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Comic Sans Day

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Who is Comic Sans Day celebrated by?

 People who love this font, including teachers and several companies, celebrate Comic Sans Day.

When did Comic Sans Day first start?

 Comic Sans Day was first celebrated in 2009 on the first Friday of July.

Who started Comic Sans Day?

Comic Sans Day was started by DJs Coen, Sander Lantinga, and Swijnenberg from the Netherlands. 

Comic Sans is a font that can be found in many children's books.

History And Timeline

Vincent Connare began work on the Comic Sans font in October of 1994 after creating a font for children on various applications. When the beta version was taken up by the software, Microsoft Bob, Connare didn't feel that it was the standard font that should be used to introduce young users to a computer. Moving on, here are some important events that led to the celebration of Comic Sans Day.


Microsoft Creates Comic Sans

Comic Sans was first designed by Vincent Connare and released in 1994. The Microsoft Corporation then went on to implement it in its software.


Personal Computers See Growth

Comic Sans was never meant to be mainstream. But in 1995, it coincided with the huge growth of computers, and everyone started to use it with their PC's.


Ban On Comic Sans

Comic Sans appeared in informal documents and even on billboards. But when Holly Combs and Dave started the 'Ban Comic Sans' movement from typography, many other designers raised their voices in support.


Flickr Group Launches Comic Sans

The Comic Sans typeface was a widely used font by this point. It was thoroughly documented in the Flickr group pool 'Comic Sans' and was launched in 2005. The group also mentioned the hosts' intense debates and proper usage of the fonts.


Comic Sans Pro Created

Comic Sans Pro was created as an improved version by Terrance Weinzierl via monotype imaging. It added new italic variants and styles while retaining the old ones. It also included illustrious fonts, speech bubbles, extra ornaments, and other stylistic alternatives.

Traditions And Customs

Comic Sans has been widely used throughout recent history. Almost everyone had it installed on computers, and many professionals and fans alike incorporated the font into their emails. Although there are no particular customs or traditions, using Comic Sans in all of your chats, emails, documents, etc., is usually followed this day. 

Ways To Celebrate Comic Sans Day

Love it or hate it, this font caused quite a stir for Dutch companies. To officially celebrate Comic Sans Day, everything you type should be in Comic Sans font. Send all of your emails, sticker address labels, and reports in an illustrious font. Another fun way to acknowledge the day is to keep an eye out for the font and track how many times it is used.

Facts And Stats

  • Comic Sans Day owes its creation and existence to the failure of Microsoft Bob.
  • Vincent Connare admitted that he adapted to this font when he saw two comic books in his office: 'The Dark Knight Returns' and 'Watchmen'.
  • The 'Ban Comics Movement' is the biggest anti-font movement in the world
  • In 2004, Comic Sans was labeled a Childish font.
  • Comic Sans officially got its own day on the first Friday of July in 1994.

FAQs About Comic Sans Day

When was Comic Sans created?

Comic Sans was created in 1994.

What's the ugliest font?

The six ugliest assumed fonts in web design are Comic Sans, Ravie, Algerian, Broadway, MT chiller, Brush Script.

Is Comic Sans dyslexic-friendly?

Yes, Comic Sans is dyslexic-friendly.

What assumptions do we need to make while celebrating Comic Sans Day?

The widespread assumption about celebrating Comic Sans Day is that these fonts are only used for children.

What is the importance of celebrating Comic Sans Day?

Comic Sans Day encourages all users to send emails to their loved ones to.

How do families celebrate Comic Sans Day?

Some families celebrate Comic Sans Day on the first Friday of July by exchanging communication in different fonts styles in their emails.

Why is there a lot of buzz around Comic Sans Day?

Most of the buzz regarding Comic Sans is partly due to its perceived inappropriate use.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
July 03, 2020 Friday
July 02, 2021 Friday
July 01, 2022 Friday
July 07, 2023 Friday
July 05, 2024 Friday

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