150 Yosemite Sam Quotes From Looney Tunes' Roughest Toughest Hombre

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Why Yosemite Sam Quotes

Though Elmer Fudd is Bugs Bunny's common adversary, he also has to watch out for Yosemite Sam on many occasions. Yosemite Sam is an outlaw and an aggressive prospector who takes out his gun at the sight of Bugs Bunny. Often appearing in western and non-western cartoons, he had a fierce voice, a tougher accent, and a violent spirit. The ridicule and fun behind many of the 'Looney Tunes' Yosemite Sam quotes can only be understood when listened to in context to the character and situation. His short stature and grumpy demeanor make him an intriguing adversary to bugs bunny than Elmer Fudd. Though Yosemite's cartoon character was angry, many of his quotes were downright goofy. His character is a lesson against vengeance and blind hatred. His thirst for vengeance blurred his thinking ability making him an easy target for Bugs Bunny. Many Yosemite Sam quotes have been etched into viewers' minds, ranging from anger-fueled jabs to downright funny one-liners.

What Parents Should Know

  • Yosemite Sam was a small guy with a big mouth and a short temper. Yosemite Sam had severe anger management issues.
  • Different voice actors have given the voice of Yosemite Sam since his inception, including Mel Blanc, Jeff Bergman, Fred Tatasciore, and many others. His catchphrases are still fresh in people's minds.
  • This hot-headed character with weapons within his easy reach was a danger to himself and others around him.

What To Discuss With Kids

  • The character himself has been portrayed as a pirate or wannabe pirate with a particular hatred towards the rabbits.
  • In addition to the roughest, toughest Yosemite Sam introduction, he was also famous for his unconvincing insults. His curses are clumsy and sound like profanity, but in reality, far from it.
  • Did you know that Yosemite National Park inspired the name Yosemite Sam in the United States of America?

Popular Yosemite Sam Catchphrases

Yosemite Sam is a very famous character

1. "I'm the meanest, roughest, toughest hombre that's ever crossed the Rio Grande - and I ain't o namby-bamby!"

2. "Stranger, you just yupped yourself into a hole in the head!"

3. "Say your prayers, varmint!"

4. "Say Your prayers, rabbit."

5. "When I say whoa, I mean whoa!"

6. "I'm the hootin'est, tootin'est, shootin'est, bob-tail wildcat, in the west!"

7. "I'm no doc, ya flea-bitten varmint. I'm Riff-Raff Sam, the riffiest riff that ever riffed a raff!"

8. "All right!, all right Don't rush me., I'm a-thinking'… and my head hurts."

9. "Ah, Chilikoot Sam. The roughest, toughest, rootinest, shootinest claim-jumper that ever umped a claim."

10. "I paid my four bits to see the high diving act, and I'm-a gonna see the high diving act!"

11. "10 dollars! Why it's gettin' so a man can't earn a dishonest livin' no more."

12. "Come back here you muley-headed maverick."

13. "Ok rabbit … you forced me to use force."

14. "That's what I get for trustin' a rabbit."

15. "Ya darn dude … I'll give you a taste of leather!"

16. "What's up doc? I ain't no doc … I'm a pirate, sea goin' Sam."

17. "Pickins is mighty slim round here. Hardly no reward for a day's work."

Funny Yosemite Conversations

18. "Yosemite Sam: Listen, stranger. This town ain't big enough fer the two of us!

Bugs Bunny : It ain't? Eh, pardon me, Mac.

[he exits the saloon, followed by construction noises until he returns] 

Bugs Bunny : Now is it big enough?

[a much-larger city has been built behind the town] 

Yosemite Sam: Naw, still ain't big enough!" - 'Looney Tunes'.

19. "Bugs Bunny: Gin rummy's my game, Sam.

Yosemite Sam: Okay, cut the cards.

[Bugs takes a hatchet and chops the deck of cards in two] 

Yosemite Sam: Not that-a way, you darn galoot!" - 'Looney Tunes'.

20. "Yosemite Sam: Now, all of you skunks clear out of here!

[everyone leaves the saloon; the last one out is an actual skunk] 

Skunk: My, weren't there a lot of skunks in here?" - 'Looney Tunes'.

21. "Yosemite Sam: He'd never forgive me if I didn't have you. 

Bugs Bunny: I didn't even know he knew my name! 

Yosemite Sam: Oh, sure! He called you "hasenpfeffer." - 'Looney Tunes'.

22. "Bugs Bunny: My, my! What nobility one has to put up with just to have dinner. (chuckles) I'm glad I'm a rabbit! 

Yosemite Sam: Now place rabbit into oven, and heat oven to 350 degrees." - 'Looney Tunes'.

Angry Yosemite Sam Quotes

23. "Oooo, I'd like to lay my hands on the lily-livered swab is writ that forgery."

24. "Consider yourself as lucky because you are getting another chance from me to draw a gun."

25. "By gar! The critter went and done it."

26. "Come on, open up, or I'll bust her down!"

27. "Ya doggone idgit galoot … you'll blow the ship to smithereenies!"

28. "Start walkin' ya doggone long eared galoot."

29. "Cut it out! Now drink yer juice before I blows the fur off'n yer hide!"

30. "Blast his scuppers … I'll slice his liver out for this!"

31. "Oooo … that gastronomic, epicure, culinary crepe suzette … I hate him!"

32. "Oooooo! I'll blast your head off for this!"

33. "Oooo … that dirty bilge rat has be-fouled my good name."

34. "Great horny toads … a trespasser gettin' footie prints all over my desert."

35. "Aha! Now I gotcha … ya fur-bearin' critter!"

36. "What are you doing down there upside downy?"

37. "No good bush whackin' barracuda."

38. "I'm a-comin' over the wall after ya, and I'm a-comin' in a-shootin'!"

39. "Ya double-crossers! I'm a-comin' back, and I ain't comin' back to play marbles!"

40. "What's up? Why you ornery, fur-bearin' critter, this here's one of them there train robbery hold ups."

41. "Get down, ya long-eared mountain goat."

Cartoon Character Yosemite Sam Quotes

42. "Get outta there, you rassa-frassin' fur-bearin' critter!"

43. "Ya no-account, bush-whackin'!"

44. "Great...toads! I done dug myself all the way to Chinee!"

45. "Now, ya racka-frackin' carrot-chewin' varmint! Get a-goin'!"

46. "Consarn it!"

47. "Tossed coconut salad. Fresh coconut milk. I hate coconuts! I can't stand coconuts!"

48. "Haw haw haw haw, and keep reachin' for the ceiling, till ya reach it!"

49. "Welcome to the house of Sam."

50. "Fifteen men on a dead man's chest. Yohoho, and a bottle of rum. Fifteen men on a dead man's chest. Yohoho, and a bottle of ma's old-fashioned cider, ma's old-fashioned cider."

51. "Ooh! I'll shiver his timbers and I'll baton his hatch and keel-haul his kuppers!"

52. "I'm the fastest gun north, south, east, and west of the Pecos!"

Goofy Yosemite Sam Quotes That Will Make You Smile

53. "Anyone a you lily-livered, bow-legged varmints care to slap leather with me, in case any of you git ideas you better know who you're dealin' with. I'm Yosemite Sam."

54. "You ornery fur-bearin' rebel … you'll pay for this!"

55. "Who am I? I'm Sam Von Schmamm the Hessian, that's who I am, and I've got you outnumbered one to one. Surrender or die, rabbit!"

56. "What's up doc? I ain't no doc… I'm a pirate!, sea goin' Sam!"

57. "The varmint got me … I’m-a-headin’…for the last round up."

58. "So long, sucker! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …"

59. 'Prepare the indestructible tank, I'll take care of that creature myself."

60. "You earth creatures can't maneuver very, well can you?"

61. "Now quit stallin’ and start roastin’!"

62. "He must be crazy to think he can get away."

63. "Say yer prayers ya long eared galoot!"

64. "Outta my way, fancy boy. I'm a-commandeering this here clown car."

65. "I'm a Hessian … without no aggression."

66. "You think you are successful in hiding from me? Let me tell you, I can see you clearly!"

Best Yosemite Sam Sayings

67. "No more gentleman's stuff, from now on, you fights my way…dirty!"

68. "Oh well i suppose you're looking for a handout well hands off get a job you."

69. "I smells carrots a-cookin'…and where there's carrots, there's rabbits."

70. "Good luck, Sam junior!"

71. "Ok ya fur-bearin' carpet-bagger. … I'm-a-givin' ya one second to come out or I'll blow ya out! Times up!"

72. 'The first one is trys to get outta here to warn that rabbit … gets his hide blown off!"

73. "All right, everybody, you know the drill."

74. "Now ya varmint … dive!"

75. "All right, I did what you said I gave it."

76. "Well, Sayonara, I got rid of my identity."

77. "I know how to use a ding dang phone."

78. "Freaking wrestling rock and roll!"

79. "Someone get that cadaver bitten by flies out of my real estate."

80. "Now follow my order, and all of you cheaters, get out of this place right now."

81. "If you're not here to gamble, you're not here!"

82. "That shaggy rat of the bilge has polluted my name."

Yosemite Sam Quotes According To Looney Tunes Cartoons

83. "Yosemite Sam never makes a mistake! Now get that flea-bitten carcass off'n my real-estate!" - 'The Fair Headed Hare'.

84. "Ya wanna know what I think of Alex? Well I think he's pathetic! I mean, that's y'all's protagonist? There's no art to that character! What obstacle did he overcome?! What was his emotional journey? In fact, only thing that's more pathetic than Alex is this book club! Now get out! Get! Get! Don't forget your books! Yosemite Sam is back! Yee-haw!" - 'The Looney Tunes Show'.

85. "You got us stuck on this stupid rock, you good-for-nothin' feline! You no good rassin-frassin kitty cat! Get back here and take the fur! Come here, boy!" - 'Tweety's High Flying Adventure'.

86. "Dadburn slapstick cliche'!" - 'Looney Tunes: Back in Action'.

87. "Ya double-crossers! I'm a-comin' back, and I ain't comin' back to play marbles!" - 'Prince Violent'.

88. "Open up that door! Ya notice I didn't say Richard? Come on, open up or I'll bust her down!"- 'High Diving Hare'.

89. "Let me outta here, let me outta here! Ooooooh! Get me a mouthpiece! I want a "habus corpeus!"- 'Big House Bunny'.

90. 'Ah, shuddup! Here! You're a-swabbin' the deck!'- 'Mutiny on the Bunny'.

91. "If there's ever givin' away any cigars, Yosemite Sam'll give 'em!"- 'Ballot Box Bunny'.

92. "In little bitty pieces."- 'Ballot Box Bunny'.

Other Memorable Yosemite Sam Quotes

93. "Same old Emma! Full of laughs!"

94. "Yes, rabbit. I come to extend my hand in friendship. I like you, rabbit."

95. "No one will vote for a flattened-out rabbit skin, I always say."

96. "Tossed coconut salad. Fresh coconut milk. I hate coconuts! I can't stand coconuts!"

97. "Oh, yeah? Well, I talk loud, and I carry a bigger stick! And I use it, too!"

98. "Someone knocking at your front door, rabbit."

99. "St. Louis? Emma! Yahoo! Emma, here's your Sammy boy!"

100. "Ole' Honest Sam is giving away free cigars because he loves the people. Here you are Mister."

101. "Sea-Goin' Sam, am the bloodthirstiest, shoot-em-firstiest, doggone worstiest buccaneer that's ever sailed the Spanish Main! Now gimme them jewels! Them's my treasure, and I'm a-buryin' 'em where no one'll know where they're at but me."

102. "Let good ol' Sam light it for you."

103. "Get out of here rabbit. If anyone is going to give away free cigars ol' Yosemite Sam will give them. Step right up gents."

104. "Ya mule! Ya, ya ya, ya mule! Ya!"

105. "Oooo! Belay there you long-eared galoot, get aloft and furl the tatter-sole top gallants before I keel-hauls ya!"

106. "Slow up, ya dang cat! I think we're back on Market Street!"

107. "Ya double crossin' rabbit, ya cut down your chances … I'm only goin' count two, and then blast ya!"

108. "I'm a-comin' over the wall after ya … and I'm a-comin' in a-shootin'!"

109. "Read faster rabbit…read faster or I'll blast your head off!"

110. "Get a-goin'…or I'll blow your carcass right out from under yer hat!"

111. "Haw haw haw haw…and keep reachin' for the ceiling, till ya reach it!"

112. "Down to the crocodiles ya go."

113. "Shut up, shuttin' up! Bang! bang! bang!"

114. "Okay, rabbit! I got a bead on ya!"

115. "No, no, no, you're doin' it all wrong!"

116. "Lay down your arms and step forward, Yankee."

117. "Welcome to Alcatraz"? That's a closed-up hoosegow! Built on an island!"

118. "Open up that door! Ya notice I didn't say Richard? Come on, open up or I'll bust her down!"

Ultimate Yosemite Sam Quotes

119. "Dadburn slapstick cliché!"

120. "There's your piana rabbit…now let's see ya play it."

121. "Prepare to defend yourself rabbit, 'cause I'm a bordin' your ship."

122. "OUT! Get! Get! Don't forget your books! Yosemite Sam is back! YEE-HAW!"

123. "Twenty years tryin' and ya missed me again. Ya shovel nosed mackrel."

124. "AH, SHUDDUP! Here! You're a-swabbin' the deck!"

125. "When I get that money, I'll buy the old ladies home and kick them..... police department."

126. "Open up! Open up that door."

127. "Maybe that'll learn you to keep your big mouth shut."

128. "You gotta swing it hard oh like that."

129. "This here is from my personal armory."

130. "I guess the sledgehammer is the giveaway."

131. "All right we're gonna finish this thing in the ring pick your ball."

132. "So cold so dark, oh don't send me back."

133. "Nobody works a rope like Yosemite Sam rabbit."

134. "No more shenanigans."

135. "And no more games rabbit."

136. "Oh wait wait, I got it oh I'm on the job."

137. "Make sure it vibrates nice and strong, I don't want to miss any calls."

138. "This don't sound like a lion attack no?"

139. "I sees ya, come on out-a-there ya long-eared blue coat."

140. "Ya notice I didn't say, 'Richard'?"

141. "Blast your ornery hide! If ya does that just once more, I ain't a-going after it."

142. "Why, you crazy doggone idjit! Whatcha trying to do, blow us to smithereens?"

143. "Ooooh, I hate that Most Honorable Majestic Royal Graxiousness!"

144. "It's either heads or tails, Rabbit ...Now pick a Daburn side"

145. "Yep! I see them thar rocks stars way down there, gonna teach them a new dance."

146. "You are nothing but just a clumsy and furry bunny with flat feet!"

147. "You two will be safe out here in rain and cold"

148. "The only two things a pirate will run for is money and public office."

149. "Bring on Fearless Freep! On with the show!"

150. "I'm a-stepping."

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