20 Best Linda Belcher Quotes For Every Bob's Burger Fan

Bob's Burgers is a popular American sitcom

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Linda Belcher is the co-owner of the restaurant 'Bob’s Burgers'.

She married Sterling Archer, who believes he is Bob Belcher when Archer suffers from retrograde amnesia. The character of Linda Belcher is that of a happy-go-lucky person.

She is the devoted wife of Bob Belcher and mother to Tina, Gene and Louise. John Roberts voices her. She is the favorite wine-drinking mom that everyone loves, she dotes on her kids and has a prominent role to play in the sitcom. Linda Belcher is an extremely famous on-screen mom and one of the funniest in the history of American television. She manages to get her message through but in ways that often borders on insulting albeit in a funny manner. She is always looking for the support from her family but is by no means a walk over who is seeking approval.

'Bob's Burgers' is an extremely popular animated series that has been created for the Fox Broadcasting Company by Loren Bouchard. The story of the series revolves around the Belcher family and their hamburger restaurant 'Bob s Burgers'.

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Famous Linda Belcher Quotes

Linda is a delightful woman who knows who she is and what she wants, both excellent qualities. Most of Linda Belcher’s best one-liners come from her interactions with her family. Let’s take a look at the best Linda Belcher love quotes and other 'Bob's Burgers' quotes from the popular series.

Linda Belcher is a principal character in the movie.

1. “Rich people run funny. Must be all the money in their pockets. Or their big, rich, golden wieners. Eh, it’s probably their wieners.”

- Linda Belcher, Season Four, Episode 18, 'Ambergris'.

2. “I was going to punch you, but I’m holding wine.”

- Linda Belcher, Season Four, Episode Three, 'Seaplane!'.

3. “Tammy can go sit in syrup. Let the bees get her."

- Linda Belcher, Season Two, Episode Eight, 'Bad Tina'.

4. “Mommy doesn't get drunk, she just has fun!”

- Linda Belcher, Season Two, Episode Eight, 'Bad Tina'.

5.“I love showers and mornings and bologna and turtles and wine!”

- Linda Belcher, Season Four, Episode 15, 'The Kids Rob A train'.

Funniest Linda Quotes From Bob's Burger

Linda is well aware of what she wants from her boys or husband  but does not want others show her what to do. There have been many funny moms on the small screen but none has been more memorable and loved than Linda Belcher, who emerged as a major star of the show. Here are some of the best 'Bob's Burgers' Linda quotes for you to enjoy.

Linda Belcher is one of the most popular moms on the small screen.

6. "No matter what I say, stop me when I've had sixteen."

- Linda Belcher, Season Three, Episode 21, 'Boyz 4 Now'.

7.“No boys, no parties, no summoning spirits.”

- Linda Belcher, Season Three, Episode 14, 'Lindapendent Woman'.

8. “Don’t you tell me not to have a crap attack! I’ll have a crap attack any time I want!”

- Linda Belcher, Season Two, Episode Eight, 'Bad Tina'.

9. “When I die, I want you to cremate me and throw me in Tom Selleck's face.”

- Linda Belcher, Season One, Episode 10, 'Burger Wars'.

10. “I’ve only had half of four bottles of wine.”

- Linda Belcher, Season Three, Episode Five, 'An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal'.

11. “Bob, Gene, look at yourselves; you’re father and son! You’re supposed to love each other, not kill each other; this isn’t the Bible!”

- Linda Belcher, Season Two, Episode Nine, Beefsquatch'.

12. “Two people, together forever. Security in life! And someone to love ya! Instead of being all alone, such a lonely existence. I’d kill myself!”

- Linda Belcher, 'Two People'.

13. “You don’t want to mess with my sister. She’ll wear down your self-esteem over a period of years.”

- Tina Belcher, Season Three, Episode One, 'Ear-Sy Rider'.

14. “I should write a parenting book.”

- Linda Belcher, Season Four, Episode 19, 'The Kids Run Away'.

15. "Tina’s gonna be okay. I made her a PB and J. She said she didn’t want it, so I ate it. She was still sad, so I made her another PB and J. She didn’t want that one either, so I ate it. Anyway, Tina wants to be alone for a little while and we’re out of peanut butter."

- Linda Belcher, Season Five, Episode 2, 'Tina And The Real Ghost'.

Great Quotes From Linda Belcher

As the character of Linda Belcher is showcased as a supportive and loving mother, most of her quotes are, in essence, advise to her kids. Most of her quotes have left the audiences in splits with the impeccable timing. Here are some of most amazing quotes from Linda Belcher in 'Bob's Burgers'.

16. “The best people know their limitations.”

- Linda Belcher, Season Four, Episode 5, 'Turkey In A Can'.

17. “I kinda close my eyes and an image appears in my brain.”

- Linda Belcher, Season Four, Episode 16, 'I Get Psy-Chic Out Of You'.

18. “People are always more fun when they’re drunk!”

- Linda Belcher, Season 2, Episode 8, 'Bad Tina'.

19. “Both. Your father is a very moist sleeper.”

- Linda Belcher, Season Onw, Episode Six, 'Sheesh! Cab, Bob?'.

20. “We all need to think about the end.”

- Linda Belcher, Season Nine, Episode Four, 'None Of Your Business'.

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