10+ Best Fire Emblem Quotes From The Fantasy Game Franchise

'Fire Emblem: Shadow of Dragon' is the most popular version of the game.

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'Fire Emblem' is a fantasy tactical role-playing game franchise that is developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo.

'Fire Emblem', is a recurring element in the series that is usually portrayed as a royal weapon or shield that represents the power of war and dragons. The series currently consists of 16 core entries and four spinoffs.

The 'Fire Emblem' games are all connected through their mythology, if the recent games are any indicator. The characters seem to recognize the names of kingdoms and famous individuals as characters from stories and myths. The different battles in the 'Fire Emblem' series play out on a grid-based field map, and a set number of characters, which are controlled by players, across the maps, are tied to both the game’s story and also the optional side stories of the game, making it really fun. Each of the characters has a specific character class, giving them set abilities and also affecting how far they can travel across the game field. There is no dating in the game. There are cute romantic undertones to some of the higher support ranks between the students. Here are some of the best emblem quotes that you will love to be a part of any conversation.

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'Fire Emblem' Critical Quotes

'Fire Emblem' is a video game series. There are different 'Fire Emblem' games that you will enjoy playing. Here are some of the best 'Fire Emblem' fates quotes and you must choose your favorite for your community of fans.

The game is extremely popular across the world.

1. “To the east, a league of nobles that heeds no king nor emperor rules what is called the Leicester Alliance. Once consumed by a tempest of war and turmoil, Fódlan and these three mighty powers now exist in relative harmony!”

- 'Fire Emblem', Chapter 1.

2. “Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.”

- Luca.

3. “In honor of the saints whose births or death took place under this moon, the people perform music once beloved by those divine beings. Whether by harp, flute, or voice alone, joyous melodies are shared between farmers as they sow their seeds across the vast plains of Tailtean and Gronder.”

- 'Fire Emblem', Chapter 2.

4. “"The icy winds of the Oghma Mountains have begun to scatter, and the verdant fields once again spring to life across Fódlan, heralding the start of a new year. As they celebrate the dawning year, the people pray that they may realize their full potential, just as a tiny sprout hopes to one day grow into a great tree.”

- 'Fire Emblem', Chapter One.

5. “As unwavering as your convictions may be, the others also feel strongly about their beliefs. If you hate all those whose beliefs are different from yours, you will hate everyone eventually. People with exactly the same beliefs as you simply do not exist.”

- Seteth.

'Fire Emblem' Heroes Quotes

There are many heroes in the different series. It is a free-to-play tactical playing game. Here are some of the must-read 'Fire Emblem' heroes quotes which are absolute favorite with readers across the world.

Quotes from the game are still extremely popular.

6. “Some of our kingdom’s subjects objected when I joined this order. But I wanted to do my part. Still, there are others who say that I don’t behave quite like a prince ought to anyway.”

- Alfonse.

7. “Well, for all those born with nothing, there are those born with everything. Perhaps those who never notice the difference are the ones we should envy.”

- Ranulf.

8. “Make the ground...sss soft with blood. Turn thissss plasse...into a graveyard...”

- Bertram.

9. “You can learn the dance of blades from me without knowing my history, can you not? What say you? Let your heart decide.”

- Stefan.

10. “I figured that egg thing was a joke, but I had no idea it ever really happened...Bird tribes...Go figure.”

- Ike.

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