60+ Torbjorn Quotes That All Overwatch Fans Will Love

Torbjorn quotes are loved by all Overwatch gamers.

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Torbjorn is one of the main characters of the game Overwatch.

He is also depicted as a hero in this iconic game. He was a former chief engineer but now works as a world-class weapons designer.

Keith Silverstein voices Torbjorn in the game in English. Stefan Gossler and Jose Luccioni voice Torbjorn in German and French respectively. Torbjorn Lindholm is depicted to be a native of Sweden and is of 57 years of age. In the game, Ingrid Lindholm is shown to be Torbjorn's wife while Brigitte Lindholm is Torbjorn's youngest daughter. If you are interested in Torbjorn then try out playing the online game 'Overwatch'. We promise it won't be a waste of time, and in the meantime give a go at these wonderful quotes, and we are sure they will put a smile on your face.

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Pre Game Torbjorn Quotes

Our collection of Torbjorn Overwatch quotes will enthrall you to play the game.

Listed below are the best Overwatch ult voice quotes, Torbjorn voice lines, and overwatch lines.

1. "Pharah: Hey Torbjörn, check out my new suit. Mk. VI; State of the art.

Torbjörn: [clears throat] Jump jets... concussion rockets... well, yes. It's looking pretty good."

- Overwatch.

2. "Torbjorn: I wish we could get that immortality field to work on my turret!

Baptiste: But then our enemies would have no chance!"

- Overwatch.

3. "Reinhardt: You always did take good care of my armor!

Torbjörn: Just try to keep it in one piece... for once."

- Overwatch.

4. "Zarya: The suffering of my people rests heavily on your shoulders, Torbjörn.

Torbjörn: Believe me, I don't need reminding."

- Overwatch.

5. "Torbjörn: I sometimes wonder if all that armor slows your brain down.

Reinhardt: Ja. And I sometimes wonder if your height is why you're always in such a bad mood!"

- Overwatch.

6. "Torbjörn: Any chance you'd let me peek under the hood of your mech?

D.Va: Hey, hands off!"

- Overwatch.

7. "Torbjörn: Winston, are you still using that silly feather duster of a gun?

Winston: Why don't you come over here and ask that again?"

- Overwatch.

8. "Torbjorn: Baptiste, was it? How did a mercenary like yourself come by such advanced technologies?

Baptiste: Oh, I just make use of what I find lying around."

- Overwatch.

9. "Symmetra: Armor? How positively medieval.

Torbjörn: No one asked for your opinion.

Symmetra: I am impressed. I would not think such crude creations actually functioned.

Torbjörn: Why, thank you! I must admit, I'm surprised— hey...

Torbjörn: There's something on your dress.

Symmetra: No, there isn't."

- Overwatch.

10. "Torbjörn: Reinhardt! Least number of eliminations buys the post-mission drinks?

Reinhardt: [laughs] Let's show these kids how it's done."

- Overwatch.

11. "Torbjörn: I was wondering... If I could have a look at your little robot?

Mei: I suppose so....just keep that hammer to yourself."

- Overwatch.

12. "I hate working with these talking tin cans!"

- Torbjörn, Overwatch.

13. "Torbjörn: Ana?! They all thought you were dead.

Ana: Well, I had to come back. I was worried you'd get bored not being able to stick your nose in my business."

- Overwatch.

In Game Overwatch Torbjorn Quotes

These overwatch ultimate quotes are bound to make you play this game.

In this category, you will find the Torbjorn voicelines, overwatch ultimate quotes, a lovely overwatch dialogue, overwatch voice lines translated to other languages, overwatch character sayings, and overwatch hero quotes.

14. "Torbjorn: Such intriguing sonic displacement technology!

Lucio: Thanks. My dad invented it! You two would get along great"

- Overwatch.

15. "Torbjorn: Where I'm from, we throw deserters into the sea!

Baptiste: Well, I'm a pretty good swimmer!"

- Overwatch.

16. "Vikings are the greatest raiders of wealth and treasure the world has ever seen!"

17. "Torbjorn: You need to stop telling these ridiculous stories, Reinhardt. No one believes they're real!

Reinhardt: RIDICULOUS STORIES?! My tales of adventure and glory are all real!

Torbjorn: Even the one about the mad doctor and the witch?

Reinhardt: Especially that one!"

- Overwatch.

18. "The Countess: We best finish this business before dawn.

Torbjorn: Do you have somewhere to be?"

- Overwatch.

19. "Soldier 76: So, our paths cross again, old friend.

Torbjorn: Haha, not for the last time, I hope!"

- Overwatch.

20. "The Renegade: I saw a huge lizard with wings not far from here. Anybody knows what that's called?

Torbjorn: A dragon! Where?!

The Renegade: Hahahahahaha! Oh, the look on your face! I'm dying!

Torbjorn: I don't get it. The dragon though. Where exactly did you see it?"

- Overwatch.

Best Overwatch Voice Lines And Catchphrases of Torbjorn

Every character has their favorite catchphrases, and here are the most popular Torbjorn catchphrases. There are also Overwatch quotes, Overwatch ult voice lines, Overwatch ultimate quotes, Overwatch sayings, Overwatch catchphrases, Overwatch phrases, Overwatch character quotes, Overwatch character lines and a lovely Overwatch catchphrase.

21. "If ya can't stand the heat, stay out of my way!"

- Torbjörn, Overwatch.

22. "I'm jolly old Saint Torbjörn." (Can be used only when equipped with Santaclad)

- Torbjörn, Overwatch.

23. "I think I've made improvements... to your face." (When armed with a Rivet Gun)

- Torbjörn, Overwatch.

24. "They have a teleporter".

- Torbjörn, Overwatch.

25. "Build 'em up, break 'em down."

- Torbjörn, Overwatch.

26. "Hahahahaha! Ran a shot across the bow!" (Can be used only when equipped with Barbarossa or Blackbeard skin).

- Torbjörn, Overwatch.

27. "I'm capturing the objective."

- Torbjörn, Overwatch.

28. "Time's running out! Put your backs into it!"

- Torbjörn, Overwatch.

29. "Completion date?When it's done."

- Torbjörn, Overwatch.

30. "Do I have to do everything myself? Attack!"

- Torbjörn, Overwatch.

31. "Don't get caught with your beard in the letter box."

- Torbjörn, Overwatch.

32. "It's always better to be the hammer than the nail."

- Torbjörn, Overwatch.

33. "Now we're getting somewhere!"

- Torbjörn, Overwatch.

34. "Ugh! My turret's being destroyed!"

- Torbjörn, Overwatch.

35. "Onwards to Ragnarok!"

- Torbjörn, Overwatch.

36. "Stay out of my way! I'm in the zone!"

- Torbjörn, Overwatch.

37. "I'm unstoppable!"

- Torbjörn, Overwatch.

38. "Do you appreciate my craftmanship?"

- Torbjörn, Overwatch.

39. "I'm ready to unleash the molten core."

- Torbjörn, Overwatch.

40. "A thing of beauty!"

- Torbjörn, Overwatch.

41. "Santa Torbjörn is here." (Can be used only when equipped with Santaclad)

- Torbjörn, Overwatch.

Other Character Lines And Quotes

Apart from Torbjorn, there are other characters in this iconic game. So let's take a playful look at the quotes of other main characters like Tracer, Orissa, Zarya, Sigma and others. This category involves Genji ult quote, Overwatch Mercy quotes, Soldier 76 quotes, Symmetra quotes, Junkrat quotes, Doomfist quotes, Mei Overwatch quotes, Overwatch Ashe quotes, best Overwatch quotes, Dva Overwatch quotes, Zenyatta Overwatch quotes, Overwatch McCree quotes, Reinhardt overwatch quotes, Overwatch junkrat quotes, Ana quotes Overwatch, Moira quotes Overwatch and Hanzo quotes Overwatch.

41. "Ana: Reinhardt, I must say you're looking quite well. This life must agree with you.

Reinhardt: And you are looking as lovely as ever."

- Overwatch.

42. "Sombra: You wouldn't believe what I learned about you, Sparrow.

Genji: I am at peace with who I was. Your threat does not concern me."

- Overwatch.

43. "McCree: Always thought hiring you was a mistake.

Moira: The best mistake one could ever make."

- Overwatch.

44. "Doomfist: Human strength will only get you so far.

Zarya: True strength is hard work and dedication — not augmentation."

- Overwatch.

45. "Symmetra: Armor? How positively medieval.

Torbjörn: No one asked for your opinion. Last I checked, I didn't ask for your opinion. Everyone's a critic."

- Overwatch.

46. "Reaper: I taught you everything you know.

McCree: Not everything.

Reaper: I didn't teach you all my tricks.

McCree: Lucky for me I still have a few tricks of my own."

- Overwatch.

47. "Soldier: 76: You really think you can do my job?

Winston: Someone has to!

Winston: Someone's going to put an end to your illegal activities.

Soldier: 76: You're one to talk. You and your friends are breaking the law, same as me."

- Overwatch.

48. "Junkrat: Cheers, mate! The cavalry's here!

Tracer: That's my line!

Junkrat: Think I could have a look at one of those bombs of yours?

Tracer: Over my dead body!"

- Overwatch.

49. "Symmetra: Order and discipline. That is the only way to live.

Hanzo: I sense a kindred spirit."

- Overwatch.

50. "Zenyatta: I sense within you the same rage that once consumed your brother.

Hanzo: We are NOTHING alike."

- Overwatch.

51. "Soldier: 76: War isn't a game.

D.Va: Are you sure life isn't a game, Soldier: 76?"

- Overwatch.

52. "Mercy: Mei, you haven't aged a day. What's your secret?

Mei: Cryostasis, but I'm not sure if I'd recommend it.

- Overwatch.

53. "Reaper: What did you find in there, rat?

Junkrat: No idea what you're sayin', mate.

Junkrat: You look like the kind of guy who could use something blown up!

Reaper: A candidate just came to mind."

- Overwatch.

54. "Sombra: Isn't it a little embarrassing to get beaten up by a monkey?

Doomfist: Have you ever been hit by a giant, genetically engineered gorilla? I could arrange it for you…"

- Overwatch.

55. "Sombra: What's the plan today, Gabe? You don't mind if I call you Gabe, do you?

Reaper: Stick to the mission.

Reaper: Try to stick to the plan, Sombra.

Sombra: Look, someone has to be ready when all your careful planning doesn't pan out."

- Overwatch.

56. "Moira: I must know how you function.

Zenyatta: Existence is a mystery, isn't it?"

- Overwatch.

57. "Tracer: Mei, you were such an inspiration to me!

Mei: You inspired me too!

Mei: Tracer, you're so amazing! You inspire me.

Tracer: Mei, you're the real hero!"

Mei: Doctor Ziegler, I don't think you've aged a day since I last saw you.

Mercy: And neither have you, Mei."

- Overwatch.

58. "D.Va: The destruction caused by the omnics here... it reminds me of home...

Reinhardt: Things can be destroyed, but as long as the people are strong, they can always be rebuilt."

- Overwatch.

59. "McCree: You know, that sake's not half bad, but I prefer a little bite to my liquor.

Hanzo: How predictable! Such an unsophisticated taste."

- Overwatch.

60. "Reinhardt: I was wondering if you'd sign something for me. It's... [clears throat] ... for Brigitte.

D.Va: Of course! Here you go. Love, D.Va."

- Overwatch.

61. "Genji: Any chocolates today, brother?

Hanzo: Those were your amusements. Not mine.

Genji: So this is what's become of you, a pity.

Hanzo: I will not be judged by you."

- Overwatch.

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