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65 Best Cuddle Quotes To Snuggle Up To

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Cuddling is the warmest way to feel your love.

There is nothing more beautiful than holding your loved ones, cuddling them in your arms, and hearing their beating heart. We cuddle to show someone our love, cuddling not only makes you feel loved but also shows how safe you feel with each other.

Cuddles bring out the best expression of love, no doubt! Read these beautiful cuddle quotes to warm up your day. Say these quotes to your loved one when you cuddle to make the moment sweet and memorable. You can also use these sayings as cuddle buddy quotes for your friend.

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Love Cuddle Quotes

Cuddle weather quotes make you feel warm and cozy.

These cuddle quotes are the best way to express your feelings towards your partner anytime! If you like to cuddle, you'll love these quotes.

1.       “Living cuddled in your life is one thing I would give my life for, having to be kissed by you every morning I would die for and without you; my life is not worth living.”

–James Clarke.

2.       “I’d do anything to cuddle up to you, lay my head on your chest and fall asleep while you hold me right now.”

–'Dungeons And Dragons'.

3.       “When it’s cold & dark at night, and we’re alone together, I long to take you in my arms, and cuddle you forever.”

–Giles Andreae.

4.       "I feel your love so real in my love, so true and strong especially when you put your arms around me. You make me always crave your cuddles."

-Purity Hogan.

5.       “When I say that I miss you, it actually means that I need to kiss you, hug you and cuddle with you to wipe all my sorrows away.”


6.       “What is life, without your arms around me?... Cuddle me, love me and promise never to ever live my side.”    

-Jane Thomson.

7.       “'Sweet dreams, baby,' he whispered into my hair, his arm giving me a squeeze. 'See you on the other side.'"

―Kristen Ashley, 'Sweet Dreams'.

8.       “I wrapped my arms around him, threading my fingers through his hair, wanting to be as close as humanly possible to this person I loved so much.”

―Raleigh Ruebins, 'Summer Secret'.

9.       “Cuddling with you feels like touching stars.”

―Giovannie de Sadeleer.

10.   “I don’t need you, but the world, sometimes, seems more peaceful and manageable when holding someone.”

―Darnell Lamont Walker.

11.   “Just the thought of being with you tomorrow is enough to get me through the day.”

–Sara Baio.

12.   “Even the memory of cradling her in my arms is pure euphoria. And all that I ask out of life is that it be constant and unending euphoria.”

―Roman Payne.

13.   “I have found the best place to be in the entire world... standing by your side.”


14.   “I’m tired of going to an empty bedroom every night. I wish I had a girl I could cuddle with.”

Harry Styles.

15.   “Being in love with you makes every morning worth getting up for.”

–Jasminder Singh.

16.   “Things I like: cuddling, you, cuddling with you.”

-Serpil Ozturkmen.

17.   “Settle down with me

Cover me up

Cuddle me in

Lie down with me

And hold me in your arms.”

-Ed Sheeran, ‘Kiss Me’.

18.   “I would like to crawl under the sheets with you and cuddle until sunrise, forever.”

-Cora Nigro.

19.   “I love the way you smile at me and make me feel that nothing can go wrong.”


20.   “This cuddle weather makes me want to dial her number.”

–Supriyo Ghosh.

21.   “Come, cuddle your head on my shoulder, dear, your head like the golden rod, and we will go sailing away from here to the beautiful Land of Nod.”

–Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

22.   “Come snuggle with me on this early eve

because I just want to feel your heart beat.”

-Michael P. McParland.

Cute Cuddle Quotes

"I want a cuddle" quotes are perfect to say to each other.

Cuddles can come in so many forms! Here are some cute cuddle quotes you can say to the boy or girl you like to cuddle with.

23.   “All I really wanted to do was cuddle back under the blankets, maybe with a certain stuffed toy penguin I knew.”

-Laurell K Hamilton.

24.   “My days, if they start in the morning with a cuddle from my son, are just so much more glorious than they were prior to that.”

-Russell Crowe.

25.   “I love fall because I love the whole cuddling aspect of it, and a sweater dress has that vibe of I’m going to hunker down and be warm, but it’s also very feminine.”

–Jessica Chastain.

26.   “I read that when cats are cuddling and kneading you, and you think it’s cute, they’re really just checking your vitals for weak spots.”

–Kandyse McClure.

27.   “When someone hugs you, let them be the first to let go.”

-H. Jackson Brown Jr.

28.   “You know how as a kid you picture yourself with a tall, handsome husband, and you imagine him cuddling your baby?”

–Jennifer Garner.

29.   “Even on bad days, I'll still be happy with you.”

–Nicole Rosatti.

30.   “I just want to be your teddy bear.”

-Elvis Presley.

31.   “There's nothing else I would rather do, unless there was a profession that involved cuddling bunny rabbits and kittens all day for money."

-Kat Dennings.

32.   “We all gather round our camp-fire (in a can) and sing songs of togetherness as we cuddle, to preserve our warmth...”

―Will Advise.

33.   “You can never have too many books or too many hugs.”

-Gina House.

34.   “This is a place where grandmothers hold babies on their laps under the stars and whisper in their ears that the lights in the sky are holes in the floor of heaven.”

—Rick Bragg.

35.   “There is something really mysterious about lions. They could rip you apart if they wanted to, but at the same time, they look so cuddly. Can you imagine what humans look like to animals? They must think we’re so weird.”

–Lee Ryan.

36.   "I have learned that there is more power in a good strong hug than in a thousand meaningful words."

-Ann Hood.

37.   “Come cuddle close in daddy's coat beside the fire so bright, and hear about the fairy folk that wander in the night.”

-Robert Bird.

38.   “Petting, scratching, and cuddling a dog could be as soothing to the mind and heart as deep meditation and almost as good for the soul as prayer.”

–Dean Koontz.

39.   “Snuggle up and feel so safe and comfy, and know that you'll never be lonely.”

-Michael P. McParland.

40.   “When I pick up one of my children and cuddle them, all the strain and stress of life temporarily disappears. There is nothing more wonderful than motherhood and no-one will ever love you as much as a small child.”  

-Nicola Horlick.

41.   "Everybody needs a hug. It changes your metabolism.”

-Leo Buscaglia.

42.   “Teddy bears are a great source of comfort and security.”


43.   “One surprise of motherhood for me was how little control I have. I thought it would be blissful romance with me at the helm, cuddling this little creature. It’s been bittersweet and humbling to let her lead and to not try to be perfect myself.”

–Amanda Peet.

44.   “When I come home, my daughter will run to the door and give me a big hug, and everything that’s happened that day just melts away.”

-Hugh Jackman.

Famous Cuddle Quotes

Here are some famous cuddle quotes for you to revisit. Check out these sweet and funny cuddle quotes to bring a smile to your face.

45.    “He imagined them sitting somewhere, just enjoying each other’s company, her head on his chest, his arm around her. And he realized how desperately lonely he had become.”

–Tim LaHaye.

46.   “Cuddle up. Rain always stops. It always stops. It always does.”

–Ellen Gilchrist.

47.   “They invented hugs to let people know you love them without saying anything.”

-Bil Keane.

48.   “Boys, at war, so far away, will naturally droop, both in body and mind, from lack of a particular girl’s snuggling and cuddling.”

―Ernest Vincent Wright, 'Gadsby'.

49.   “A hug a day keeps the demons at bay.”

-German proverb.

50.   “Feel the presence of love, wrapped up within a hug.”

-Robert M. Hensel.

51.   “Saturdays are for adventure. Sundays are for cuddling.”


52.   “One kind word can warm three winter months.”

–Japanese proverb.

53.   “Sunday night meant, in the dark, wintry, rainy Midlands… anywhere where two creatures might stand and squeeze together and spoon… Spooning was a fine art, whereas kissing and cuddling are calf-processes.”

–D.H. Lawrence.

54.   “Hug the shore; let others try the deep.”


55.   “Cuddling literally kills depression, relieves anxiety and strengthens the immune system.”


56.   “Do me a favor and get in my bed and cuddle me all night.”

-Jodi Winkler.

57.   “Fight less, cuddle more... Criticize less, compliment more... With each new day, find new ways to love each other even more.”

–Dave Willis.

58.   “Cuddling helps us feel safe, confident, secure and loved.”


59.   “Let’s cuddle so I can steal your body heat.”

-Ivy Woodson-Holm.

60.   “A mother’s love endures through all.”

-Washington Irvin.

61.   “Memories keep us stay alive as they gently cuddle us along the squirming roads of our lives and even warn us sometimes of insidious pitfalls.”

–Erik Pevernagie.

62.   “Every conversation, every cuddle, every kiss and caress, even every disagreement, adds another brushstroke to the picture of home you paint with the days and hours of your life.”

-Thomas Kinkade.

63.   “Cuddling my baby, cuddling soo tight, Oh dear stress no more fights!”

-Sarah Khan .

64.   “Fall weather = Best cuddling weather.”


65.   “I get those cuddles on his bed or on his couch and I get those hugs at Skool or in his car.”

-Andrea Celestine.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly quotes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 65 of the best cuddle quotes, then why not take a look at these beloved quotes or first love quotes for more great quotes?

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