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25+ Gene Belcher Quotes That All Bob's Burgers Fans Will Know

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Gene Belcher is a very fun character and one of the protagonists from the TV series 'Bob's Burgers'.

Gene Belcher, voiced by Eugene Mirman, is a very enthusiastic character in the show. Gene's the middle child, with Tina and Louise being the eldest and the youngest, respectively.

Gene Belcher is the only son in the Belcher family and is introduced in the first episode, where he has a really playful and funny character. Gene Belcher is the son of Bob and Linda Belcher and shares a really adorable relationship with his parents and her sisters, Tina and Louise. Gene's passion for music is highly illustrated in the show, and he also loves to tell jokes to be the center of attention. Here are the best Gene Belcher quotes that demonstrate creativity and a sense of humor.

Gene Belcher Best Quotes

Sponge Bob Squarepants figurines

Gene is identified as the most irresponsible kid out of all the three by her mother in the show. These quotes demonstrate the fun part of Gene's character in the show, 'Bob's Burgers'.

1. "I'm just a girl with a dream who got tired of hearing the word 'no'!"- Season three, Episode 20.

2."Bob: Didn't you read the rules?

Gene: It was sixteen pages! I only got to the part about not wearing open-toed shoes."

- 'Bob's Burgers', Season three, Episode 21.

3. "Was it obvious I don't care?"- Season two, Episode 4.

4. "A world without a Gene is not a world I want to live in."- Season six, Episode 1.

5. "Would you rather have a lifetime of regret or an afternoon of mild disappointment?"- Season six, Episode 12.

6. "Gene Belcher: Wait, why do you have to wear a hat?

Bob Belcher: Just let this be fun for me."

- 'Bob's Burgers', Season nine, Episode 20.

7. "I think I have the best legs in the family and the smoothest bottom."- Season four, Episode 8.

8. "I'm not afraid of ghosts, I'm not afraid of sharks, I'm not afraid of cancer, I am just afraid of snakes! They really creep me out. Where are their arms and legs?It's not okay!"-Season three, Episode 18.

9. "My life is more difficult than anyone else's on the planet, and yes, I'm including starving children, so don't ask!"- Gene Belcher, Season three, Episode 8.

Funny Gene Belcher Quotes

Here are some humorous Gene Belcher quotes for you to share waves of laughter from the brilliant 'Bob's Burgers'.

10. "Gene Belcher: But your characters don't even end up together!

Tina Belcher: We're all allowed to interpret the movie differently."

- 'Bob's Burgers', Season six, Episode 3.

11. "Gene Belcher: Dad?

Bob Belcher: Yes.

Gene Belcher: I feel like you're doing a really good job as a dad."

- 'Bob's Burgers', Season six, Episode 3.

12. "All batteries die, but this one truly lived!"- Gene Belcher, Season four, Episode 8.

13. "I'm having a good childhood."-Season six, Episode 3.

14. "Bob Belcher: Gene, give your mom the phone!

Gene Belcher: I can't. I'm on hold with the radio station!"

- Bob's Burger, Season four, Episode 8.

15. "Summer is awful. There's too much pressure to enjoy yourself."- Gene Belcher, Season three, Episode 3.

16. "Come on! If you're going to be loud, you've gotta be proud!"– Season two, Episode eight.

17. "Why are we watching a movie with a fake shark when we could be out watching the real fake shark."– Season three, Episode 6.

18. "I want to just go home and crawl into bed and have a good, long dutch oven cry."- Season five, Episode 1.

19. "Bob Belcher: If the shark is in our basement, there's only one thing to do. Kids, stay here.

Louise Belcher: Well, duh!

Gene Belcher: We thought our basement was scary before it had a shark in it."

- 'Bob's Burgers', Season three, Episode 6.

20. "Doug: I'm sorry, but that keyboard is adorable. Did you rescue it from a shelter?

Courtney: Nice one, Daddy.

Gene Belcher: Well, where'd you get your keyboard, Doug? The Too-Big Keyboard Store?"

- 'Bob's Burgers', Season six, Episode 3.

Gene Belcher Food Quotes

Gene Belcher is definitely a food lover, and he loves eating, which is clearly depicted through these quotes. Here is a collection of the best Gene Belcher quotes to help you share smiles and laughs.

21. "Gene: It's the documentarian who hates Dad and puts wigs on cows!

Tina: Werner Herzog?"

- 'Bob's Burgers', Season two, Episode 5.

22. "Camera, take the day off. I added ten pounds to myself."- Season three, Episode 19.

23. "I'm gonna take a nap under a warm tortilla and then eat my way out when I wake up."- Season four, Episode 12.

24. "I'm having my own Super Bowl blowout this year. I'm holding all of my BM's until halftime when I will make a 'Super Bowel!'"- Season four, Episode 11.

25. "Hard to hate a guy who gives you raisins!"– Season five, Episode 9.

26. "Let's release the lobster back into the supermarket where it came from."– Season one, Episode 12.

27. "Gene: I'm a top.

Bob: You mean you're on top.

Gene: No, I'm a top."

- 'Bob's Burgers', Season six, Episode 3.

28. "Well, I decided to go join the birds. I eat lots of bread already, and I'm tired of fighting. Goodbye!"– Season five, Episode 4.

Gene Belcher Movie Quotes

The character of Gene Belcher was introduced to a new audience in the film. The sole son of the Belchers, Gene participates in planning with his sisters and is an inspired keyboard player. Look at these quotes from the movie.

29. "Thank you, scary Carney. Love you, Bye!"- 'The Bob's Burgers Movie' 2022.

30. "Eh, I give em a year."- 'The Bob's Burgers Movie' 2022.

31. "A burger with a bikini on it?"- 'The Bob's Burgers Movie' 2022.

32. "This is how Law & Order should start. Every time."- 'The Bob's Burgers Movie' 2022.

33. "I wanna go last! I wanna be the cherry on top!"- 'The Bob's Burgers Movie' 2022.

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