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'The Adventure Zone' is a biweekly podcast based on comedy and adventure along with role-playing as the most interesting part.

'The Adventure Zone' is partly based on a similar adventure series, 'Dungeons And Dragons' and other similar series. The podcast is hosted by four brothers namely, Griffin, Justin, Travis, and Clint McElroy.

The episodes of the podcast include various games like puzzles, fighting with opponents and these are extremely kid-focused and including their family too.

To know about the world of 'Adventure Zone', they need to allow themselves to go back to childhood and look at the game as a part of life. Kids love playing characters and find out the different sides of them.

We have the right sort of lists that has got enough kick to it to share with someone else or make it go around your friend's circle if they allow something of a hard-hitting bout of humor to catch them.

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Best 'The Adventure Zone' Quotes

'The Adventure Zone' has a lot of characters and each of them provides different insights and plays as a comic relief from time to time and gives out advice too. We know you would like these quotes and may even want to share these with someone else.

In various episodes there have been many notable quotes uttered by various characters, here's a list of the best quotes from the series. We have enough for you to share.

1. "You should have thought about that before you threw my dog in the fire!"

— Klarg, 'Here There Be Gerblins'.

2. "Oh nooo! The mystery is solved! You've solved my final riddle, you are ze new riddle master… Congratulations, you have proven yourselves quite the adventurers… oh, I've landed on Bryan. Ahhh, Bryan, I'm so proud of zem… I'm going to die now."

— Magic Brian, 'Here There Be Gerblins'.

3. "What will our heroes find on the moon? I hope it's not aliens, because I'm afraid of those."

— The Announcer, 'Here There Be Gerblins'.

4. "Bad news, compadres, this place is magic as hell."

Taako, 'Here There Be Gerblins'.

5. "I believe that, one of these times, we're gonna get it right. And we're gonna find a way to defeat The Hunger and... save everybody inside of it."

-Lup, 'Here There Be Gerblins'.

6. "I have to believe that, to keep doing what we do. Because I have to believe [choking up] that I'm gonna get...those fifteen dollars back from Greg"

-Lup, 'Here There Be Gerblins'.

7. "I am a fully realized creation"

-Taz, 'Here There Be Gerblins'.

8. "Everything's for keepsies if you're sneaky about it."

-Taz, 'Here There Be Gerblins'.

9. "I mean come on, let's hug it out. Come on, hug it out."

-Merle, 'Here There Be Gerblins'.

10. "Can you not stand so close? You're making me claustrophobic."

-Lucretia, 'Here There Be Gerblins'.

11. "I met God! No big deal!"

-Griffin, 'Here There Be Gerblins'.

Inspirational 'The Adventure Zone' Quotes

healthy teenager school boy enjoying activity in a climbing adventure park

Kids often get inspired by quotations from their favorite characters, they come around and remember things said by them and share them with their friends and family at home. To make kids listen to the comics, it is important to keep in mind what the kids love and spend their vacations with.

Here's a list of such inspirational quotes by the characters of 'The Adventure Zone'.

If you like a saying in this list, you can share the quote. Know that your nerdy friends would love them and not get enough of it.

12. "I wish I could tell you that everyday from now on will be amazing, and the happiest day of your life"

-Magnus, 'Story and Song - Finale, Part 3'.

13. "the fact of the matter is, your life is a constant stream of changes, I mean, you start one day accepting a job offer, and you end, saving the world."

-Magnus, 'Story and Song - Finale, Part 3'.

14. "You're going to have to fight, and... you're gonna win!"

— Griffin McElroy, 'Story and Song - Finale, Part 2'.

15. "You're going to be amazing."

— Lady Istus, 'The Eleventh Hour '.

16. "Sylvain is not just a place, it's a- it's a being. It's not just the crystal coming out of the ground out there, it's the planet itself. It's the life force of the planet, I guess you could call it."

-Barclay,'Story And Song - Finale, Part 2'.

17. "Maybe don't let Agent Stern see you wearing t-shirts that say, "Hey, I just visited another world full of monsters and magic." Maybe take those off before he wakes up?"

-Barclay, 'Story And Song - Finale, Part 2'.

18. "It is a sad state of affairs in Sylvain and it's solely because of your people, so no, you cannot touch it."

-Vincent, 'Story And Song - Finale, Part 2'.

'The Adventure Zone' Taako Quotes

Taako is one of the players in 'The Balance Arc' campaign. Taako is a high-elf wizard and can be considered as a good alignment but chaotic. Taako is the character who provides comic relief. Taako's quotes are often insightful and popular among fans. Here's a list of quotes said by Taako.

19. "Don't look for society to give you permission to be yourself."

- Taako, 'Taako Time'.

20. "Nothing makes one feel so strong as a call for help."

- Taako, 'Taako Time'.

21. "How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something, but to be someone."

- Taako, 'Taako Time'.

22. "Be who you are and say how you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

- Taako, 'Taako Time'.

23. "Some people say you're going the wrong way when it's simply a way of your own."

- Taako, 'Taako Time'.

24. "Where's your will to be weird?"

- Taako,'Taako Time'.

25. "I am but a simple idiot Wizard."

- Taako,'Taako Time'.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly quotesfor everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 'The Adventure Zone' quotes then why not take a look at [gaming quotes], or [McElroy quotes].

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