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61 Hawaiian Quotes

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Why Hawaiian Quotes?

Hawaiian quotes may be used to express traditional Hawaiian values and wisdom or to evoke the spirit and culture of Hawaii. They can also be used as a form of inspiration or motivation. Additionally, they may be used to connect with one's heritage or honor the Hawaiian culture. Hawaiian quotes offer a great perspective on life, culture, and the natural world. They encapsulate the wisdom and teachings of the Hawaiian people, who have a deep connection to their land and its inhabitants. These quotes offer a glimpse into the Hawaiian way of life, which values family, community, and respect for the environment. They remind us to live in harmony with nature, appreciate the world's beauty, and cherish our relationships with those we love. Overall, Hawaiian quotes offer a powerful and meaningful message that can inspire us to live a more fulfilling and authentic life.

What should parents know?

  • Parents should know that Hawaiian quotes offer valuable insights and teachings that can be passed down to their children. Hawaii is a melting pot of cultures, with a rich history of indigenous Hawaiian culture and influences from Asian, Polynesian, and American cultures.
  • Hawaii is home to a diverse array of plant and animal species, many of which are found nowhere else in the world. Parents should be aware of the environmental importance of Hawaii and the importance of preserving its natural resources.
  • It's essential for parents to understand and respect Hawaiian culture and tradition and to teach their children to do the same. This includes being mindful of cultural customs and etiquette and understanding the importance of preserving the Hawaiian language, music, and dance.
  • Overall, Hawaiian quotes can be a valuable resource for parents who want to teach their children essential life lessons and values while also introducing them to Hawaii's rich culture and history.

What to discuss with kids?

  • The importance of respect for the natural world: Many Hawaiian quotes highlight the importance of living in harmony with nature and respecting and protecting the environment. Discuss the importance of preserving natural resources and taking care of the earth.
  • The value of family and community: Hawaiian culture strongly emphasizes family and community. Discuss the importance of valuing and supporting the people in our lives and being good neighbors.
  • The importance of tradition and culture: Hawaiian quotes can also remind us of the importance of preserving Hawaiian culture and tradition.
  • Living in the present moment: Many Hawaiian quotes encourage people to live in the present moment and be grateful for the blessings in life. Talk about the importance of being mindful and appreciating the simple things in life.

Best Hawaiian Quotes

1. "A ' ohe loa i ka hana a ke aloha. Distance is ignored by love." - Toni Polancy, 'Hawaii in Love.'

2. "Aloha. It meant welcome and homecoming. It meant love." - Clemence McLaren, 'Dance for the Land'

3. "Coming to Hawaii is like going from black and white to color." - John Richard Stephens

4. "Every wave says aloha as it kisses the beach...and the beach says aloha to every wave as it returns to the sea." - Bodhi Smith

5. "Hawaii is a paradise born of fire." - Rand McNally

6. "Hawaii is not a state of mind, but a state of grace." - Paul Theroux

7. "Hawaii is paradise. It sounds cheesy to say it, but there's music in the air there." - Bruno Mars

8. "I believe Hawaii is the most precious jewel in the world." - Don Ho

9. "I feel very honored that the Hawaiian spirits chose to contact me." - Steven Magee

10. "In Hawaii, we understand that our way of life depends on a healthy ocean." - Mazie Hirono

11. "Incredible as it might seem, Hawaii is like a gigantic raft, drifting slowly with the centuries." - Terence Barrow

12. "The history of Hawaii may be seen as a story of arrivals." - Susanna Moore

13. "The only good thing about leaving Hawaii is that you really appreciate it when you return." - John Richard Stephens

14. "We were on the island of Hawaii…It is not much different than films." - Bo Derek

15. "You don't have to live in Hawaii - or even be Hawaiian - to embrace the Aloha spirit." - Mark Ellman

Hawaiian Quotes About Its Beauty

16. "I love to surf. Hawaii has some of the best waves in the world, and the most consistent as well. That's always fun." - Brendon Urie

17. "Beating the drums for Hawaii is not hard to do - the place just grows on you." - James MacArthur

18. "For me, the magic of Hawaii comes from the stillness, the sea, the stars." - Joanne Harris

19. "Hawaii is a paradise - and I can never cease proclaiming it. But I must append one word of qualification: Hawaii is a paradise for the well-to-do." - Jack London

20. "Hawaii is still the single most frequent fantasy destination…because Hawaii seduces the imagination. It's the perfect postcard - no props, no fillers." - Robert Wintner

21. "Hawaii is the island of big dreams for both islanders and guests. Those dreams born in paradise can indeed come true." - Sharon Linnea

22. "Hawaii is the only place in the 50 states where you can see the stars of the entire northern and southern hemispheres." - John Richard Stephens

23. "Mauna Kea is the Standing Rock of Hawaii." - Steven Magee

24. "Smell the sea and smell the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly." - Van Morrison

25. "The Hawaiian people have been from time immemorial lovers of poetry and music… and songs of love, and chants of worship." - Lydia Kamekeha Liliuokalani

26. "The loveliest fleet of islands that lies anchored in any ocean." - Mark Twain

Funny Hawaiian Quotes

Hawaiian quotes can put you in a good mood.

27. "Aloha Hawaii, goodbye snow." - Steven Magee

28. "Being in Hawaii, it's almost impossible not to be fit, I think." - Henry Ian Cusick

29. "Even the sweetness of a freshly cut pineapple from Hawaii is a sermon." - J. A. Medders

30. "Eventually, I want to move to Hawaii and chill forever." - Riley Keough

31. "Hawaii is the only place I know where they lay flowers on you while you are alive." - Will Rogers

32. "I thought my book was done, then we went to Hawaii and the whole last chapter happened." - Mariel Hemmingway

33. "Meet me where the sky touches the sea." - Jennifer Donnelly

34. "That greeting is Aloha - love, I love you, my love to you. Good day - what is it more than an impersonal remark about the weather?" - Jack London

Hawaiian Quotes About Traditions

35. "In Hawaii, some of the biggest radio stations are reggae. The local bands are heavily influenced by Bob Marley." -Bruno Mars

36. "Kaohinani is a Hawaiian word meaning gatherer of beautiful things." - Rob Brezsny

37. "Aloha is the unconditional desire to promote the true good of other people in a friendly spirit out of a sense of kinship." - Abraham Akaka

38. "Aloha sacred mountain, aloha ancient Hawaiians." - Steven Magee

39. "Hawaii is a small, close community." - Jake Shimabukuro

40. "Hawaiian English is like kahiko - the ancient dance - the kanaka dance of tradition, she says, harsh moves, slaps, and full of pounding force." - Garrett Hongo

41. "In Hawaii, we have something called ho'oponopono, where people come together to resolve crises and restore peace and balance." - Duane Chapman

42. "No one has family in Hawaii. Everyone is family in Hawaii." - Richie Norton

43. "Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind." - 'Lilo & Stitch'

44. "The hula is the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people." - King David Kalakaua

Inspiring Hawaiian Sayings

Some Hawaiian quotes are funny, but they make you think.

45. "By listening, one understands."

46. "A humble person walks carefully so as not to hurt others." - Hawaiian Funeral Saying

47. "Be patient. Don't give up too easily."

48. "Joy is in the voice of love."

49. "Make every person, place or condition better than you left it always."

50. "May there always be Tradewinds behind you, Rainbows above you, and Aloha all Around you." - Kauai Blessing.

51. "No cliff is so tall it cannot be climbed."

52. "There is life in a kindly reply."

53. “All knowledge is not taught in one school.”

54. “May there Always be warmth in your hale, fish in your net, and Aloha in your heart.” - Hawaiian Blessing

Popular Hawaiian Proverbs

55. "A bad one breaks his board."

56. "A child behaves like those who reared him."

57. "Aloha love gives life within."

58. "Dare to dance leave shame at home."

59. "Love all you see, including yourself."

60. "Try as you may to undo the good I have done, you cannot."

61. "Unfolded by the water are the faces of the flowers."

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