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150+ Viking Quotes For The Toughest Young Warriors

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Vikings were a mysterious group of people who were referred to as Barbarians when they first attacked Britain and tried to tear it down.

However, historians have later found out that Vikings are not just random barbarians. They had their  own set of traditions, a religion, and their own culture.

There are many Sagas that tell us about the life of Vikings. Along with that, there are many Viking sayings and greetings which reflect their lifestyle. For example, during a toast, the Vikings are known as 'Skol' which means 'Cheers'. There are said to be Viking prayers too. A Prayer attributed to the Vikings are:

"Lo, There do I see my Father, and

Lo, there do I see my Mother, and

Lo, There do I see my Brothers and my Sisters and

Lo, There do I see my people back to the beginning, and

Lo they do call to me, and

Bid me take my place among them in the halls of Valhalla,

Where the brave will live forever."

However, this may have just been created for the famous film, 'The 13th Warrior'. The Vikings spoke in Old Norse and hence, most of their speech has also come into the English language. 'Good luck' in Old Norse is 'gipta'. Norse myth happens to be very rich and it has been well-received and treated with respect and care in the modern world. Gods like Thor and Odin are respected world-wide and they happen to become Superhero characters as well. While the actions of Vikings are treated as barbaric, these actions were not without cause. Vikings were great at adapting to change. In that way, they can inspire us to fight when we are going through a tough time. Even now, we can learn a lot about Viking quotes, proverbs, their people and lore, and their documented words and saying which can inspire all of us. Vikings were the best fighters in their time but violence was not the only thing they were known for. We could learn from them about life and better understand how the people who are known for 'destruction and tearing down' can actually show how to build something back up in life.

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Awesome Viking Quotes

Viking quotes can help us learn to be strong and inspire us to be better. Here are some Viking quotes collected with care to help you fight through life.

1. "No one is a fool if he knows when to shut up."

- 'Grettir's Saga'.

2. "The one you trust most can disappoint you most."

- 'Fljotsdale Saga'.

3. "Praise not the day until evening has come, a woman until she is burnt, a sword until it is tried, a maiden until she is married, ice until it has been crossed, beer until it has been drunk."

- Michael Crichton, 'Eaters of the Dead', 1976.

4. "The worse it seems to me that the advice of foolish men will suffice us, when more come together."

- 'Laxdaela Saga'.

5. "There's always a better choice than cowardice, if you have business to take care of."

- 'The Poetic Edda'.

6. "Fear not death for the hour of your doom is set and none may escape it."

- 'Volunga Saga'.

7. "Those who take large resolutions, and then set them aside, only end in disgrace."  

- From 'The Saga of King Olaf Trygvisson'.

8. "He with a short knife must try, try again."

- 'Vapnfirðinga Saga'.

9. "One day long ago my life was already shaped, and my fate was fixed."

- 'The Poetic Edda'.

10. "Least said, soonest mended."

- 'Laxdaela Saga'.

11. "Where wolf's ears are, wolf's teeth are near."

- 'Volsunga Saga'.

12. "You should be only a little wise, never too wise. A wise man's heart is seldom glad if he's truly wise."

- 'The Poetic Edda'.

13. "Wisdom is welcome wherever it comes from."

- 'Bandamanna Saga'.

14. "Many are brave but do not redden their sword in the chest of another."

- 'Egil's Saga'.

15. "Nothing good can happen to people who break their solemn vows."  

- 'The Saga Of Hrafnkel Freysgothi'.

16. "The error is the result of letting fear rule your actions."

- 'The Saga Of Harald Hardrade'.

17. "Wisdom is welcome wherever it comes from"

- 'Bandamanna Saga'.

18. "You should be only a little wise, never too wise. A wise man's heart is seldom glad if he's truly wise."

- 'The Poetic Edda'.

19. "Never cheat your master."

- 'Njal's Saga'.

20. "Too much ale and a man's heart is laid open for all to see."

- 'The Saga Of Olaf Haraldsson'.

21. "A sword age, a wind age, a wolf age. No longer is there mercy among men."

- 'The Prose Edda'.

Inspirational Viking Warrior Quotes

a small but very brave girl in armour and chain mail with sword and shield in a medieval castle

These Viking quotes can inspire you and keep you in charge of your life and regardless of any matter that bothers you.

22. "Never cheat your duty."

- 'Njal's Saga'

23. "Wake early if you want another man's life or land.

No lamb for the lazy wolf.

No battle's won in bed."

- 'The Havamal'.

24. "Varied will be his fortunes who fares far."

- 'The Saga Of Fridthjof The Bold'.

25. "Fear not death for the hour of your doom is set and none may escape it."

- 'Volunga Saga'.

26. "Many a friend is poor help indeed, in times of need."

- 'The Saga Of Magnus Barefoot'.

27. "The reason why young men get nowhere is that they overestimate the obstacles every time."

- 'The Saga Of Hrafnkel Freysgothi'.

28. "Bad counsel comes to a bad end."

- 'The Saga of Magnus Barefoot'.

29. "When a real battle starts, you'll always find that there is no bravest man."

- 'The Poetic Edda'.

30. "All a people need in order to rise up against tyranny is a leader bold enough to take up the banner."

- 'The Saga Of Harald Hardrade'.

31. "Two masters is one too many, if a man wishes to be true."

- 'The Saga Of Olaf Haraldsson'.

32. "Even cows know when they should go home and leave behind the fields, but an unwise man does not know the measure of his own appetite."

- 'The Poetic Edda'.

33. "Work not done, needs no reward."

- 'Grettir's Saga'.

34. "An unwise man thinks he'll live forever if only he can avoid a fight, but old age will give him no peace, even if weapons do."

- 'The Poetic Edda'.

35. "It is best to only say today what will not be regretted tomorrow."

- 'Bandamanna Saga'.

36. "A person should exhibit frith whatever may come. Though many wish for good, ill is oft the more mighty."

- 'Atlamol En Gronlenzku'.

37. "Courage is better than the keenest steel."

- Sigurth, 'Fáfnismál'.

38. "Many are wise after the event."

- 'Fljotsdale Saga'.

39. "There are plenty of affairs full of danger to start with, that bring good luck in the end."

- 'The Story Of Herraud And Bosa'.

40. "He is truly wise who's traveled far and knows the ways of the world. He who has travelled can tell what spirit governs the men he meets."

- 'The Havamal'.

Viking Quotes About Valhalla

Valhalla is a majestic hall in Asgard where people who die in combat end up. The place is selected by Odin. These quotes are taken from the Sagas and describe Valhalla and the experiences of famous Viking heroes when they go to Valhalla and experience it first-hand.

41. "Easily to be known is,

by those who to Odin come,

the mansion by its aspect. A wolf hangs before the western door,

over it an eagle hovers."

- 'Grímnismál,' 'Poetic Edda'.

42. "Valgrind is the lattice called,

in the plain that stands,

holy before the holy gates:

ancient is that lattice,

but few only know how it is closed with lock."

- 'Grímnismál', 'Poetic Edda'.

43. "So was Helgi beside the chieftains

like the bright-growing ash beside the thorn-bush

and the young stag, drenched in dew,

who surpasses all other animals

and whose horns glow against the sky itself."

- When Hundingsbane dies and goes to Valhalla, 'Helgakviða Hundingsbana II', 'Poetic Edda'.

44. "Gates all,

Before in you go,

You must examine well;

For you cannot know

Where enemies sit

In the house before you."

- Euhemerized account of Valhalla, 'Gylfe's Journey To Asgard', 'Prose Edda'.

45. "Easily to be known is,

by those who to Odin come,

the mansion by its aspect. Its roof with spears is laid,

its hall with shields is decked,

with corslets are its benches strewed."

- 'Grímnismál,' 'Poetic Edda'.

46. "Five hundred doors,

and forty eke,

I think,

are in Valhall. Eight hundred Einherjar will at once from each door go when they issue with the wolf to fight."

- 'Grímnismál,' 'Poetic Edda'.

47. "Gladsheim the fifth is named,

there the golden-bright

Valhall stands spacious,

there Hropt selects

each day those men

who die by weapons."

- 'Grímnismál,' 'Poetic Edda'.

48. "What kind of a dream is it," said Óðinn,

in which just before daybreak,

I thought I cleared Valhǫll,

for coming of slain men?

I waked the Einherjar,

bade valkyries rise up,

to strew the bench,

and scour the beakers,

wine to carry,

as for a king's coming,

here to me I expect

heroes' coming from the world,

certain great ones,

so glad is my heart."

- Referring to Eric Bloodaxe and five other kings who arrive at Valhalla, 'Fagrskinna', 'Prose Edda.'

Viking Quotes About Family

Vikings took care of their family and their experience with family life can be seen from these quotes. They tend to keep a close-knit affair with the family as it is a serious matter to Vikings:

49. "He falls not whom true friends help forward on his way."

- 'Egil's Saga'.

50. "If a man's time has not come, something will save him."

- Fóstbrœðra saga.

51. "Those who take large resolutions, and then set them aside, only end in disgrace"

- 'The Saga Of King Olaf Trygvisson'

52. "Do not week, mother. If we are killed, it will be said of you that you had good sons."

- 'Grettis Saga'.

53. "Be kind to friend and kin, and reward not their trespasses against you; bear and forbear, and win for yourself thereby long enduring praise of men."

- 'Volsunga Saga'.

54. "All should be told to a friend."

- 'Egil's Saga'.

55. "Every one has some friend even among his enemies."

- 'The Saga Of Olaf Haraldsson'.

56. "Lighter to pay is the vengeance-price, after the deed, if the son is dead."

- 'Sigurtharkvitha en Skamma'.

57. "Gold is little comfort to the dead relative."

- From 'Saga of Ervar Odd'.

58. "Short is the hour for acting, and long the hour for feasting."

- 'The Saga Of Hakon The Good'.

59. "Reputation rarely flatters."

- 'Bandamanna Saga'.

60. "Gossip often leads to trouble."

- 'Gisli Sursson's Saga'.

61. "One's back is vulnerable, unless one has a brother."

- 'Grettir Saga'.

62. "We often regret saying too much and seldom regret saying too little"

- 'The Saga Of Hrafnkel Freysgothi.'

63. "Old friends are the last to break away."

- 'Grettir Saga'.

Viking Love Quotes

Viking romances happen to be in a grey area as they were often seen as incapable of love. However, these sayings keep you wondering how wise they were when matters of love came into place.

64. "Good to love good things when all goes according to thy heart's desire."

- 'Volsunga Saga'.

65. "The beautiful woman finds not the coward's bed."

- Viking Proverb.

66. "Ill it is to take love from another man's wife."

- 'Volsunga Saga'.

67. "The more folk stand in the way of two hearts that yearn for each other, the hotter the flame of love waxes."

- 'The Story Of Viglund The Fair'.

68. "The eyes of a maid, tell true, to whom her love she has given."

- 'The Tale Of Gunnlaug The Worm-tongue And Raven The Skald'.

Famous Viking Proverbs & Sayings


Every culture has its proverbs and sayings. This list of Viking proverbs keep you wise and makes for an inspirational read.

69. "Fire is needful

to him who is come in,

and whose knees are frozen;

food and raiment

a man requires,

wheo'er the fell has travelled."

- Viking Proverb.

70. "For him who speaks with the hard of heart, will chattering ever work ill."

- Viking Proverb.

71. "It is good to have two mouths for the two kinds of speech."

- Viking Proverb.

72. "When ill seed has been sowed, so too, ill the crop will be."

- 'The Sage of Njal'.

73. "Honor is life for without honor one may well be dead."

- Viking Proverb.

74. "Affection is mutual when men can open

All their heart to each other:

He whose words are always fair

Is untrue and not to be trusted."

- Viking Proverb.

75. "It is better to stand and fight. If you run, you will only die tired."

- Viking Proverb.

76. "The lame man runs if he has to."

- Viking Proverb.

77. "The fire seems hottest to a burned man."

- Viking Proverb.

78. "Strength is life for the strong have the right to rule."

- Viking Proverb.

79. "Best it is, for man's words to seek peace when it is possible."

- Viking Proverb.

80. "A clear head is good company. Drink is a dangerous friend."

- Viking Proverb.

81. "It is best not to believe what no one else believes."

- Viking Proverb.

82. "If aware that another is wicked, say so:

Make no truce or treaty with foes."

- Viking Proverb.

83. "The summer moments always pass quickly."

- Viking Proverb.

84. "Many a fair skin hides a foul mind."

- Viking Proverb.

85. "There is more honor in accumulating little by little than in reaching for the sky and ending up flat on your face."

- 'Vatnsdæla Saga'.

86. "I came into this world kicking and screaming while covered in someone else's blood and I have no problem with going out the same way."

- Viking Proverb.

87. "A small bird makes a small catch."

- Viking Proverb.

88. "What is done shall be told all the same."

- Viking Proverb.

89. "Boldly do men talk from a distance."

- Viking Proverb.

90. "The common always love what is new."

- Viking Proverb.

91. "Flattery looks like friendship, just like a wolf looks like a dog."

- Viking Proverb.

92. "He flees no fire who jumps over it."

- Viking Proverb.

93. "A foolish man,

who among people comes,

had best be silent;

for no one knows

that he knows nothing,

unless he talks too much.

He who previously knew nothing

will still know nothing

talk he ever so much."

- Viking Proverb.

94. "The unwise man is awake all night,

and ponders everything over;

when morning comes he is weary in mind,

and all is a burden as ever."

- Viking Proverb.

95. "Tell not an evil man what misfortunes befall thee."

- Viking Proverb.

96. "Cattle die,

kindred die,

we ourselves also die;

but the fair fame

never dies

of him who has earned it."

- Viking Proverb.

97. "He is happy,

who in himself possesses

fame and wit while living;

for bad counsels

have oft been received

from another's breast."

- Viking Proverb.

98. "Only idlers wait till evening."

- Viking Proverb.

99. "There are few things for which a match cannot be found."

- Viking Proverb.

100. "Let another's wound be a warning to you."

- Viking Proverb.

101. "All door-ways,

before going forward,

should be looked to;

for difficult it is to know

where foes may sit

within a dwelling."

- Viking Proverb.

102. "He knows all who knows when to stop."

- Viking Proverb.

'Assassin's Creed Valhalla' Quotes

Vikings are very popular in our culture and the recent Assassin's Creed Valhalla game proves it. This wonderful game makes for a great experience when you play as a Viking. Here are some quotes that people, even non-gamers, would love.

103. "Sigurd, brother. You are lost in a sea-storm of your own making."

- Eivor Varinsdottir.

104. "But a man you trust with anything... can take everything."

- Basim.

105. "My road forward has been a muddy one. Slick with blood and tears, but we can reach its end together."

- Eivor Varinsdottir.

106. "I wish you whatever peace you may find in this new life you've found."

- Eivor Varinsdottir.

107. "If your hell is real, I'm glad you'll get to see it."

- Eivor Varinsdottir.

108. "It is a wise leader who considers the needs of others."

- 'Assassin's Creed Valhalla'.

109. "What riches are worth so much misery, and the deaths of honorable men and women?"

- Eivor Varinsdottir.

110. "They should call you the God of hindsight. All-knowing after the fact."

- The Builder, mocking the God of Wisdom.

111. "I will not be captive to another man's gaudy design. My destiny is mine to weave."

- Eivor Varinsdottir.

112. "I am better than well. I am present."

- The Seer.

Quotes About The Vikings

Many historians and celebrities have spoken about Vikings. These are quotes of eminent people about their world.

113. "No Viking believed he could change his destiny, ordained as it was by the Norns who wove the fates of gods and men alike but, for all that, the way in which he lived his life was up to him."

- 'Kevin Crossley-Holland'.

114. "I never needed a Man. I needed a Viking. I needed someone who wasn't afraid of my strengths, or of my needs."

- Alfa H.

115. "This superstitious, family-oriented existence is the background to 'The Lay of Loddfafnir' and the whole of Havamal. This great compendium of aphorisms and advice on right conduct offers a commonsensical and sober (though sometimes witty) picture of the day to day life of the Norsemen, and it is a far cry from the heady image of Vikings on the rampage."

- Kevin Crossley-Holland.

116. "Man without a sword is still a warrior, but one with no shield is just a target."

- Robert Low, 'The White Raven', 2009.

117. "... church was spattered with the blood of the priests of God, despoiled of all its ornaments… given as a prey to pagan peoples..."

- Alcuin of York, on the Lindisfarne raid.

118. "Make no tent on thy ship;

Never sleep in a house;

For a foe within doors you may view.

On a shield sleeps the Viking, sword in his hand,

And his tent is the heavenly blue."

- The Northmen; A Viking Saga.

119. "In spite of this awareness of fate, or perhaps because of it, the picture of man's qualities which emerges from the myths is a noble one. The gods are heroic figures, men writ large, who led dangerous, individualistic lives, yet at the same time were part of a closely-knit small group, with a firm sense of values and certain intense loyalties."

- H.R. Ellis Davidson.

120. "Even in terms of fiction, nothing in their lives became them like the leaving of it."

- Gwyn Jones.

121. "Fearlessness is better than a faint heart for any man who puts his nose out of doors. The length of my life and the day of my death were fated long ago."

- Kevin Crossley-Holland.

122. "Remember: Danes are direct descendants of Vikings, so we enjoy watching things burn: bonfires, candles, villages. It's all good."

- Meik Wiking.

123. "Equally, the legal codes do seem to genuinely recognise a woman's claim to the integrity of her body and person."

- Neil Price, 'The Children Of Ash And Elm: A History Of The Vikings'.

124. "I needed someone who would admire all the things about me that tepid men were intimidated by."

- Alfa H.

125. "... never before in Britain has such a terror appeared as this we have now suffered at the hands of the heathen..."

- An Anglo-Saxon Monk after the first Viking raid.

126. "The idea of fate permeated the religion of the Vikings at every turn. Everything in the universe, even the Gods, was subject to it."

- Daniel McCoy, 'The Viking Spirit: An Introduction To Norse Mythology And Religion'.

127. "The Vikings could have been saved if they had borrowed survival strategies from the Inuit, but the only record we have of contact between the two peoples is the remark from a Viking settler that the Inuit bleed a lot when stabbed - an observation that hardly indicates a willingness to learn from their northern neighbors."

- Johnjoe McFadden, 'Life On The Edge: The Coming Of Age Of Quantum Biology'.

128. "Vikings, it seems, make their own way."

- Helen Russell.

129. "Reading the myths, we can identify the Norseman's spirit and confidence, his boundless curiosity, extreme bravery, clannish loyalty, generosity and discipline; we can also detect his arrogance and lack of compassion, his cunning if not treachery (amply reflected in the figure of Loki), his ruthlessness and his cruelty."

- Kevin Crossley-Holland.

130. "The Vikings did not only tear down, they also built up; they adapted to the lands they were grafted into, but also conformed these lands unto themselves."

- David Gray Rodgers and Kurt Noer, 'Sons Of Vikings: A Legendary History Of The Viking Age'.

131. "The fact that the word 'Viking' still conjured up that image of blonde-haired barbarians leaping off of dragon-ships to plunder a monastery - is a testament to the trauma inflicted on Western Christendom during the three hundred years of the Viking Age."

- Lars Brownworth, 'The Sea Wolves: A History of the Vikings'.

132. "In the ancient poetry of the Norse, to feed the raven (also poetically known as the wound swan) meant to kill the enemy, providing a meal for beasts that feed on carrion."

- Anders Winroth, 'The Age Of The Vikings'.

133. "The period of attack on Lindisfarne all the way until the Battle of Stamford Bridge where the 'last Viking' was killed in 1066, would come to be known as the Viking Age."

- David Gray Rodgers and Kurt Noer, 'Sons Of Vikings: A Legendary History Of The Viking Age'.

Famous Quotes From 'The Vikings' TV Series

The TV series has a lot of inspirational Viking quotes.

134. "Power is only given to those who are prepared to lower themselves to pick it up."

- Ragnar.

135. "For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under the sun. A time to be born, a time to die; a time to plant, and to pluck up what is planted; a time to kill, and a time to heal…"

- Athelstan.

136. "I am as I am and will not change, neither for you, nor for my brother, nor for anyone."  

- Rollo.

137. "My son didn't brand you for being loyal to Ivar! He branded you for being disloyal to Ragnar, and everything Ragnar stood for! And if I have to die for what Ragnar and I believed in, it is worth it."

- Lagertha.

138. "Our whole lives are just stories."

- Lagertha.

139. "When the spring comes, and my blood heats up, I want nothing more than to raid and fight."

- Björn Ironside.

140. "You don't think of anybody but yourself."

- Helga.

141. "Deliver me, O Lord, from mine enemies!"

- King Ælle.

142. "It's true. I thought I was dead and while I was dead, I was dreaming of other places, the places that you and I shall sail to, Ragnar."

- Floki.

143. "Power is always dangerous. It attracts the worst. And corrupts the best."

- Ragnar Lothbrok.

144. "It is the Gods that have woven our destinies, not ourselves."

- Aslaug.

145. "Dark shapes come to me at night. Monstrous forms. When I wake, they skulk in the shadows, shapeless, but no sooner am I asleep than they creep forward again."

- Lagertha.

146. "Warriors don't show their heart until the axe reveals it."

- Floki.

147. "What's more important to you: our marriage, your appointment by the Emperor or your Viking soul?"

- Gisla.

148. "We women bear heavy burdens."

- Aslaug.

149. "In my world, I am constantly torn between killing myself or everyone around me."

- Ragnar.

150. "I wanted to step out of your shadow... but when I stepped out of the doors, there was no sunlight."

- Rollo.

151. "Suffer no more, but trust in thy salvation."

- Athelstan.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly quotes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Viking quotes then why not take a look at peaceful warrior quotes, or warrior princess quotes.

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