45 Great Son In Law Quotes For Every Occasion

The best son in law quotes will give some perspective about family.

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A father's heart melts when he has to part ways with his daughter and the relationship he shares with his son in law is always about gaining and keeping trust.

A healthy family needs trust, unconditional love, and gratitude. Welcoming a new member of our family is always venturing outside our comfort zone.

In this article, we will talk about love, mischief, and read some of the very important and life-altering son in law quotes.

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Interesting Son In Law Quotes

Son In Law sayings are everything for a year with your family.

Enjoy our selection of sayings that talk about the daughter and son-in-law relationship, these quotes can even be used for cards. As these are often used in cards and circulated between people, we don't know of their origin, if you know, let us know!

1. "Good morning dear son in law, I hope that with every sunrise, your day gets filled with good times and success."


2. "May your love increase for my daughter and your family with this increasing warmth of the sun on this hot summer day!"


3. "Start your morning with a morning prayer and God will ease all of your difficulties and pain during the day."


4. "Don’t overthink the events that took place during the day instead give your mind a break and let it rest."


5. " God is the best of the planners and he will surely make it work.!"


6. Push beyond your limits because no one else would do it for you.


'Son In Law' Movie Quotes

Happy and cheerful 'Son In Law' quotes.

Here is a list of quotes from from the movie 'Son In Law' that can even be used as wishes from time to time.

7. “Oh, my God, it's Bartles or James. Dude, which one are you?”

-Pauly Shore, 'Son In Law'.

8. “Connie: She's obviously made up her mind, so let's just handle this like a mature adult.

Walter: Right, right... you distract him, and I'm gonna hit him in the head with a shovel.”

- 'Son In Law'.

9. “I don't mean to be rude or anything Mrs.Warner!”

-Pauly Shore.

10. “Crawl: Where are you from?

Becca: South Dakota.

Crawl: Fresh off the farm, oh my God, I can't believe it. Right across the hallway. Hallelujah."

- 'Son In Law'.

11. “Crawl: You have got charisma!

Becca: What's that?

Crawl: It's a special quality of leadership that captures the popular imagination and inspires allegiance and devotion.”

- 'Son In Law'.

12. "Zack: Why do they call you Crawl?

Crawl: Because that's how I used to get home my freshmen year."

-Pauly Shore, 'Son In Law'.

13. "Walter: Well, now that that's all settled, I think my future son-in-law should carve the turkey.

Rebecca Warner: Oh well you see, that's not necessary, because Crawl and I were never."

-Pauly Shore, 'Son In Law'.

14. "Crawl: Let me guess! You miss your mom dad, brother, dog, boyfriend. Practically everything you can think of back home. Am I right?"

-Pauly Shore, 'Son In Law'.

15. "Crawl : [to Travis]  You're too late. Yeah, a couple weeks ago at school I already asked Bec to marry me."

-Pauly Shore, 'Son In Law'.

16. "There'll be absolutely no partying in this hall between the hours of five and six in the morning, without my express written permission."

-'Son In Law'.

17. "Zack: Maybe now's a good time to talk about the rules in my room.

Crawl: Rules?

Zack: Rule number 1: Don't touch anything."

-'Son In Law'.

18. "Crawl: Have you ever heard of the tooth fairy?

Zack: No.

Crawl: I wouldn't fall asleep if I were you."

-'Son In Law'.

19. "Crawl: My name's Crawl and I'm the RA. And you are? No wait, don't tell me. Sally? Jessie?


-'Son In Law'.

20. "Crawl: Here sit down and let me tell you a little story. This is Fred.

Becca: Oh my god you were such a nerd! I'm, I'm sorry."

-'Son In Law'.

21. “Ease up on the steroids. Juice will make your jewels shrivel up like sun-dried tomatoes.”

-'Son In Law'.

22. “Cutting some corn. Cutting some corn. Can I get some butter please?”

-'Son In Law'.

23. “Dad... dad... do you have your camera handy?”

-'Son In Law'.

Birthday Quotes For Son In Law

Quotes from the popular TV show 'Modern Family', where the characters Jay Prichette, Phil Dunphy, Cameron Tucker and Dylan create a very interesting father and son in law chemistry. You can also quote these shows for your happy anniversary quotes for daughter and son in law.

24. "You have an in-law, and no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, they still don't like you."

-Claire Dunphy, 'Modern Family'.

25. “I always felt bad for people with emotionally distant fathers; it turns out I’m one of them. It’s a miracle I didn’t end up a stripper.”

-Phil Dunphy, 'Modern Family'.

26. “The iPad comes out on my actual birthday. It’s like Steve Jobs and God got together to say, 'We love you, Phil.'”

-Phil Dunphy, 'Modern Family'.

27. “Success is 1% inspiration, 98% perspiration, and 2% attention to detail.”

-Phil Dunphy, 'Modern Family'.

28. “Always be closing. Don’t ever forget, great home ideas just keep lurking, mostly nearby.”

-Phil Dunphy, 'Modern Family'.

29. “I’m the cool dad, that’s my thang. I’m hip, I surf the web, I text. LOL: laugh out loud. OMG: oh my God. WTF: why the face.”

-Phil Dunphy, 'Modern Family'.

30." Jay Pritchett: So Chamberlain comes in one day with a friend, and it's Elvis. Best singer in the world after Sinatra and I'll fight anyone who says different.

Luke Dunphy: Dad says the best singer in the world is Peabo Bryson.

Jay Pritchett: Then I'll have to fight your dad."

-'Modern Family'.

31. "Phil Dunphy: I didn't want to kiss her, it was her idea.

Claire Dunphy: Wait a minute; who did you kiss?

Phil Dunphy: Gloria; but it was her idea.

Claire Dunphy: Was this before or after you ignored phone calls from your wife?"

-'Modern Family'.

32.  "When you're young and dreaming of your family, you think of this perfect family; perfect wife, perfect kids. Look at me, I got this sorry bunch. But you know I wouldn't trade them for anything."

-Jay Pritchett, 'Modern Family'.

33. "The hero in my family is my family, because of who we are together."

-Manny, 'Modern Family'.

34. "It’s gonna be tough to say goodbye… It always is. Nobody loves change."

-Phil Dunphy.

35. "Sometimes things work out just the way you want. Sometimes they don't. But you have to hang in there because 90% of being a dad is just showing up."

-Jay Prichette.

36. "We're from different worlds, yet we somehow fit together. Love is what binds us through fair and stormy weather."


Funny Quotes For Son In Law

These funny quotes will make your son in law laugh out loud! If you know where some of these quotes originated please let us know!

37. "I thought my daughter has good taste in men but she chose you."

- Unknown*.

38. "Claire: I was wondering if we could have a little chat.

Dylan: Oh, you want me to go home.

Claire: No, it’s the opposite of that.

Dylan: I want you to go home?”

-'Modern Family'.

39. "Connie: She's obviously made up her mind, so let's just handle this like a mature adult.

Walter: Right, right... you distract him, and I'm gonna hit him in the head with a shovel."

- 'Son In Law'.

40. "Who needs a comedian to make you laugh when you have a son in law like mine"

- Unknown.*

41. "No, see this is exactly why we sweep things under the rug. So, people don’t get hurt."

-Jay, 'Modern Family'.

42. “Revenge is a dish best served cold. And even better two days later out of a 24-ounce, microwave-friendly, burp-sealed pack and store.”

— Cameron, 'Modern Family'.

43. “When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all, 'Whaaat?'”

— Phil, 'Modern Family'.

44. “I like the me I am when I’m with you.”

— Haley, 'Modern Family'.

45. “When you’re married to me you’re going to be yelled at many times!”

- Gloria, 'Modern Family'.

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*Do you know where this quote has originated? Please email us to let us know at [email protected]


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