15+ Best Spartacus Quotes From The Epic Action Movie

The Colosseum often meant life or death for many gladiators.

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Spartacus is the story of a man who led a slave revolt against the Roman rulers of his time.

Starring Kirk Douglas as the lead star, Spartacus is a gladiator classic with many great sayings that remain in popular memory, to date. If you enjoyed Spartacus - why not check out quotes from Julius Caesar and ['Gladiator' movie quotes]?

Quotes From The Great Men Of Spartacus

The Roman rulers controlled the lives of gladiators as per their whims.

If you hear a gladiator quote you like - chances are, that quote is taken from 'Spartacus'. Some of the best lines in 'Spartacus' are said by the secondary characters of the movie - who are also in a similar condition as that of our protagonist.  While there have been many adaptations of the legend of Spartacus, true history buffs swear by the quality of the movie - deeming it the most historically accurate of all time. 'Spartacus' also has a more popular web series by the same name - but if you do not have the time - the movie is considered to be the closest representation of his life.

Some of the secondary characters from 'Spartacus' include Batiatus, Crassus, Sura, Antonius, and more. They are often seen supporting Spartacus in his endeavors and are frequently featured throughout the movie as strong, capable men fighting to defend their own lives. It is not sure if these characters existed alongside the real Spartacus since the historical records for gladiators were maintained very poorly. So, check out their quotes from the movie listed here!

1. "A good body with a dull brain is as cheap as life itself. "


2. "Every man loses when he dies - and all men die."


3. "Death is the only freedom a slave knows."


4. "You must love her."

-Crassus, when talking about how to win Rome.

5. "You have always been destined for unfortunate things."


Gladiator Quotes From 'Spartacus'

'Spartacus', at its very core, is a movie about gladiators - their struggle and power dynamics, their rebellion, and winning their freedom. The movie also goes into their personal life and the problems they face vis-a-vis themselves or their fellow slaves. Since their work involves attacking their own friends, the movie also shows some of the conflicts that emerge from it - with many a quote about this particular dilemma. The women, while featuring less often compared to men, also do an excellent job in the movie - demonstrating the life a woman had in a world ruled by men.

Gladiators were usually slaves captured in war, who were then forced to fight in arenas for the entertainment of the Roman populace. They were trained in battle, given an armor, and made a show of. Often, if a slave fought hard enough or won a lot, they might grant him the freedom and keep the gladiator on as a free man. However, very few people have ever achieved this privilege, most dying on the field, or of the diseases that infected them because of their poor living conditions. Here are gladiator quotes from the 1960 'Spartacus'.

6. "A Gladiator does not fear death."


7. "A gladiator can not make friends. If we ever matched in an arena, I'd have to kill you."


8. "Fight with honor - and if the gods will it - die with same."


9. "There is only one way to become a champion. Never lose."


10. Gladiators seek to best all. That is how they survive."


Best Quotes By Spartacus

Shields and other weaponry was a privilege very few gladiators could have.

The legend of Spartacus emerges from a true historical figure of the same name - who led a slave uprising against Rome. At the time, gladiator fights were the only thing keeping the Roman audience entertained enough that they did not think to rebel or rise against the rulers of Rome. Spartacus finds features in many media - such as multiple TV shows, web series, movies, songs, even poems. However, the 1960s 'Spartacus' movie is the first - and considered the best adaptation of the story of a true warrior. Therefore, a quote by him is a quote to truly remember.

The legend of this man is popular and quoted even today, such as when he says that one always has the choice to choose his own destiny - or when he says that man must accept his destiny as it comes, or that destiny will destroy him. We have gathered some of his most quoted lines for you below!

11. "You do not  know my heart."


12. "Blood demands blood."


13. "A man must accept his fate or be destroyed by it. "


14. "There is always a choice"


15. "I've had my fill of games, let us leave this arena forever."


16. "And maybe there's no peace in this world, for us or for anyone else, I don't know. But I do know that, as long as we live, we must remain true to ourselves."


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