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60 Questions For Baby Shower Trivia Games: How Well Do You Know Your Friends?

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A baby shower can be one of the most fun parts of expecting a child, with your closest friends and family joining you to celebrate the arrival of your darling.

To make sure everyone gets along at your baby shower, you can whip out some trivia questions about the people in the baby shower or about the baby shower itself. We have compiled a list of fun baby shower trivia questions for you down below, and the best part is that it is a free printable baby shower quiz! Feel free to check out our American trivia and baby trivia for more!

Baby Shower Trivia For The Parents

Baby shower food is the best food.

These baby shower trivia questions are questions and answers for the parents - they can figure out which partner would do what when the child arrives or confess that they would both be guilty as charged!

1. Question: Which parent has always been obsessed with babies?

2. Question: Who do you think would volunteer to change the diapers often?

3. Question: Who do you think would prefer to do household chores while their significant other helps with the baby?

4. Question: Who loves to spoil the baby with gifts, kisses, and cuddles?

5. Question: Who is good at singing lullabies?

6. Question: Do you have a lullaby ready that you can't wait to sing to the baby? (Why not get them to sing it to the group?)

7. Question: Who do you think will be obsessed with dressing the baby up?

8. Question: Who do you think would take care of the kid's showers, baths, and hygiene?

9. Question: Who would cook up all the baby meals?

10. Question: Who do you think the baby would call mama/dada first?

11. Question: Do you have any names in mind for the baby?

12. Question: If yes, what is the backstory to the name?

13. Question: Who was looking forward the most to the baby shower?

14. Question: Who decided to host the baby shower and volunteered to take care of the baby shower trivia game?

15. Question: Who is the heavier sleeper, and who will take care of the baby more at night?

Baby Shower Trivia For Mothers

This baby trivia game will be a great opportunity for the expecting parent to talk about their experience as a kid and introspect about the journey they have ahead of them.

16. Question: What kind of baby were you when you were young?

17. Question: What was your favorite nursery rhyme as a child?

18. Question: What was the naughtiest thing you used to do when you were a kid? Did you get admonished for it?

19. Question: Did you like trivia games as a kid? What topic did you know a lot about that would surprise people?

20. Question: What was your favorite book as a child? Have you bought the book for the baby?

21. Question: What kind of food is mom craving during the pregnancy? How does she feel about the cravings?

22. Question: What kind of baby shower games were you anticipating (if their partner has planned it)?

23. Question: How did you break the news about the pregnancy to your partner? How did it go?


24. Question: Do you have any baby names in mind? Why did you pick those?

25. Question: Have you been reading up on babies? What's the craziest trivia you came across?

Baby Trivia Questions for the Fathers

26. Question: What about the baby's arrival are you most excited about?

27. Question: What can you not wait to do with your child?

28. Question: How do you think the baby will change your relationship with your partner?

29. Question: Do you think you'll have the answer to all of your baby's numerous questions?

30. Question: How do you think you have changed after you realized the baby was on its way?

31. Question: What's your earliest memory of when you were a baby?

32. Question: What was your favorite toy as a baby? Do you have it ready for your baby?

33. Question: What is the first baby item you have bought for the baby? Why that?

34. Question: Who do you think would be stricter on the kid, and why?

35. Question: Who is the better singer between the two of you, and who will be singing the baby to sleep?

36. Question: Who do you think would sacrifice their sleep to take care of the baby?

37. Question: Were you nervous about the baby shower? How did you pick out all the baby shower games?

38. Question: What are baby shower and trivia games like in your culture? (if the parents are from different cultures)

39. Question: What is your favorite stress food, and how much of it have you eaten since you realized the child was on its way?

40. Question: Who do you want the baby to look like?

General Baby Shower Game Questions

In this general baby shower quiz, everyone has to guess the answer out. Let's see how much everyone has read up on for the little one's entry!

41. Question: How heavy do you think the heaviest baby in the world was?

Answer: The boy born to an Italian couple in 1995 was the heaviest recorded, at 22 pounds and 8 ounces. That's a chunky baby!

42. Question: How many diapers do you think a baby uses on a daily average?

Answer: Every day you would need to change the diaper 8-12 times.

43. Question: At what age would a baby smile at others in recognition?

Answer: Even the smallest of babies smile, but socially, they begin smiling when they're around six to eight weeks old.

44. Question: How many bones does a newborn have?

Answer: While adults have 206 bones, babies are born with 300 bones.

45. Question: What is the highest number of babies a single woman has birthed?

Answer: One woman gave birth to sixty-nine babies in her lifetime!

46. Question: When do babies begin to crawl?

Answer: You'll have to wait till they're around six to ten months before seeing them crawl and waddle to you.

47. Question: What is the one thing a baby can do that you as an adult cannot?

Answer: Swallowing and breathing at the same time.

48. Question: Is a baby's eye color permanent, or do you think it changes as they grow up?

Answer: Babies' eye colors become permanent only after a year or so.

49. Question: What is the first color babies can recognize?

Answer: Red! As they grow older, babies adapt to recognize every color on the spectrum.

More Trivia Questions For The Entire Group

In this one, you and your loved ones can bond over the baby love!

50. Question: What are your favorite celebrity baby showers?

51. Question: Which celebrity baby's growth have you been keeping track of?

52. Question: Who is the cutest baby you have ever seen?

53. Question: How do you plan on decorating the baby's room? Have you picked out the colors?

54. Question: What is one food item that you cannot wait for your child to try?

55. Question: Where do you think your first trip would be as a family?

56. Question: Do you think your child will be mischievous? If so, who do you think they will get that trait from?

57. Question: How have the grandparents been reacting to pregnancy/adoption? Are they stoked?

58. Question: How do you plan to juggle work and the baby? Does the group have any tips on that?

59. Question: What advice would you give to a couple who is expecting?

60. Question: What was your favorite thing about today's baby shower?

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for baby shower trivia games, then why not take a look at 80s trivia or 90s trivia.

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