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Where is Barn Day celebrated? 

The day is celebrated annually in all parts of the US, especially in the countryside communities.

Who is Barn Day celebrated by?

It can be celebrated by anyone. Most schools organize Barn Day events for students to increase exposure to farmers and how barn-raising helps bind communities together. The day is observed but is not a public holiday.

When did Barn Day first start?

There are no official records of who began the day, but the first detection of the day was found on July 14, 2019.

Who started Barn Day?

Based on social media buzz, the first references to National Barn Day have been detected. However, the founder and origin of the day are still a mystehry.A barn dance is a dance like nobody is watching, so you need no practice. Do this dance on Barn Day!

History And Timeline

The term 'Barn' is derived from an old English word, 'bere' (barley), which means a storage place that protects farm animals, grain, and hay. Learn the history of barn raising in America from the basics of storage place.

Medieval Period

Monastic Barn

Monastic barns, or tithe barns, were the three-aisled barns common during medieval times.

12th century

Modern Barns

The first similar existence of a medieval barn in the US was found in the 12th century, known as the modern barn building tradition, also applied to halls and ecclesiastical buildings.

19th century

Brick Barns Trend

In the 19th century, huge brick barns were built in the US, where the construction method adopted by normal farms began to shift away from traditional timber framing to plank-framed buildings.


Barns In Northern USA

Till 1960, large dairy barns were commonly built in the northern USA, and they are more typically steel buildings.

Late 20th Century

Mechanization On The Farm

During this century, new technology evolved, creating concrete barns for better infrastructure, which paved the way for larger and more open barns.

Traditions And Customs

Building barns is a tradition as they brought communities together in old times. Barns are basically large in structure. In the early days, there was no modern equipment, so raising them was a daunting task. So, communities helped each other build barns.

Historically, barns have been the center of a farm, many times being built even before the house. So, it's important on this day to develop a good relationship with your community and celebrate Barn Day together by spreading knowledge about this day. Hosting a farm animal party would serve as an ice breaker.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Barn Day

There are three ways you can celebrate or observe Barn Day. There would be no better way to celebrate Barn Day than by visiting the country barn built together by the communities and freezing your Barn Day memories with photographs.

While at the barn, don't forget to talk to the farmer about their barn; know its history and how it was built, and take notes on the different types of barns you learnt about.

There are various Barn Day camps organized for children in a safe environment. If you have children, take this day to teach them about Barn Day with the events conducted through the various camping programs.

Finally, spread the word about Barn Day and the barn that symbolizes the iconic structures of American communities. While sharing, use hashtag #BarnDay, to recognize this magical day by appreciating all the wonder that barns have to offer.

Facts And Stats

  • Day to celebrate barns is all about learning, discovering, and thriving. So, if you are a teacher, conduct a barn theme day with games like 'Barn and red paint,' 'how will you organize an event in barn space?' and other fun activities.
  • Have you heard of a barn dance? It is a dance involving traditional music and traditional dancing, held in a barn. They are like camp dances, but quite uncommon today. So why not learn barn dancing and make it a popular dance trend this year?
  • A barn dance is dance like nobody is watching, need no practice.

FAQs About Barn Day

What is the significance of Barn Day?

There are many reasons to love barns. They provide shelter and are filled with hay, perfect for a summer nap. And most importantly, they are bold, beautiful, and stand tall and proud.

Why do people celebrate Barn Day?

 The school celebrates the day to increase students' exposure to authentic barns and farming structures.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
July 11, 2020 Saturday
July 10, 2021 Saturday
July 09, 2022 Saturday
July 08, 2023 Saturday
July 13, 2024 Saturday

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