10+ Best Sally Face Quotes From The Indie Horror Video Game

'Sally Face' is a famous game.

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'Sally Face' is a famous game created by Stever Gabry.

Also, Sally Face is the name of the main protagonist in the game. The real name of the character is Sal Fisher.

Sal Fisher is the son of Henry Fisher and Diane Fisher. In Sal's childhood, he lost his mother in an accident and got his face scarred, for which the reason isn't known. For his scarred face, he wears a prosthetic face-mask. Years after the accident took place, Sal and his father moved to Nockfell for a new beginning, living in Addison Apartments, room 402. The game revolves around Sal's life and the different events that took place in his life. It also focuses on the mysteries and the investigation regarding his new house and his mission trying to stop the Devourers of God. Spoiler alert! In the game, Sally Face kills everyone in Addison Apartments by mass murder to prevent the Red-Eyes infestation from spreading.

Sal always wears a prosthetic face mask and has his hair in ponytails. It has been stated that he is male, but the implications of his gender are ambiguous and purposely so. He has a pet cat whose name is Gizmo. Even though his name is Sal, he likes it when people call him 'Sally' or 'Sally Face'. His bullies used this name in the old town to bully him, but Sal decided to take on the name, taking all the power away from his bullies. Even though Sal is a college kid, he does not look so. He has a short height and looks smaller than other kids his age. Sal Fisher is also very open and kind and you can see this from the quotes below and the many friends he has. Sal has many friends, which also includes some ghost characters.

Below, we have collected all the quotes that we could find for you to read from the game 'Sally Face'. These quotes are from Sal and the other characters like Travis, Larry, and more.

Read these quotes about Sally Face and see for yourself how open and kind Sally was. If you liked reading these quotes, you could also read these video game quotes and ['Silent Hill' quotes] for more.

'Sally Face' Game Quotes

'Sally Face', a game, has many quotes that touch your feelings.

Here, you will find all the 'Sally Face' game quotes you can ask for, whether it's Ashley Campbell 'Sally Face' quotes or Megan 'Sally Face' quotes. We have collected quotes from chapter one to chapter four, as you might see below.

1. "Whoever said that only girls can wear their hair in pigtails? I like pigs too."

- Sally Face, 'Sally Face'.

2. "The whole thing! Can you believe it? Chug is an animal, dude. I love that guy."

- Sally Face, 'Sally Face'.

3. "Larry: Yeah, but then once I told you I was fine... why did you cry?

Sally: Because you didn't look away."

- 'Sally Face',.

4. "It’s a prosthetic."

- Sal Fisher, 'Sally Face'.

5. "Pst Larry. I’ll help you kill Travis when Sal isn’t looking."

- Ashley Campbell, 'Sally Face'.

6. "Larry: Do you like metal?

Sal: I don't know.

Larry: Oh, that's gotta change."

- 'Sally Face'.

'Sally Face' is one of the best games.

More Great 'Sally Face' Quotes

If you love 'Sally Face', keep reading!

7. "There are no happy endings in real life, Sal. We all get the same terrible ending... Death."

- Miss Rosenberg, 'Sally Face'.

8. "Larry: Sally face?

Sal: Larry face."

- 'Sally Face'.

9. "So once they started calling me that, I figured if I owned the name... [they] couldn't use it against me."

- Sal Fisher, 'Sally Face'.

10. "Sal: That's why I try to live the best life I can, just in case it's the only one I get.

Miss Rosenberg: Not for you, my boy.

Sal: Huh?

Miss Rosenberg: Oh, nevermind child."

- 'Sally Face'.

11. "It's never a crime to follow your heart."

- Sal Fisher, 'Sally Face'.

12. "The tooth will set you free!"

- Larry, 'Sally Face'.

13. "Leave me and my five teeth alone, Larry."

- Sal Fisher, 'Sally Face'.

14. "You ever wonder what dinosaurs would think of music if they were still alive? I bet it'd blow their freakin' minds, dude."

- Larry, 'Sally Face'.

15. "You know, I may not say this enough, but I'm proud of you Sal. You've come a long way and I know it hasn't all been easy. I look at you now and I'm excited about the man you are becoming. I think you've got a bright future ahead of you. I really do."

- Henry Fisher., 'Sally Face'.

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