40+ Merlin Quotes For Fans Of The Fantasy TV Show

Merlin and Arthur sayings teach us loyalty and friendship.

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Merlin, as a boy's name, belongs to the Welsh origin which means 'Sea-Fortress'.

The great wizard Merlin is famous for several appearances throughout history and mythology, especially in the Arthurian tales about King Arthur Pendragon and Merlin. In the BBC's popular TV show 'Merlin', the beginning of the story has been portrayed.

Merlin's birth name is Myrddin Wylt or Emyrs, in the show, he is rumored to be half-human and half incubus or demon, something which gives him great power and strength. He was destined to become a mentor to King Arthur and protect Camelot. The series from the beginning to the very end, each and every part, was intense and full of actions and good graphics which people could enjoy. The director's cinematography makes it even better. You got to watch this show especially if you love sci-fi. Here is a list for the fans who want to think about the show always. This list may be what you want.

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Famous Merlin Quotes

If you want to know the best quotes from the show, you could take a look at these Merlin quotes.

1. "Oh, bah! Everybody’s got problems. The world’s full of problems."

- 'Merlin'.

2. "That love business is a powerful thing. Greater than gravity? Well, yes. In its way, yes, I’d say it’s the greatest force on Earth."


3. "Gee-hosaphat!"

- 'Merlin'.

4. "I’m sorry. I nodded off. Did you get to the part where you’re evil ?"

- 'Merlin'.

5. "Merlin: How can it be my destiny to protect someone who hates me?

Dragon: A half cannot truly hate that which makes it whole. Very soon, you shall learn that.

Merlin: Oh, great. Just what I needed, another riddle."

- 'Merlin'.

6. "You’re threatening me with a spoon?"

- 'Merlin'.

7. "You know, I mean this in the nicest possible way, but you might be the worst person I’ve ever met."

- 'Merlin'.

8. "Merlin: My magic is useless against them. I've tried. I've never felt so powerless. Something deep inside... and when it came for me, I felt this emptiness... I couldn't breathe. I'm scared.

Gaius: Merlin. It's all right. It's not your fault."

- 'Merlin'.

9. "A dark age indeed! Age of inconvenience!"

- 'Merlin'.

10. "Merlin: Let's go steal the kingdom.

Lancelot: Isn't that treason?

Merlin: We'll give it back."

- 'Merlin'.

11. "There is no evil sorcery only in the hearts of men."

- 'Merlin'.

12. "Borden: Tell me, Merlin, would you say you're a good liar?

Merlin: When I need to be."


13. "She's not a witch! She's my friend."

- 'Merlin'.

Funny Merlin quotes

Merlin quotes are like a trip to wizard world.

If you've watched the show then you've surely stuck around for the full series and every part till the end. You also did find Merlin's sense of humor and his witty comebacks quite entertaining. You will probably love these quotes. These are the best and will make you love Merlin even more.

14. "You can’t grow up without a decent education, you know."

- 'Merlin'.

15. "Blast it all! Impudent piece of crockery!"

- 'Merlin'.

16.  "Merlin: What do you think Uther will do to me?

Gaius: Let's just wait and see what tomorrow brings."

17. "Arthur - Do you have any natural gifts, Merlin?

Merlin - No. Let me think. I’m not naturally rude or insensitive.

Arthur - Just naturally irritating."

- 'Merlin'.

18. "I am not a successful adult! I don’t eat vegetables and/or take care of myself!"

- 'Merlin'.

19. "Gaius: You're acting like a child, Merlin.

Merlin: I’m not acting!"

- 'Merlin'.

20. "Anhora - You have faith in Arthur?

Merlin - I trust him with my life.

Arthur - This is no time to be a hero, Merlin. It really doesn't suit you."

- 'Merlin'.

21. "Merlin: I'm friendly, I'm loyal, I'm energetic - I just described a dog, didn't I?

Lancelot:  Well, yeah, but people love dogs."

- 'Merlin'.

22. "Morgana: Are you being intentionally dense?

Merlin: Huh?"

- 'Merlin'.

23. "Arthur: We’re supposed to be hunting. It requires speed, strength, and an agile mind!

Merlin: So you're able to get by on two of the three then?"

- 'Merlin'.

Quotes About Merlin And Others

The fantasy TV show Merlin is based in a town called Camelot. It has lots of other characters in a few significant and supporting roles like Gwen, Morgana, Gaius, and many more. These quotes include Merlin TV show quotes and Merlin Morgana quotes as well.

24. "See here, sugar boy! You’re getting too rough! That teapot is cracked enough."

- 'Merlin'.

25. "Too full. Merlin and Arthur, out, please. Just so you know, this is also what would happen if we were in a lifeboat."

- 'Merlin'.

26. "Morgana: What has Camelot ever done for you? Why would you wanna save it?

Merlin: Because I'm one of the idiots that lives in it!"

- 'Merlin'.

27. "Nobility is defined by what you do, not who you are."

- 'Merlin'.

28. "Morgana: You don't know, how much I regret everything that I've done. I just, hope that you can forgive me.

Merlin: I'm so sorry for everything that you've been through. It's good to have you back."

- 'Merlin'.

29. "Dragon: How small you are, for such a great destiny.

Merlin: Why? What do you mean? What destiny?"

- 'Merlin'.

30. "Morgana: You should never be allowed to talk to people!

Merlin: I know! I know!"

- 'Merlin'.

31. "You're a brave man Merlin, between battles."

- 'Merlin'.

32. "Gwen: Right now I feel like I might never get angry again.

Morgana: Oh, sweetie. You date Arthur Pendragon. You always have a reason to be angry."

- 'Merlin'.

Merlin And Arthur Quotes.  

You can also share these Merlin quotes with your friends.

The BBC series 'Merlin' has really shown how the bond was made between the great wizard Merlin becoming the mentor of King Arthur Pendragon. These include 'Merlin' BBC quotes from the Merlin TV series.

33. "I’m too busy running after Arthur. Do this Merlin, do that Merlin!"

- 'Merlin'.

34. "Merlin: Have I ever lied to you?

Arthur: Yes. Several times.

Merlin: I meant today."

- 'Merlin'.

35. "Merlin: You're not scared?

Arthur: Oh, I am, Merlin. Maybe more than you."

- 'Merlin'.

36. "Merlin: How’s your headache?

Arthur: It comes and goes.

Gwaine: [comes into the room]

Arthur: Oh look, it’s back again."

- 'Merlin'.

37. "Let’s talk about this plan of yours. I think it’s good. Except…it sucks. So let me do the plan. And that way it might be really good."

- 'Merlin'.

38. "I will make Arthur king!"

- 'Merlin'.

39. "Arthur: Merlin. It's a new day. You've been here all night?

Merlin: I didn't want you to feel that you were alone.

Arthur: You're a loyal friend, Merlin."

- 'Merlin'.

40. "Arthur: Merlin, I just realized I had a bad childhood.

Merlin: Yeah, I know."

41. "Merlin: You don't know where we're going?

Arthur: No, Merlin, I know where we're going. I just can't tell you, that's all."

- 'Merlin'.

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