'Scarface'

14. Question: Name the film from which the line is taken, "Wait a minute, Doc. Are you telling me you built a time machine? Out of a DeLorean?"

Answer: 'Back To The Future'

15. Question: Name the actress who said the famous lines, "When you don't have anything, you don't have anything to lose, right?"

Answer: Molly Ringwald

16. Question: Name the character in 'The Breakfast Club' who said the lines, "My God! Are we gonna be like our parents?"

Answer: Andrew Clark

'80s Oscars Trivia

Person inserting VHS videocassette in the video recorder to watch the video on tv

How well do you know the movies that were awarded a prestigious Oscar award? Or the brilliant actresses and actors who brought these awards home with their breath-taking performances. Answer this '80s Oscar trivia, and let's see if you can get these hard movie trivia questions right!

17. Question: Which movie had the most Oscar wins in the '80s?

Answer: 'The Last Emperor'

18. Question: What is the highest number of Oscar nominations a movie has received in the '80s decade?

Answer: 12

19. Question: Who hosted the Oscars in the '80s the most amount of times.

Answer: Johnny Carson

20. Question: Name the actress who was awarded the Oscar for her role in 'On Golden Pond.'

Answer: Katherine Hepburn

21. Question: Which film won the Best Picture at the Oscars in the year 1986?

Answer: 'Out Of Africa'

22. Question: Which actor was nominated for the most Oscars in the '80s?

Answer: Woody Allen

23. Question: Name the film for which Robert De Niro was awarded Best Actor at the Oscars in the year 1981.

Answer: 'Raging Bull'

24. Question: Which movie received the most Oscars nominations in the '80s decade?

Answer: 'Reds'

The Hardest '80s Movie Trivia

There are some questions even the biggest cinema fans can get wrong. Let's see if you get these questions right, shall we?

25. Question: How much does Hans Gruber intend to steal in 'Die Hard'?

Answer: $640 million

26. Question: Name the school where Ferris Bueller went to in 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'?

Answer: Shermer High

27. Question: Which one of the following movies was produced and distributed by Warner Bros?

(A) 'The Shining' (B) 'Princess Bride' (C) 'The Breakfast Club'

Answer: (A) 'The Shining'

28. Question: Which of the following '80s movies was Anthony Michael Hall not part of?

(A) 'Top Gun' (B) 'Sixteen Candles' (C) 'The Breakfast Club'

Answer: (A) 'Top Gun'

29. Question: When was the famous '80s movie 'Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back' released?

Answer: 1980

30. Question: Which test did Ferris Bueller from 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off ' miss on his day off?

Answer: European Socialism

31. Question: Name the film which Emilio Estevez and Jennifer Grey were part of?

Answer: 'The Breakfast Club'

32. Question: Who coined the term 'The Brat Pack'?

Answer: The New York Magazine

All Time Classic '80s Movies Trivia

Finally, these classic movie trivia questions and answers from the all time classics of the '80s will be a welcome trip down memory lane!

33. Question: In the movie 'Sixteen Candles', what car does Jake Ryan's father drive?

Answer: Rolls Royce

34. Question: Which candy was E.T.'s favorite in the movie 'E.T.'?

Answer: Reece's Pieces

35. Question: What was the name of the female protagonist in the movie 'Terminator'?

Answer: Sarah

36. Question: In the movie 'The Breakfast Club,' which character brought rice, seaweed and raw fish to lunch?

Answer: Claire

37. Question: Who played the role of Elliot in the '80s movie 'E.T.'?

Answer: Henry Thomas

38. Question: Who played the role of Antonio Salieri in the Oscar winning movie 'Amadeus'?

Answer: F. Murray Abraham

39. Question: Which of the following movies was released in 1982?

(A) 'The Verdict' (B) 'Batman' (C) 'The Colour of Money'

Answer: (A) The Verdict

40. Question: Who directed the movie 'E.T.'?

Answer: Steven Spielberg

Bonus '80s Movie Trivia

It's all okay if you didn't get all the questions right! Here's an extra chance: we have a bonus round to gain some more final points. Answer these correctly and you might even win the game. Good luck!

41. Question: Who won the Best Actor award at the Oscars in 1986?

Answer: William Hurt

42. Question: Which movie has the line, "Whatever happens Marty, don't go to 2020!"?

Answer: 'Back To The Future'

43. Question: What is the name of the shop on the bag in which Andrew (Emilio Estevez) in 'The Breakfast Club' keeps his lunch?

Answer: Happy Foods

44. Question: Which one of the following iconic '80s movies did Jennifer Grey did not act in?

(A) 'Dirty Dancing' (B) 'Die Hard' (C) 'Red Dawn'

Answer: (B) 'Die Hard'

45. Question: In which city does the movie 'Ghostbusters' take place?

Answer: New York

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone! If you liked our suggestions for '80s movie trivia, then why not take a look at this '90s trivia and 'Star Wars' trivia for more?

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